Krrish 3 Release Date changed again!

Initially announced for theatrical release on November 1st 2013, the release date of Krrish 3 was changed twice. About 3 months back, just before the unveiling of the theatrical trailer, Rakesh Roshan announced that the superhero film will release on 4th November.

But those distributing the film weren’t too happy with the film releasing on Monday. Sources close to the Roshans then said that the film will arrive on 3rd November, a date which was confirmed by quite a few people in the trade.

After a lot of meetings and confusion over the release date, Filmkraft has finally announced the final date of arrival – 1st November 2013 it will be.

Krrish 3 releases on a normal Friday (non-holiday) and two days before Diwali. Both the opening day and weekend records, currently held by Chennai Express, will be tough to beat. Even non-holiday records could prove to be difficult as the pre-Diwali period is considered to be dull business-wise.

Krrish 3 Office Poster

Krrish 3 Office Poster



  • Now first day and first weekend records of Chennai Express are safe.It will be interesting to see if it can break first week and lifetime collection record of Chennai express. For that the film has to be good, otherwise it will not collect more than 180.Best of luck to Hrithik…

  • I am waiting for this movie since 2011.
    But now i’m a little disappointed.why they are changing the release date so many’s not good for a movie profit.
    Plus,as it’s a working day,it willnt cross the ce’s opening day record.
    No doubt,it will be the highest non-holiday opening record.but wanted it to beat ce’s opening day record.:(
    anyway,it has enough potential to be huge,so all the best .
    It will cross 230 crs.
    Opening day will be around 28-30 crs.weekend will be around 98-100 crs.

  • bad decision for me if this is an ordinary friday then its ok but its diwali so this will not help the final collection at all now they totally lost the opening record even no holiday record will be tough they should release it in mondey i mean why they leave the holiday

  • No matter whether it releases on 1st or 4th nov..,it is destined to break all the records at box office….n for all those who underestimate the power of HRITHIK SIR it will also create opening day record without help of holiday…… Krrish3 tsunami is coming and this time Hrithik in full force…. so guys just wait n watch……
    opening day 33cr+
    opening weekend 90 cr+
    opening week 180 cr+
    lifetime 300 cr

  • I think this is the best release date as Krrish 3 will take advantage of friday,saturday and sunday(holiday) .

  • Why The Hell They Have 2 Change The Release Date, 4th Nov Was A Gr8 Day 2nd Day of Diwali, Along With Sunday, If Datz The Case Den No One Have Dis Year Any Realistic Chance Of Breaking CE’s Opening Day And Weekend Record, Iam Not Satisfied By The Decision, May Be The Makers Are Looking For Long Normal Weekend… At Dis Scenario CE Opening Day Record Wud Now Remain Intact For Atleast A Year

  • Friday : 18-19crs
    Saturday : 19-20crs
    Sunday (diwali): 15crs will be good considering diwali
    Weekend :64crs
    Then from Monday the film can pick up if wom is good.

  • Needs very good word of mouth to be beat Chennai Express’ collections
    It is easier to say that 250crs is easy but in reality it is not that easy.

  • whatever the release date we will never think of records we want to see hrithik onscreen thats all
    he has given a new definition for onscreen heroism

  • Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 will crush King of Goats epic film CE records like anything………….
    King of Goats will then rename HNY as Sad New Year……. based on his condition after K3 and D3 beat his his record in 4 months ( which he took 4 years to beat lol)

  • When krish3 was releasing on monday, i thot it wud brk highest first day of CE.. Bt now cnsdrn a non holiday friday it is very very tough.. N even weekend wudnt soar as much bcoz of diwali on sunday.. N then monday will b 4th day.. If the movie is well accepted then it is goin to b huge.. Nice move by filmcraft to capitalise on weekend.. If it released on monday and wasnt well accepted it wud hv been very bad for the film.. Any which ways.. I dont think it can break CE lifetime.. But all d best krish3 :) rock d world HRO

  • K3 will prove all critics and trade experts wrong by creating a landmark opening on any day it arrives whether its 1st nov or 4th nov !!! mark my words, you may shout about any other film but K3 will be too huge !!

  • CE records will not be broken till Happy New Year………………..100%sure…..if any movie has slight chance ,that would be krrish 3 only……but i don’t think so……..CE made the record of 420cr worldwide gross,228cr in India and 119cr in overseas with 6 days open only and competition from 3 films……i don’t think even with open weeks ,Krrish3 will come near to the collections of CE

  • fools,who sayed that k3 wont break any records,cummon gys its roshans long big project and how can they wasye it,they took the decesion by thinking lot,look,guys if the film release on 1st november,then its have 2days mote before diwali,n bcoz its a festive season so people will wait for some big one, Friday non holiday but pick up well bcoz in dowali festive every work goes very slowly so entertainment will go high,then its have satersay then Sunday which is a holiday and then diwali so,it has 5 days weekend,so 1st week will be very huge,so just think it mathmaticalyu fellas,sure shot atbb

  • Hmmm.. Good move by d roshans..
    Now dey hav a chance of hitting120 crores in its first week itself if d word of mouth is average… If good den sky is d limit man…!!

  • @cinema lover

    Even if Krrish 3 misses to break CE’s record, Dhoom 3 will definitely break it.

    Krrish 3 is more of a multiplex film involving superheroes,mutants and much more complex characters which may not be understood by single screen people
    Dhoom 3 is everybody’s film

  • I don’t know why some people are so concerned about this decision. Roshans are here in this business from decades. They know it more than us. It isn’t a bad move by any means. It only decreased or should I say ended the chances of beating the opening day record. And I believe, they are not looking for such kind of records which can be beaten in less than a year. Apart from it, it would get the traditional weekend advantage along with the post Diwali holidays. So, yeah opening day record may be looking out of the reach now, but if its good, then it would be huge for them for rest of its run.

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