Lata Mangeshkar’s speed recording!

After seventeen long years, here she comes. Lata Mangeshkar records a song for her new album Saadgi in 15 min, a suprise not only to others but herself too.

Lata Mangeshkar is a perfectionist and it took everyone by surprise when she recorded a song for her upcoming album Saadgi in 15 minutes flat at a recording studio in London. The album is being produced by her own company Swaranjali and will be released by T Series.

Lata Mangeshkar says, “We had taken the track of the song with us to London as I had to be there for the auction of our jewellery brand, a charity event for a NGO Pratham and for the earthquake relief fund. I had to record the song and I thought that since I’d be in London, we would record it there. I had never imagined that I would be able to record the song in as little as 15 minutes. Anyway, nowadays I usually record a song in 30-40 minutes, thanks to the experience I’ve had over the years. I had my own doubts about this song as the studio was new for me and the recordist was someone who I was working with for the first time. But the song was done immediately.”

She further says, “I never expected it to happen, although in the past I have finished songs quickly. Yet, recording in 15 minutes is something out of the ordinary.”

Saadgi is Lata Mangeshkar ?s album which will come after a gap of seventeen long years and will be released on June 21 worldwide.

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