Krrish 3 Worldwide Collections: First week

Krrish 3Krrish 3 has just completed a historic first week at the domestic box office. The film opened well during the pre-Diwali period and then came into its own Monday onwards. Overseas too the Hrithik Roshan starrer has done very well for a science-fiction film.

Krrish 3 has grossed 251 crore worldwide, making it the second fastest to cross the 250 crore mark after Chennai Express. Breakdown below.

  • India Gross: 166.42 cr net + 49 cr entertainment taxes = 215.42 crore approx †(Also Read: Difference between Net and Gross)
  • Overseas Gross – 36 crore
  • Worldwide Collections – 251.42 crore

The film is Hrithik’s first 200 crore worldwide grosser and should easily cross the 300 crore mark too. It has an outside chance of going on to be the second highest grosser of all-time ahead of 3 Idiots (390 cr), but the record of Chennai Express which grossed Rs 420 crore worldwide is out of reach – unless the second weekend is record-breaking.



  • well having 163 cr in one week ……….now 227cr. of CE looks reachable …….. wow I can’t believe that Hrithik’s movie will be the highest domestic grosser of all time ….big moments for HR fan ..

  • 250 crore first week worldwide!
    400 crores within reach!
    O Srk, Hrithik has beaten you! Now wait for Aamir and Salman to show their magic!

  • Krrish 3 First week collection is 123 Cr, According to India’s No.1 Site Box Office India… Lifetime will be 180 Cr…

  • 250 crore first week worldwide!
    400 crores within reach!
    Ek Thi Chennai Express!
    O Srk, Hrithik has beaten you! Now wait for Aamir and Salman to show their magic!

  • to beat CE worldwide seems difficult for any star unless a movie like 3idiots comes.. even d3 cant cross 422cr..

  • Krrish 3 Has Third Highest First Week
    Friday 8th November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Krrish 3 recorded the third highest first week of
    time only behind Chennai Express and Ek Tha
    Tiger over the first seven day run. The film has
    collected a little over 123 crore nett. If the film
    can break the second weekend record it has
    chances of becoming the highest grossing film of
    all time but in order to that the drop on its eight
    day has to be much less than the drops over the
    past two days. The business of Krrish 3 so far is
    as follows.
    Friday – 18.75 crore
    Saturday – 15.50 crore
    Sunday – 15 crore
    Monday – 31.50 crore
    Tuesday – 20.50 crore
    Wednesday 13 crore
    Thursday – 9 crore nett
    TOTAL – 123.25 crore nett
    A dubbed Telugu and Tamil version of the film
    has collected around 7 crore nett with most of the
    business coming in Telugu. The film is a record
    grosser as far as dubbed Hindi films are
    concerned as Ra.One and Don 2 grossed around 5
    crore nett each in their entire run.

  • It’s tough to match up to srk in overseas.but i hope he will be more popular in future.don’t know y he rejected a hollywood offer.

  • After this, wait some will still bark again………………..but again all the best to Hrithik and team………… nothing left to prove.

  • Good going Krrish:3. With 200cr almost certain now, it’s yet to see whether it can put up the extra 28cr on top and beat CE.

    Considering the hype and magnitude of the film, it is expected to beat CE by at least 10-15cr, anything less would be below expectations.

    However, Krrish:3 might not be able to surpass the worldwide record collections of universally accepted movies like 3 idiots and CE, which will be a disappointing factor for fans.

  • records which will be broken in a month time is waste of pubicity.. akshay’s 2014 release Holiday will shatter all records

  • That means CE first week collection of hindi 156.70 cr safe as K3 hindi 152 approx but u want update as NOT HONEST ENOUGH to accept the TRUTH

  • I won’t be wrong in saying that Krrish:3, firstly, worked on hype, than super brilliant performances by each lead role and lastly the special effects (which didn’t work for many people).

  • There is one more record movie is dropping badly during weekdays according to fake trade
    Tuesday 26 cr (according to indicine it was working day)
    Wednesday 18 cr. (30% drop from Tuesday)
    Thursday 13.5 (26% drop)
    This has never happnd before in weekday collection.
    One more hilarious thing. According to taran Hindi version is 157 cr means 9 cr cr from resional version but according to indicine revised collection till Sunday was 7.75 cr so remaing 1.25 cr came from Monday (biggest day ) Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday
    People are getting confused in their own numbers

  • @yash:ce also released in south india and did well due to rajni sir name in that part.then why shouldnt those state collection be include in k3 case.

  • @Indicine, after Krrish:3 completes its run, we’d like comparisons between CE and Krrish:3, considering + and – points, success, profit margin etc…


  • Today, if it gets around 8 cr, and if it manages 30 cr combined for sat and sun, then it is well on course to break all records and touch 240+ lifetime.

    Thor is no competition to it, except in metros.

  • I want K3 to collect atleast 275 to get better then CE as 2 week open,4000+ screen and counting of tamil-telugu version also as 227+25(hindi)+23(dub) then K3 will real winner as CE better 3I with 25 cr

  • Yep, Chennai Express’ overseas collection made the difference.
    Thor-2 and Satya-2 have also taken away half number of screens from Krrish-3 in multiplexes in my city, it will also affect it, but it should be able to surpass the domestic collection of Chennai Express.

  • SRK chamchas all over India/internet are in a state of Sad/Shock/Fear/anger/confusion after the victorious run of Krrish 3. And some of them are showing their frustration towards a legend like Rakesh Roshan, making false allegations. This shows how insecure/jealous they are of otherís success. Lemme tell u this losers , Hrithik has just started this, Amir & Salman will finish it by buring srk n his fake records.

  • @nipun its about only hindi version bussiness bcz k3,ce,ett are hindi movies and v hv to talk about hindi version bussiness

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