Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 to take on Akshay Kumar’s Airlift

2016 was touted as the year of box office clashes, but with each passing day, the number of clashes continue to increase.The makers of Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 have finalised the release date of their adult comedy. The film will release on 22nd January 2016, which also happens to be the release date of Akshay Kumar’s Airlift.

Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 could also affect the business of Sunny Leone’s Mastizaade, which releases in theatres a week later on January 29.

While Airlift is based on the biggest evacuation of Indians in Kuwaitin 1990, Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 is the third part in the super popular adult comedy series Kya Kool Hai Hum.

The first film released in 2005 and was a surprise hit at the box office. The sequel, starring Tusshar Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh, released in 2012 and took a very good opening.

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  • Not much affect on Airlift.. Family audience will watch Airlift and tharki chokre-chokriyan would like to watch kya kool hai hum-3.. These tharki never watch Airlift kind of movies at theater even in solo release..

  • AS I Have said Earlier We should SUPPORT Good Movies.
    AIRLIFT TRAILER is one of the best
    trailer which I have seen these Days.
    It is based on the biggest Air Evacuation was done by our country.
    Watch AIRLIFT.
    AKKI said’Airlift will make every Indian proud’
    BUT after this movie I really want to Make Akki Proud,that He made great movie.

  • What a bakwas movie looking kya super cool hain hum 3
    Censor Board should banned these cheap kind of movies, now because of this ghatiya movie an awesome and classical movie Airlift will face problem.

    Last year BABY was effected due to Dolly Ki Dolli
    Bad Luck for Akki sir now this year an other ghatiya movie is ready to clash

  • @Indicine,
    BAHUBALI 2,Postponed to 2017 or What????
    Bcoz Some source has been saying”70 per cent of the movie is yet to be shot. The shooting will go on till July 2016, post which the VFX work will start.
    If yes plz Inform us.

  • @indicine Akki sir also donated Rs.1 crore for Chennai flood relief, its yours time to make an article on this also

  • Airlift is looking superb..I’ll definitely go for it..not interested in Kya kool hai Hum 3 because of its ridiculously pathetic motion poster..

  • Obviously Airlift……!!!!! I hope Airlift release in Myanmar. Recent year non of Akki movies release in Myanmar. But I’m shocked TAMAASHA release in Myanmar.

  • What the heck!! I don’t want this clash even though I am not an Akki fan! I don’t want KSKHH3 spoils the spirit of Airlift! Let Airlift have a solo release!

  • Clash will definitely affect airlift because of shows nd screens division.
    Ekta kapur releasing his film with his friend or actor of his film ouatimd akshay kumar is totally unexpected ….!

  • Akshay kumar’s track record in clashes iz not good but airlift will cross 100 cr in feel .

    I will watch Both movies honestly ? I found KSKHH an entertaining franchise ….!

  • Who cares both will be good.
    Tushaar is good in comedy movies samr with Akshay. Both of them are good comedians.

  • Akki fans worry not This is not Ouatimd, blue action replay type of clash. This is a Clash with Tushaar. I know even though Tushaar knocked Akki off in 2010 it does not mean the same will happen 2016.
    Easiest of clash Akki wil ever witness just like DkD. Just hope Rustam is postponed

  • Akshay donated 1 cr is a confirmed news.
    Zoom channel ,DNA tweeted about it nd some celebs on twitter too .
    Should post it now

  • @Ajay rocks. Of recent I have passed good comments on your fans comments. As a Srk fan of course I did not like some of your comments but overall I could see you guys still have great respect for the Khans which is veryy good. Someone @Rajesh I suppose told me to warn you not to post anti comments on Akki,saw your comment first page top most thought you will troll Akki but opposite.
    Take a look @ 4.41pm comment yesterday on Big star awards.

  • @ Antone Martial I am always against khans but I have never bad comment against Srk . I never support these khans but I will bad comment against Salmir fans . These khans worthless . @ antone why are saying Rustom should postpone this film is based on true incidence it happen in 1990 its screenplay written by my favorite Neeraj Pandey . Love Neeraj & Akki Sir .

  • @ Antone Martial u are teaching us not to bash Ajay then why are bashing Akki sir . U are only hater of Akki sir but ur comment shows ur sickness of Akki sir . And don’t teach lessons to us . Why u have not bash Srk fans they were also bashing Ajay Sir .

  • @antonMattisl, thanks mate just read your comments n @rajesh comments too. I used to bash srk but not anymore.
    ..about Akki, I will be honest wid u here.. I can’t stop bashing Akki coz his 2rs fans like @chechi abuses n bashez Ajay sir daily so The day they (akki fans) stop then yh sure I will. I think that makes sense now.

  • Who will watch KKHH3 instead of Airlift, they’re not Indians…Shame on them…Even shame on the franchise of KKHH3 bcz they’re doing a clash with this kind of film…

  • @Ajay rocks you don’t have to tell me. Yes at first we Srk fans did not like what happened during diwali 2012. I hated Ajay for that later when I went deeper I found out it was eros nt ajay anymore and when all Kings so called friends ignored his personal marriage and delivery via surrogacy issues,I live in Toulouse France I see families with similar issues of surrogacy, it was ajay who spared his time called King n wifey different locations sat down and reconciled everything. I swear since that episode I just had to respect te guy highly. That’s why soon as i see anti ajay comments I descend. I was just trying to say look you praised Akki 1st page 1st comment.your other foreign fans @Tej praised Akkie of recent @aisha takia iqbal even voted openly for Akkie for National award of recent no single Ajay fan said anything bad but then look at the difference pls. @4.41pm entertainment star awards comment yesterday did you read @Sunny comment? Who I warned earlier bcos been rude to Srk of recent too, read it. Comparing Ajay with Nawajuddin? Trolling him indirectly. Today visit q and a section. 2 pages insulting Ajay ,mentioning his name every comment even at dilwale comment you will feel so bizzare for a second. I mean what kind of kid is this? You guys go ahead ,I too have already started , jealousy to the highest core if not why keep on mentioning Ajay name? I joke normally about Salman but you think as a king fan I hate him? I never did in short I havew huge respect for Salman forget my trolling of course I know he is special just like srk. I think girls has already washed him out for a while suprised she ignores him but I am not so his fan is in a big mess now.
    @Rajesh read his comments where I specified and then ask me that question again. He touches Ajay I rip him off simple.

  • @Rajesh I was the same person that slashed the heck out of a @jj or something when they were degrading Akshay. So every one knows I still have that maturity in me. Now? The foolish boy has dogged his own grave at this site. Am gonnashow him the head butt style my country man zinedine zidane did to matterazzi world cup finals @2010. I like your sense of humour keep it up but be ready to face me all thanks to @ my teacher asked us in class who are our favourite actors someone said Ajay and the whole class including her started laughing. Cheapest lie comment made from a boy with 6 years old brains name @sunny chuki pising.

  • Which Indian in his sane mind would prefer KKHH3 over Airlift during republic day period?
    They should release KKHH3 during some other period, at least it would make some money.

  • @ Antone Martial I don’t think sunny has child brain . He is one of the biggest fan & he is super mature person . @ sunny u can bash Ajay but I never will talk bad comment against Ajay . I have given my word not to bash Ajay I always stuck on my word . Even my idol Bal Tilak has said agar aap dusre ke khande par gun rakh ke sab kuch karna chahte ho to ye baat bilkul pasand nahi hai .

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