John, a mentor to Sheetal

John Abraham is now a mentor for his model friend, debutante actress Sheetal. The duo is seen together at suburban hotspots most often. Is it just guidance or something more?

John Abraham, who is known for mentoring model friends aspiring to make a career in Bollywood, has now taken model and debutante actress Sheetal Menon under his wings. John and Sheetal first teamed up for a cola advertising campaign. They hit it off instantly. This is when Sheetal told the actor about her filmi aspirations and John, in turn, promised to help her out.

It’s only when John got back from his London schedule of Goal that he started guiding Sheetal. The duo has been often spotted at suburban hotspots together. Sheetal, who is awaiting the release of her first debut film Bhram starring Dino Morea, is also getting other film offers. Like all confused newcomers, she consults John about scripts and production houses that she should associate herself with. Apparently, John has advised her to stay away from item numbers at the outset of her career as she will not be taken seriously by filmmakers and production companies.

Sources close to Sheetal tell us that she is extremely fond of John and that she is in touch with the actor even if he is travelling. Our source says, “John is quite a generous guy. He has been guiding Sheetal ever since they worked together on an ad campaign.”

However, Sheetal doesn’t believe in getting mileage by flaunting her famous mentor’s name. Ask her about John and she gets offended. She says, “Who told you about John? I have no idea where these rumours are coming from.” When quizzed about working together for a commercial, she snaps, “John and I have worked together in an ad campaign. He had given me lots of tips when we were shooting this particular campaign. He was very supportive. That’s all. I don’t want to talk about this any more.”

Source: mumbaimirror


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