Krrish 3 Trailer nears 15 million views on Youtube!

No other Bollywood trailer has been viewed more than 9 million times, but the trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 is nearing 15 million views on popular video sharing website Youtube.

In fact, the ‘view count’ of the trailer is competing with mega-budget Hollywood blockbuster which have a much larger audience. The 2 minute long Krrish 3 theatrical trailer could eventually beat trailers of Hollywood superhero films like ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Thor’ – both of which released about 2 years ago and have about 19 million views.

The other Indian film trailers are simply no competition for this superhero film directed by Rakesh Roshan. The film also starring Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut, releases during the Diwali weekend in India.

  • 1. Krrish 3 – 14.5 million (2013)
  • 2. Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 8.1 million (2012)
  • 3. Race 2 – 6.8 million (2012)
  • 4. Ek Tha Tiger – 5.8 million (2012)
  • 5. Agneepath – 5.7 million (2012)
  • 6. Ra One – 5.3 million (2011)
  • 7. Chennai Express – 6 million (2013)
  • 8. Raanjhanaa – 5 million (2013)
  • 9. Heroine – 4.9 million (2012)
  • 10. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 4.5 million (2013)
  • 11. Dabangg 2 – 4.4 million (2012)
  • 12. Don 2 – 4.3 million (2011)
  • 13. Talaash – 3.7 million (2012)

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  • Yeh toh sirf trailer hai.picture abhi baki hai mere dost. .
    Age age dekho hota hai kya. .:D
    krrish 3 ki jay ho. .

  • wow!! this trailer has really showed its power to rock at theaters!! almost double the view of 2nd highest trailer, congrats and this trailer is way ahead of hollywood flick thor and 300!! those who complain abt vfx r dumb!! this movie is made of 100 crore not 1000 crore!! appreciate this and wish u all the best HR, krrish 3 Atbb!!

  • Hrithik-the sexiest man of the world.

    Krrish -the superhero of the world. .

    Super power of krrish will boost the boc. .

  • Its a big moment for all hrithik fans because it is becoming huge and every time you go to youtube you find more views which means the trailer has huge repeat value . After some weeks we should expect that psy s gangnam style record should be broken and then bollywood will reach unimaginable heights . Abhi yeh haal hai toh socho ki diwali par kya hoga . Krrish sab kucch barbaad kar dega . Just wait and watch and enjoy the moment . To all hrithikians .

  • Congratulations “Krrish 3”.Now only “Dhoom 3” can give competition to these 15 million views bcoz it also has a Global appeal like “Krrish 3”.

  • i remember salman khan fans saying srkians are active only on youtube
    they dont support srk on boxoffice but chennai express proven they were wrong
    i hope same happen with krish 3

  • there comes the indian cinema defining film !! the trailer is competing with hollywood biggies trailers and our pathetic haters are pulling this film down, this shows what kind of cheap mentality they have, this film is not just about hrithik or his fans, this film is about indian cinema,indian crew and our potential to make it big. appreciate the hard work of krrish 3 team, all the best KRRISH 3 and HRITHIK !

  • jealous and frightened haters may get out ! Hrithik is going to rule box office with Krrish 3 ! R.I.P all records ! i am eager to see K3 vs D3-tough competition ! #HRITHIKMANIA , Hrithik has the guts to do new things.

  • Just See By the Views of the trailer,How People Are Desperately Waiting For the Movie…It has lived Up To Its Pre Release Hype…n Now It Will Live Up To The Expectations Of Performing well at the Box Office.Hrithik This Year is Yours.Tsunami Awaiting This Diwali. #Krrish3BoxOfficeTsunami

  • krrish is the biggest blockbuster of 2013 n of all time soon while dhoom 3 is gonna be a sureshot blockbuster for sure yet krrish is more awaited n will score more however both r big movies which will rule heart of people n box office status will exceed to the next level be ready everyone for DIWALI N CHRISTMAS DAY

  • @indicine ..only problem with k3 is monday release no holyday benifit not even sunday which is 6days away..i think worst time to release such a film time is eid and then christmas..lots of holyday and people wants to enjoy that time…….indicine i want to know why such bad release date fix by best director of bollywood rakash roshan

  • @suman
    Monday is a perfect day for k3 release. pre diwali people hardly go out for movie. everyone becomes busy. after diwali whole next week will be like holidays. I my self have already applied for leave from 4 – 8 Nov. trust me it will earn 170 – 180 cr by it’s first weekend. (SUNDAY) :-)

  • @Romance new year
    I normally find your comments useful and sensible.
    but what you have told in your last comment is just bull shit.

  • Krish3 pridiction
    1st day 40cr
    then working day start, people never spent value able time for hritic , same thing happend with agneepth also.
    2nd day 17cr
    3rd day 15cr
    4th day 13cr
    5th day 12cr
    6th day 14cr
    7th day 16cr
    1st week 130cr max with best wom the how can idiot hritic fans says k3 cross 200cr. Chennai express did it because ce is the most luckyest film which got eid, half eid sat, sunday, independence day, two days raksha bandhan, and now janmastomi, so no film can break ce record, ce record will be broke in 3 reason
    1 film will get atleast 3 holidays.
    2 content will be superb like 3idiots.
    3 salman eid factor chatbuster song massala film.
    Franchis will give extraordinary openning nothing more that, all depends on content and max holiday, ce got it, not easi to break it.

