Krrish 3 New Posters

Two new posters from Krrish 3. The first features all the villains from the film – Cheetahwoman, Rhinoman, Striker (right bottom), Kaal and Kaya. We liked the second poster the most – Krrish probably looking to take control of a plane.

After all the disappointment over the film’s music, its high time they released a few action promos of the film.

Krrish 3 New PosterKrrish 3 New Poster

Krrish 3 Poster - Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana

Krrish 3 Poster – Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana

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  • I don’t know Why everyone is saying that music is disappointing? ?superhero movies don’t depend on music.raone had chammak challo and criminal,but got a just hit status.

    and what about krrish songs??only ao sunau pyar ki ek kahani was nice.others were okayish.dil na liya became chartbuster because of hrithik ‘s presence.
    Same thing is in k3.dil tu hi bata is a nice one.but “raghupati raghav”became chartbuster because of hro’s dance.that’s the difference between hro and others.hro’s songs are remembered for hro mainly.
    And k3 has 3 songs which are perfect for different situation.
    Raghupati raghav-party song
    dil tu hi bata-romantic song
    god allah aur bhagwan-motivational song dedicated to superhero

  • No chance to even touch Chennai Express record..
    Graphics are bad and music is worse than Deshdrohi….
    not joking…go listen to Deshdrohi songs…much better than Krrish 3

  • Haters now the second poster is also a copy of hollywood movie? avengers, rise of silver surfer, transformers, pacific rim all had almost the same ending either in space or sea, proud to be hr fan, k3 sure blockbuster

  • @LOL, one can just LOL at your stupidity, perfect name you have given ‘LOL’ ! K3 will destroy the records of CE, and you will cry aloud , mark my words k3 will break all records !! the music of chennai express was too damn pathetic, then srk went to honey singh who made lungi dance to save his music , only coz it crossed 200 cr, some of the moron srk fans think the record can’t be beaten !! KRRISH 3 was always destined to create history and it will !!

  • @indicine team, don’t you think you are imposing your personal view (which is more on negative side) about krrish 3 on your posts ?? you never post such things for other movies, not even for besharam and chennai express music which were plain pathetic !! why are you creating negativity against hrithik movie is it coz k3 is destined to break all records which includes khans(srk) who is your hot fav ?? please be unbiased !! be honest and accept, chennai express was one the most stupid and overrated movies ever made which was made only to make money and to give a boost to srk’s dull career.

    all the posters are awesome, those idiots who are khan’s slaves or moron fans of akshay,ajay ,ranbir, shahid etc will always call each thing of krrish 3 copy, thats their work, they can’t see hrithik at top, jealous morons !!

  • Second poster is surprising.Even in the trailer there was a plane.Looks like Krrish jumps from tall buildings on plane and travel without ticket nice posters.Sureshot blockbuster.

  • Super Fanatabulous Krrish !

    Chennai Express Record To Be Shattered ! And Some Jealous King Khan Fans Will Dislike This.

    Truth Is Always Bitter !

  • In the first Poster , it looks that the villains are not villains rather , they are friends of krish. like krish and comPany. Posters aren’t good , too many villains , hollywood director gets difficult shooting with even one , while rakesh roshan introduced like 5 or 6 villains…

  • faadu posters, sure shot atbb comin dis diwali !!!!!
    @amit, u r high on weeds ! kaal is d supervillain of d movie, rest r his own created mutants, dey r his army, if dese posters aren’t gud den wat else is ??

  • Hritikians this time i am totally disappointed with you people, why you don’t want negativity so many negative talks happen only on superstars posts, you can argue with guys who disrespect hro but not when they write their opinion about k3 posters or trailers because not everything is liked by everyone, there are still so many who have not liked masterpiece 3idiots even indicine is one of them who given 3 star to 3i, so be calm when k3 will get huge success, these haters have to chew their words and if they won’t then who cares, so best of luck to all k3&d3 well wishers 21days to go for k3 and 71 days for dhoom.

  • @lol:
    what’s your problem? ?your king khan like our greek god. Both are good friends.
    60% of srkfans consider hrithik as their 2nd fav.and same with hrithikians.
    But u fool spreading negativity on each page.

  • Reports that Chennai Express have grossed 2cr in Egypt are not true.
    Movie opened in 9 theatres and finished 9th in 1st weekend collecting
    5 lakhs, good trending may assure lifetime greater than 70 lakhs.

  • Krrish 3 and Doom 3 will both be disasters.
    Doom 3 is action film so no cross 200 crore. It will do 140 crore max.
    Krrish 3 is superhero and bad graphics so also wont cross 200 crore. Will do 130 crore max
    And Salman cant act so Flop ho! and Kick will do 150 crore max

  • KRRISH 3 ROCKS SIMPLY THE BEST MOVIE OF 2013 CRITICS AUDIENCE ALL PEOPLE GONNA LIKE KRISH EVEN THOSE WHO LIKE ART CINEMA WILL ALSO LIKE KRRISH 3 N KRRISH 3 GONNA CREATE NEW HISTORICAL RECORDS AT THE BOXOFFICE COLLECTIONS WHILE only crap nonsense people can like deshdrohi n his music which have no sense n they might be some of srk fan as written above in the comments

  • @Sumeet shut ur mouth I m Akshay fan n i m supporting k3….go check the tweet of KRK in which he has said that k3 is going to be a flop i m the only one who abused him in his tweet.
    … KRK has blocked me

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