Kaminey Movie Review

Vishal Bharadwaj is one of most talented directors the industry has produced in the recent past, along with the likes of Imtiaz Ali, Rajkumar Hirani, Anurag Kashyap and Anurag Basu. This, makes Kaminey the most anticipated movie of the year. Presence of immensely popular actors like Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra add to the hype. So is it worth a watch?

Without revealing much, Kaminey is about Guddu and Charlie (Shahid Kapoor in double roles). The two are twins and while one suffers from a speech disorder (spells S as F), the other stammers. The brothers hate each other, until they bump into each other, one fateful night due to circumstances.. In a battle of survival surrounded by money, drugs and violence.. the two realize they have noone except each other..

Why Kaminey is a MUST watch in theatre

  1. Vishal Bharadwaj’s execution of a pretty complicated script, full of twist and turns, is absolutely flawless. Can’t think of any director in Bollywood, who could have pulled it off with such brilliance.
  2. The writing is what makes this film, a fantastically fun watch. The characters are well etched and the dialogues are witty.
  3. The pace is quick, so quick that you probably would’t be able to grasp the film fully on first viewing. A second watch is highly recommended.
  4. The music is top notch. Dhan Te Nan is an ouright classic which will be remembered, sung and performed for years, if not decades, to come. The background score adds a lot of value to the film.
  5. Shahid Kapoor delivers inarguably the best performance of 2009. With most big stars having no release this year, Shahid should dominate most awards.
  6. Amol Gupte is fabulous and so is each and every character actor in the film.
  7. The ‘smooch’ between Priyanka and Shahid, has to be the hottest Bollywood smooch ever. Their chemistry is sizzling. No wonder, there are plenty of rumours of an offscreen relationship.

Some negatives

  1. The film is dark and filled with a lot of blood, gore and corpses. Family audience might stay away, which would certainly affect collections to a certain extent.
  2. What’s disappointing is, Priyanka Chopra is completely wasted. Frankly, she has nothing much to do. ¬†Even Amol Gupte has more dialogues and screen time!

Overall, Kaminey is a fun watch. The best Bollywood thriller since Johnny Gaddar!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Other notes – A ¬†truly ‘fatif-fying’ (satisfying) cinematic experience. Can’t ask for more.. ! Hats off to Vishal and Shahid!

Finally a request. Watch this film only in a theatre. Watching films on pirated DVD’s or downloading it from the internet is a crime. Remember, making of a movie involves a year or more of hard work and lots of money.

Do remember to come back and post your very own reviews after you watch the film.



  • Thnks for the review.I m happy tht my gut feeling was wrong.I m going to post my comment after i saw movie at second show since first show was houseful and i donot get ticket

  • Very nice review, and I love ur last statement against piracy!
    I am so glad u mentioned Johnny Gaddaar, cuz the media and other filmmakers have forgotten that JG was also a tribute to the 70s films, as well Tarantino and Guy Ritchie :)
    And Sriram Raghavan deserves his name in ur review more than Basu and Ali. Other than Vishal, Raghavan is the only director in Bollywood who can make a crime caper!

  • cant wait to go watch this!!!!! but indicine thanks for the review!!! OMG! sure this film will be the biggest hit of 2009! LOVE U SHAHID!!!!!

  • shaahid is the hottest star in bollywood! so how can i miss one of his movies!! sad to hear that priyanka was wasted! she is a very talented actress who works really hard! but this was indicines point of view! who knows maybe she had a great role 2! haven’t watched the movie yet but i am looking forward 2!! GooD LucK ShAaHiD for The box office u’ll do geat with the blessings of thousands of fans!!

  • I’m finding it hard to work out whether I need to avoid this one as too dark and Gory. I like a good thriller providing the violence is more implied. A few glances away are OK but relentless gore is something else? Any comments? (I LOVE the music though)

  • Indicine Team: thx for the good review, and the trailer says it.. it’s a very good movie specially that the director did a brilliant movie already (omkara) if I’m not wrong.. can’t wait to see it.. and I’m sure that Shahid will grow big in bollywood after this movie.. unfortunately can’t see it in cinema.. I’ve to be in bed for another 10 days coz of my broken ankle.. and till then.. the movie for sure won’t be in our cinemas.

  • Congratulations to Vishal Bharadwaj, Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra for this movie since it will bcome blockbuster and congrats to Amol Gupte for getting his due coz he was the script writer for Taare Zameen Par and Congrats to Indicine team for giving such a fantastic review, Frankly this is your best review till dat :-)

  • I saw Kaminey on wednesday coz m from gulf. shahid has a done great performance , but film climax is worst.and i really didnt like movie i will give 2 of 5.

  • Before i watch movie,almost every critics gives this movie 4 out of 5 .
    My Review:Well,movie was somewhat different experience.But frankly i wanna start with negative thing about this movie
    *this movie will not work for single screen,since if u donot understand first 20-30 mins,then boom,nothing will get in your mind.Character moves from one end to another which may confuse people.(People who were watching this movie in our hall,most of them were saying wht a boring movie )
    *Ending was not so good ,all villians ,police attack each other simpli after Charlie throw drugs in fire.

    What works for movie:
    *there is no doubt that,first reach such so high stage beacause of three main reason,Director(Vishal ),Sahid and music dhan ta nan which was superb.Sahid ,i though this one is his best performance till now.
    *Story is unique which lacks in most of our bollywood movie
    *Movie was moving so fast ,u will never feel bore.

    Prediction:well,i can say i was also confuse for first 15 mins since character is shown one after another in no time.And i still feel movie will not work in small cities.
    But My rating is 4/5.
    Last word:Just go for it,u will feel y doesnot this type of bollywood movie is made ?

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