  • @Romance new_yr Definitely you are a big fool making more Anti Srkians with your words if you love srk or Ce Boost Srk or CE noi problem for hrithikians you insane pathetic hater this youtube views were enough for you like a slipper slap to your comments
    You are commenting both K3 & D3 with Ra1 & Don2 so your fav srk hit movies they yes they are uinderperformed but not disasters we can name them as HIT movies so you are an illiterate to your own fan srk movies how can you comment on hrithik or some body

    Analysis of your perception on krrish3: Worst Analysis by any other commentor plz learn how to behave from aks he is wonderful and having great writing skills

    Again i m saying CE was an ATBB so what enjoy for the success but dont cry on hrithik if you start crying on him you will never stop until he retires

    Guys this Romance Expires or Romance Useless will
    support khans and shahid(Mostly Srk and Shahid)
    hates Akki,hrithik,Ranbir this was his true colour

    Finally We wont care about other celebrity
    but we tear you totally if Spare on our celebrity

  • ====================POWER OF HRITHIK REDEFINED========================

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    Like 54,854

    Video statistics Through Aug 24, 2013

    37 years

    All Comments (27,982)

  • To all the Hrithikians keep recharging by the following words these are for yous

    ‘A SUPERHERO is about VALUES, not the POWER not the COSTUME’- Hrithik
    #Krrish 3
    Hrithik Roshan suffered from scoliosis and got diagnosed at the age of 21. Doctors told that he could never be able to dance and do stunts like all other Bollywood stars. But Hrithik proved that medical science is nothing before man’s will power.

    Hrithik says, “Problems are always going to exist. Everything will be taken away from you except the freedom of choosing your attitude in any given environment. Once you get that right, creating results becomes effortless.”

    “The best way to make someone u love happy is by being happy yourself”, Hrithik Roshan

    “I am fit and fine… I am absolutely fantastic. Even with the hole in my brain… my spirit is intact. I thank all my fans for love and support. It (surgery) has reaffirmed few values. There is nothing better in this world than a man’s will,” Hrithik told reporters here at the trailer launch of ‘Krissh 3’.

    ‘Krrish 3’ boasts of special effects, which director Rakesh Roshan decided to get it done here to encourage and promote local talent.
    Rakesh Roshan said he refuse to make Hollywood company do the effect because he want the India specialist to grow and dont fear. How we cant respect this man who want Bollywood to become better and better!!

    “He (Hrithik) was so sincere in the first film. Now he has become a star, but his honesty, punctuality and sincerity have not changed,” said the proud father, Rakesh Roshan.

    Hrithik,”The best thing you can do for somebody you love is be happy yourself.”

    Hrithik,”Even before I started earning if anyone came to ask for charity I would give away my pocket money. That’s what my father has taught me. Money is not more important that humanity.”

    ?#?Krrish3? “Rohit’s character denotes happiness. It was like revisiting my childhood.”

    ‘There is nothing better in life than to be faced by an insurmountable problem. And there is nothing stronger in the world than a Man’s WILL.’- Hrithik via twitter

    “In the scenes with Rohit and Krishna, if people do not know that they are both played by Hrithik, people will definately ask- who is the older actor?”- Rakesh Roshan

    Krrish 3 will certainly shatter all previous records by a huge margin. This film is sure to rule hearts… and the BO.’- Taran Adarsh

    I have grown a lot through the challenges of Krrish 3. It helped me become a stronger, better and a more powerful person – Hrithik

    “Haven’t we all overcome to be what we are today in our lives? Haven’t you all overcome the challenges you faced to reach where you are in real life? Do we have a choice? Life is going to hit you hard and you know that. It takes three seconds to decide whether I am a superhero or not! Once you have made that decision and your attitude is intact, you can surmount any challenge in life! And yes, I am a superhero in real life. I am Krrish” Said Hrithik.

    In the movie, Bachchan will introduce Vivek Oberoi’s character and also explain the sequence of events that connect the two earlier films of the franchise ‘Krrish 3’.

    “Amitabh Bachchan said yes to doing a voiceover of the film and his narration is important because it creates a connect between the three films and introduces the villain,” Rakesh Roshan said.

    BAAP RE Rakesh ji you are truely genius taken a great decision Take a Bow man
    Lucky Hrithik to have a father like Rakesh Roshan
    Hrithik is an actor and that too one of the best in the country. Our pair has been appreciated in the past. Why shouldn’t we work together? It’s just that I never got a chance to do any film with him for quite some time. KJo came up with a lovely script and I immediately said yes. Said Kareena

  • Hrithik Roshan makes his admirer cry

    Earlier this week, an admirer (who lives in Bhopal) arrived in Mumbai to meet the star. “Meeting Hrithik was the boy’s birthday gift. Although he has wanted to meet him for many years now, he expressed this desire on a serious note when he turned a year older a few months ago,” says a source close to the Roshans.
    Meanwhile, Hrithik has been neck-deep in the post-production of his upcoming superhero film that is being directed by his father, Rakesh Roshan. Even though he hardly has any time, he managed to clear his schedule to set up a quick meeting with this fan at his Juhu residence.

    “Hrithik found out about the fan’s wishes through a common friend. Then the meeting was organised overnight. The boy came with a lot of gifts from Bhopal, but he couldn’t even hand them to Hrithik because he was so nervous. He ended up leaving them with one of the assistants,” adds the source. And that wasn’t it. When the fan saw Hrithik enter the room, he couldn’t control his tears and broke down in joy. “At that point, Hrithik consoled him, saying, ‘It’s okay, I can feel your love.’”

    Despite repeated attempts, Hrithik couldn’t be reached for a comment.

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