Dilwale Advance Booking Report

The advance booking of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale opened all over India on Monday. The initial response has been terrific, with tickets selling faster than all movies released this year.  When contacted, a source from online portal BookMyShow.com, confirmed the same.

“Dilwale Advance Booking is live now, get ur ticket to fun, entertainment, love and happiness. Merry XMas” Shah Rukh Khan had tweeted on Monday, announcing that tickets of his much-hyped entertainer were going on sale all over the country.

The best response to the advance booking is in Kolkata, a Shah Rukh Khan stronghold, where several shows of the film are already sold out. The craze for Dilwale in Kolkata is unprecedented and tickets for most shows on Friday are likely to be sold out before release. Other centres don’t quite match upto Kolkata, but the initial response has exceeded expectations.

Most multiplexes have currently allotted only one screen at each centre to Dilwale, because the makers of Bajirao Mastani are demanding equal ‘show ratio’ for their film. Once the dispute is settled, more tickets will go on sale.

Dilwale will be running on approximately 40% fewer shows as compared to other big releases like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dilwale. Final report on the advance booking will be published on Thursday and like always, IndicineFBO prediction will be out on the day before release.



  • Dilwale has been shown to every distributor of India who are distributing it in their territory.Reports are OUTSTANDING. Deba da who is distributing Dilwale in Bengal watched d film.He said dilwale is Rohit Shetty’s best movie till date.BLOCKBUSTER is small word. Deba da said Dilwale is not a typical rohit film.Twist & turns will blow ur mind. SRK did tremendous acting.BLOCKBUSTER all d way. The highlight of d film is Interval point and last 3 mins of d movie.U will cry,u’ll laugh.you will fall in love with cinema again

  • Too many hurdles for Dilwale,


    MNS Protests

    Intolerance Statement issues

    Hope Dilwale Comes out of all these hurdles and Repeat Om Shanti Om Result Once Again

    – A heart Felt Wish From Salman Khan #FAN

  • @Anuj.. such statements make me laugh now.. Tell me one big film that wasn’t proclaimed to be a blockbuster before release?

    Censor Board watched PRDP and called it Sooraj’s best.. Ra One was India’s best superhero film made on Hollywood standards, after release it was probably the worst superhero film of all time. JTHJ was Yash Chopra’s best, turned out to be his worst.

    Let’s wait for the release.. such comments are meaningless.

  • “No One Knows What About The Records.But I m Sure Dilwale Will Win All Heart” like emoticon

    -Shah Rukh Khan

  • I was also surprised to see that in my area multiplexes have opened booking on only one screen..and then also they have allotted only 5 shows in that particular screen with a time interval of 3.15 hours rather than 3 hours.I hope there are not too many unnecessary advertisements and they allot more shows per screen….

  • king for a reason


    don’t be intolerant BHAITARDS

    show some tolerance towards KING

    and enjoy the 3rd event film of 2015

  • It will be a long time runner on Box office nd a must Blockbuster…
    Unfortunately Bajirao mastani won’t find its place on Box office.

  • Prdp first day = 40cr
    Less = 40% of 40cr = 16cr
    Less = cold effect = 5cr
    Dilwale first day = 19cr

    Last two films of this year 2015..

    If solo release

    Dilwale = 250cr lifetime

    Less : Cold effect = 25cr night shows

    Less : BM effect. = 25cr

    Less : Avrg film = 25cr

    Actual lifetime of DILWALE = 175cr on good

    But with BAJIRAO no any effects of DILWALE
    Actual lifetime of BAJIRAO = 125cr hit

  • Friday 28cr
    Saturday 27cr
    sunday 31cr
    weekend 86 cr
    weekday 70cr
    week 1 156 cr
    its my prediction …..
    I was one who predicted 45cr for hny….I was predicted prdp will not cross 220cr…

  • tiger dude….no one predicted 60cr opening day here…..I predicted 50cr by considering ot will open solo at 25th dec….but its diff situation now…..

  • Varun’s highest non holiday opening day- 15cr(abcd2).

    SRK’s highest non holiday opening day- 14cr.

    Too much fun!!!!

  • First time super xcitd for a movie not starring ajay salmir
    thats Bajirao mastani..its all becoz of that stunning new trailer

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