Krrish 4 vs SRK Aanand L Rai Film: Unplanned Coincidence or just mindgames?

Article by Indicine reader Adnan (read the disclaimer at the bottom of the article)

About 10-14 days ago, Shah Rukh Khan announced the release date of his ‘dwarf’ film. He took the biggest weekend of 2018 – Christmas. This was a refreshing strategy from his side as he generally announces release dates, after his film goes on floor. Obviously, Christmas also raises an ‘Aamir Khan film release’ question which was then cleared when Aamir took Diwali for his film ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’ with Yash Raj Films.

Suddenly, there comes an unexpected announcement. Rakesh Roshan announces Krrish 4 for the same weekend i.e Christmas 2018. Almost the entire world was aware that Shah Rukh had taken Christmas (which is more than 2 years in advance) for his film. This decision from Roshan who’s an experienced producer / director does sound like strategising.

Was this clash planned or was it just coincidental?

The reason could well be the other big clash between Shah Rukh and Hrithik, scheduled to take place during the Republic Day next year.

Earlier this year in January, the Roshans had announced the Sanjay Gupta directed ‘Kaabil’ as the first big release of 2017, a date which was initially occupied by Ajay Devgn’s ‘Baadshaho’. A few month later, in May, Shah Rukh averted the clash with Salman Khan’s Sultan and pushed his film to Republic Day 2017. This announcement not just angered Rakesh Roshan but also resulted in him immediately releasing the first poster of Kaabil, thereby intensifying the clash further.

After continuous meetings between both Shah Rukh and Roshan Sr. nothing changed and the clash is still on.

The Roshans are definitely upset by the fact that Shah Rukh is releasing his film on a date which was already announced by them well in advance .

Now the same thing is happening with SRK – this time he announced his release date almost 2.5 years in advance – before anyone else could – and Filmkraft announcing their film for the same day just a few days after SRK’s announcement, brings up certain questions.

There are reports that Krrish 4 was announced without a proper script in place, so was the reason for locking horns only so that they could indirectly put pressure on Raees to move to another date?

Now if a clash like this happens, it will be a heavy one with both films costing upwards of 300 crores. It will almost be impossible for both films to make profits.

But monetary-wise, both Krrish and Aanand L Rai’s dwarf film will suffer and so will their stardom, especially for SRK as both his contemporaries Aamir, Salman are doing so well.

Having said that, Christmas 2018 is a long away and anything could happen in between. But for Shah Rukh or Hrithik to have an upper hand, the success of Raees or Kaabil is very crucial as both their previous releases (Fan and Mohenjo Daro) bombed at the box office.

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  • Even if Krrish 4 will release on Christmas 2018; the film will be made in a hurry & compromise the final product on most of the aspects like VFX, Script etc.
    Rakesh Roshan will definitely not ask from SRK to get the VFX done. Krrish 3’s VFX was one of the best of India. Rakesh Roshan would have to deal with something inferior than that & if he asks Hollywood studios for it, then it will be very expensive.

    In short, Rakesh Roshan is doing foolishness by doing all this bullshit, more so because Hrithik is going through a bad phase.
    He must think about it before taking any decisions in haste.

  • A lot will happen by the time the 2 movie releases … first & foremost will now be to win the battle between Kaabil and Raees …. who ever wins that will have a big edge

  • Hrithik and Rakesh sir is deliberately doing this.they are taking revenge as SRK postponed his Raees to republic day next year which was already occupied by their film Kaabil.

  • Whatever, The clash between Raees and Kaabil should be averted …!!!!!!
    Otherwise the war and hatred will flow like an unstoppable water …!!!
    Kaabil makers should try to understand that Raees can’t be postponed again !!!

    Come on Hrithik Do not Ruin each others movies …!!!!

  • rakesh roshan is very clever
    he knows what is right for his film
    farahan ritesh and srk r the first who start this why he postpone his raees on 26 jan were already 2 films r schedule to realease
    already kaabil vs badashoo
    but mr. srk who is not in his best phase of his carrier already daily negative trend r trending against him why he is taking chance

  • Pretty intelligent observation by Adnan . A superb article written brilliantly and with complete maturity . If Rakesh Roshan is playing mind games against SRK and Red Chillies than I personally feel he is not doing anything wrong . Kaabil was announced first on 26th Jan 2017 and Raees was supposed to release on Eid 2016 . But Red Chillies and Excel Entertainment decided to postpone the release and the new date was 26th Jan 2017 . Raees and Anand Rai’s next Dwarf Film both will be Produced by SRK so he is definitely involved in the planning of the release dates for both the movies . Rakesh Ji and SRK have a pretty cordial relationship with each other as they have worked in King Uncle, Karan Arjun and Koyla . SRK also did a song appearance in Krazzy 4 which was produced by Rakesh Roshan . I feel both the parties can meet and discuss about the business prospects of the clash and also the suitable date if one movie is postponed for the other . This can also be a co-incidence as K4 will not release in 2017 because it will require a lot of time in Pre Production, Shooting, Post Production and VFX . 2018 Diwali has been already occupied by Aamir Khan and maybe Rakesh Ji and Hrithik want K4 to release on Christmas 2018 to do maximum business as it is the biggest weekend in terms of Box Office . There is plenty of time available before anything is finalized so we should first wait for the clash between Kaabil and Raees if it is not averted . 2 Back to Back clashes between SRK and Hrithik can severely dent their friendship with each other . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is a pre planned by senior roshan to clash Krissh 4 with SRK and Rai movie so that SRK postpones Raees. Hope everything will be fine and Roshans target new release dates for both Kaabil and Krissh4.

