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Having been a Govinda fan since the very beginning of the 90s, I honestly believe he is one of the best actors to carry off over-the-top comic roles effortlessly, infact like no other. Whether it is as Bunnu in Deewana Mastana, Chotte Miyan in Bade Miyan Chote Miyan or Monu in the brilliant Haseena Maan Jayegi, Govinda has outshined the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt who command bigger fan-following and better screen presence. So the only reason to catch Life Partner, was the man himself. But sadly while his character and performance was a disappointment, the movie wasn’t. It was a decent, one time watch.

The story covers three different mindsets when its comes to marriages in India. One of a guy, who wants to fall in love and then get married (Fardeen Khan), second who belongs to a conservative family and believes only in marriage arranged by his parents (Tusshar Kapoor) and third a person who hates marriages and suffers from commitment phobia (Govinda). Life Partner also deals with couples suffering from incompatibility post marriage, love and arranged.Make no mistake, this ain’t a very serious take on relationships, its a comedy with a couple of loud characters and funny dialogues.

What works for Life Partner

  • Since the film deals with genuine issues, its very easy to understand and connect with. Its a slightly negative take on marriage, but isn’t the word of mouth on marriages, including quotes by famous people, rather negative? Ever heard too many positives sayings / quotes on marriage? And as the film is a comedy you do need to take it with a pinch of salt.
  • Some scenes, especially in the second half are extremely funny. The scene involving Fardeen Khan dozing off while driving, is rib tickling. Credit should go to Fardeen, in what is probably his career best performance.
  • Cape Town has been captured absolutely brilliantly by Sameer Arya, this alone is worth the price of your ticket.
  • Tushhar Kapoor does very well, although some of his expressions make you cringe on your seats.
  • Prachi Desai looks beautiful, its hard to take your eyes off her. Acting wise does well
  • The music by Pritan is great, Kuke stands out due to the track being distinctly different from others.

What disappoints..

  • Probably the biggest disappointment is Govinda. The role was just about perfect for Akshay Kumar, who infact was the first-choice but turned down the offer due to date issues. Govinda tries hard, but it just isn’t the kinda role that could do justice to his talent. A lady killer and Govinda, hard to digest, ain’t it?
  • Genelia disappoints too. She is good in a few scenes, as usual her super expressive face is captured with quite a few close ups, but a lot of screeching and screaming is a turn-off.
  • Also the way Genelia treats her husband, is way too exaggerated and should have been toned down a bit. But it sure does make you give marriage a second thought.
  • Rumi Jaffrey’s direction is a mixed bag, the first half is average while the second half moves at a decent pace, filled with enough entertainment to ensure a smile on your face as the credits roll. With a better first half, Life Partner would have been a much better watch.
  • Logically, the climax is absolutely stupid, a complete dud. But you very much expect it to be, ain’t it a Bollywood movie afterall? Happy-happy ending in a must! In seconds all grey characters turn white..

Overall, Life Partner is most definitely worth a single watch, if not on the big screen, wait for the DVD. In a year, that has produced multiple comic disasters, Life Partner turns out to be a better than expected watch. For a change, you dont really have to leave your brains back at home!

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • okay movie (life partner)
    missing akshay kumar in place of govinda.u can watch 1 or 2 times,not more than it.u can see kaminey instead of it.

  • Well,i just have watch life partner today !!!well frankly,it is not bad movie…there was many one line punch which are light entertaining.It is surely one time watch…..But i also donot agree with INDICINE TEAM,since govinda has given best performence than other in this movie.He was funny(i m wondering if akshay kumar was in this movie,how much laughter will increase) .Tussar,fardeen has done decent job.Actress jenelia and another actress was ok. Whether you hate it or love it,it is sure u will laugh ….

    Rating:3 out of 5
    predict:Light hearted entertainment

  • This film has been released in cinemas of Pakistan. We have seen this film, it is a good film ion big screen in terms of Music and cinematography. It is funny at times & there are unexpected turns. The second half is better and saves the film from total collapse. Govinda is as fresh as he was in late eightees but it appears the script was not meant for him. Many of my friends say the ending of film was odd but thing is that the ending is a happy one which was the need of the film. The actress who played the herione of Fardeen is very good looking and clicked instantly. The cast——-new comers and seasoned stars have played well for a issue, what issue the marriage & divorce and how to cope with it. Overall the Film moves fast and holds the plot intact with funny moments in the second half. 7.2/10.. Good —– T, Ali, Natasha and friends, Karachi.

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