Krrish 3 Second Week Box Office Collections

Krrish 3Krrish 3 has collected Rs 59.48 crore in its second week at the domestic box office. The Hrithik Roshan starrer picked up by around 8% on Thursday as it was a national holiday for Muharram.

The film now needs around Rs 1.5 crore to go past the lifetime collections of Chennai Express, which is currently the highest grosser in the industry.

1st Week – 166.42 crore

  • Day 8 Friday – 9.16 cr
  • Day 9 Saturday – 14.23 (55% increase)
  • Day 10 Sunday – 16.35 (15% increase)
  • Day 11 Monday – 5.47 (66% drop)
  • Day 12 Tuesday – 5.04 (8% drop)
  • Day 13 Wednesday – 4.46 (11% drop)
  • Day 14 Thursday – 4.77 (7% increase)
  • Second Week – 59.48 crore

Total Collections in India – 225.9 crore




  • Real collections are 202 crores. Fastest to 200 crores in 2 weeks. Congrats Krrish 3. Only 16 crores more required to get to Chennai Express total.

  • An for All those ppl who wana Belive BOI collection n KRK’s just remember whole India Belives Hrithik Roshan Nt these ppl Krrish will be the highest grossing movie in Bollywood weathr u wana Belive or nt is your Choice Bt the Truth is Hrithik was Back. So hater’s Pls go n cry.Hrithik just showd Who’s The Emperor of Bollywood

  • lets checkout the all time grossers of bollywood:
    mother india – 1957(held record for 3 yrs)
    moghal-e-azam – 1960(held record for 15 yrs)
    sholay-1975(held record for 19 yrs)
    hum aapke hain kaun-1994( held record for 7 yrs)
    gadar-2001(held record for 5 yrs)
    dhoom2-2006(held record for 2 yrs)
    ghajini-2008(held record for 1 yr)
    3idiots-2009(held record for 4 yrs)
    chennai express-2013(held record for 3 months)
    krrish3-2013(current record holder)

    in this hrithik and aamir got 2 films each,srk nd salman once.
    nd shortest record sustained was c.e was 3 months..

  • Krrish 3 is a real disaster in terms of content and vfx
    Half of the vfx were done by Red chillies and they were good.
    But rest of the vfx looked like a Tom and jerry cartoon.
    And Hrithik overacted like popeye.

  • That was Sachin affect. So disappointed that he got out at 74 today! Dhoni should just declare the innings, and let Sachin open in the 2nd innings.

  • for CE,ETT,3I fans can roar loudly but K3 fans find hard as they know inside that 55 cr diff and with dub version how many record k3 make as Taran never gave data for dub version for any day and thats terrible

  • those trade analyst have made a fun out of box office by playing dirty games n manipulating high figure there should only be one real BO website like boxofficemojo for Bollywood movies but anyway history is saved in wiki and they currently follow boi.

  • last time u said the collections to be 183 cr instead of 211 cr in ur article and again this fiss…poor indicine :(,,anyways i am expecting the real reason for the controversial collections and want the real hindi versions collections,,,why are u adding tamil collections and saying its just behind CE by 1.5 cr…fiss

  •, even gabral from vikral and gabral was better hero than
    frustrated srk fans, lol praising boi now because their stupid record is at the brink of being shattered aur jalo aur jalo.
    those who are talking about wiki, go and check, it follows the official figures all trade experts and that is 225 cr till now. all trade experts give one figure,thats the truth. let happy new year come, you all morons will show your true face and praise taran’s figures.

    srk fans say that its salman fans who are creating negativity but i see salman fans like nilesh and many more praising k3, even aamir fans didn’t do negativity mostly. its the srk fans in majority who are doing this. yaad rahega yeh hum hrithik fans ko bhi. we didn’t utter a word during ce but hny ko aane do.

  • But with release of ram leela will it be able to break CE record? everyone is going ga ga about ram leela. do you think Krrish3 will be able to sustain for this weekend and collect atleast another 3 crore to beat CE? I have my doubts but praying with my heart and soul.

  • @ greek god

    Although i want that k3 demolish crap ce record but not by fake or manipulated collections.

    Every site including indicine admits that there is diff in collections b/w distributers and roshans officially, but no one have enough courage to abolish manipulated nos, may be due to this, there authencity would hurted.

    In reality k3 collected approx 170+10 cr in all versions acc to boi and even some distributers.

    After this controversy, my faith is even increased on boi as they are loyal.

  • @sumeet – Don’t blindly blame SRK fans only. Sure, some bark stupidly here but I have seen that whenever someone posts a negative comment he/she is tagged SRK fan.

    And it seems many have forgotten this article.

    Don’t trust either producers or BOI. Both are wrong. Just take their average. Or refer And this not just for Krrish 3 but for all films.

  • This fake or official numbers would be dead with in a year as for futurereference everybody mentioned authentic boi figures.

    And believe me i am not among those haters,who changes their loyality towards different boxoffice sites with every film, i always stick to boi for every filw, for me ce earns 208cr and yjhd earns 178cr.

  • so much huge gap between
    boi and producer’s collection….
    isn’t it that the producer are giving gross
    because after taking nett collection from
    boi the gross collection would be similar
    as the collection given by producer!!!!

  • I was just having a look at Krrish 3 wiki talk page where it was refused point-blank to publish producers figures in box office collections. They stated outright that BoxOfficeIndia would be given first preference followed by BoxOfficeIndia trade magazine.

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