  • Unplanned Coincidence because Krishh 4 will take a long time to shoot and need a festive release.
    That could be the reason behind the clash.

  • Well played by Roshan Sr. But he had all the right to do so & on other hand anybody can release their movie on day they want nobody has copyright on a particular date even if they announce it in advance.

  • Both SRK and Hrithik a solid comeback !!!
    If the clash between Raees vs Kaabil isn’t averted both movies will suffer …!!!!!
    Is that what a good friend does to another one ?????
    Raees cannot afford another postponement but Kaabil can ….!!!!
    Try to look into the clash from all perspective and not try Ruin each others movie only because of one small holiday !!

    Remember clash between SRK vs Salman is always welcome but not this ..!!!
    I am sure nobody is gonna be happy with clash neither Srkians nor hrthikians except chameleons Lolo fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mind games !
    Roshan did what Srk did to them.
    IF Raees date doesn’t change, then Krissh4 will release on Xmas 2018.
    Agaar mai dubonga to tumko bhi saat mi dobhongah .
    There are no friendships in Bollywood, it’s pure business + egos

  • I think even srk understand this it mind game to avert the clash so he will not take it seriously as he knows a superhero film with vfx need more time to complete than normal movie.

  • It could be mind games because Rakeshji wants to scare away Kingu from Republic Day with his Raees or to force him to come to compromise because his Dwarfi is a bigger project…
    K4 is a bigger and trusted project among audiences. So, Rakeshji is scaring Kingu such as Lose This or Lose That (the bigger project).

  • Cheap games playd by bollywd… To keep the interest goin among the fans in the name of clashes and sequels…its all business tactic..happening in every field

  • I Don’t know what sort of problem Rakesh Roshan has ????? Post IPL is best release date for Kaabil so why not just postpone it
    And the clash between Anand LA rai vs Krish 4 is more than a stupidity ….!!!!!!!!!
    Once Raees is postponed it cannot be postponed again …!!!!!!!!!!!
    Try to avert this clash, elsewise, Both SRK and Hrithik will suffer terribly !!!!!!!!
    Nobody likes clashes !!!!!!

  • RR is too smart. Yeh SRK, kjo, farhan, ritesh were born after RR came to bwood. So he knows how to play tit for tat. SRK & excel biggest mistake— They thought RR is like HR, bola bala, seedha sada. RR Sab ka baap hain. Don’t get in his way or else get ready to get fucked.

  • @Javed… if Post IPL is the best date, send a message to SRK on Twitter to push Raees to that date.

    Krrish 4 might be mind games.. but if SRK purposely tries to destroy Kaabil, then Krrish 4 should destroy that dwarf film. Simple. Tit for Tat. You mess with me unnecessarily, I’ll definitely not spare you.

  • At this point Srk and HR going there low phase they are strugling to get solo realise as well as good script.Other two Khan getting good script as well as solo realise thats why currently they are top two superstar today.Amoung Srk and HR Srk is Favorate because of he is 2nd biggest fan following in India and 1st in Overseas.Last movies of both actor Fan was flop in India and HIT in overseas and MJ was disaster in India and Flop in overseas so srk has uper hand.

  • Feeling sad for srk…hi is nice guy…..but his fans are idiots……. Hope dwarf realese solo in Christmas 2018….

  • First of all Baadshaho release date annonce in DEC 2015 and then IN FEB 2016 kaabil announced…so Roshans already knows there is clash for Kabil…then the biggest mistake of srk announce…RAEES postponed…

    Now why roshans have problem to clash with raees ??? Atlist he have not try to harm MD as other bollywood stars did…

    And i have never seen as greedy star as ajay devgan…a man who announced BAADSHAHO for JAN 17 & SOS FOR DIWALI 2017…Now that greedy man wants to release G4 in diwali 2017???
    Same thing done with SOS in 2012 as AKSHAY did with MD…

    Advantage of clashes with SRK movies is even akshay ajay fans will support the other movies forget about salmir fans…

  • I beliv its a stratergy by roshan becoz taking avtar 2 into consideration there is no way either dwarf or krrish 4 be profitable if they clash

    I think the krrish 4 should relese on the same period that The jungle book , start of the summer vacation. Krrish 4 is mainly targeted at kids and its the perfect time

    The jungle book collected 180 cr its a hollywood film without a recognaisble face

    nxt year baahubali 2 releses during the period and one can assume it would be huge

    I think its a good date and a 100 times better than clashing with dwarf and the most anticipated film in WORLD CINEMA

  • @Javed why hritik postpone kaabil he first choose the 26 jan
    before announcement of raees realease date srk and excel ent know that this date was already booked by hr
    why why hr postpone his film why not srk again postpone his raees to runk film

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