Amitabh Bachchan with Salman Khan: Photos

It can’t get bigger or better, can it? Two of the biggest superstars of their respective eras met on the sets of Salman Khan’s upcoming film Jai Ho. Amitabh Bachchan who was shooting on the next floor for ‘Bhootnath 2’ came in to enquire about Salman’s health. The actor has been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia a.k.a Suicide disease.

While sharing a few photographs, Bachchan who celebrates his 71st birthday tomorrow, said “Met the lovely Tabu and Salman shooting on next floor.. always a joy to be with colleagues. Salman shooting on next floor… met up and enquire of his nerve ailment… he is improving,”

“He says he is recovering fast… good,” the legend added.

Below are a few photos of the two megastars. Not many have dominated the industry the way these two have!

Amitabh Bachchan with Salman Khan on the sets of Jai Ho

Amitabh Bachchan with Salman Khan on the sets of Jai Ho

Amitabh Bachchan hugged Salman Khan on the sets of Jai Ho

Amitabh hugs Salman on the sets of Jai Ho

Salman Khan hugged Amitabh Bachchan

When Salman Khan hugged Amitabh Bachchan



  • Two biggest superstars of their respective era? ?how? ?so do u think salman can equalize bigb.? ?
    Noone can take the place of bigb.bigb properly justifies the word “superstar” through his contribution to indian film industry and society.

  • amit sir is god of bollywood. both on tv and big screen he left his mark which nobody can catch up to. even at 60+ he can play roles like in pa . he is in a league of his own

  • @Rahul so according to u meaning of dominance in your dictionary is 1 blockbuster after 4 hit verdict movies not 5 back to back blockbusters.Kaha se kharidi aisi boakwas

  • it’s indian ppl’s low mind .that’s why great movies are doomed as flop and average.and craps are getting blockbuster status.
    Lol. .back to back 5 blockbusters? ?lol. .
    Ppl cann’t see that bollywood has its own is being polluted by south remakes and crappy masalas.
    Now a days,bollywood should be named as “xerox centre of tollywood”.

  • @indicine team, who will mention that salman and srk fans are fools , they watch each and every film of theirs no matter how worse it is, they watch it and make it blockbuster, if akshay makes bad film, he gets right treatment,if ajay makes bad film then he also gets apt treatment, but when salman continuosly makes bad films that too all south remakes, it gets blockbuster, salman ki movie mein chahe kuch v ho,koi v heroine ho,gaane kese v ho,content kesa v ho, his fans are stupid enough to watch coz it has salman, thats the reason they watch his movies, pathetic !!!!!! don’t know if its an achievement or sheer stupid blind fan following, salman is not even 5% of Big B !

  • in 80’s highest grosser of the decade was maine pyar kiya, in 90’s highest grosser was Hum aap ke hai kaun, in 2000’s highest grosser was aamir’s 3 idiots. and in 2010’s highest grosser is srk’s chennai express. but it won’t remain the highest grosser for even 4 months. lol.

  • The only 3 biggest TRUE & GENUINE superstars that bollywood ever had/have are rajesh khanna, big b & salman. No one before them was and no one after them will ever be so big. Respect man.

  • Superb pics, hug between god of bollywood and one of the biggest superstar of all time, nothing could be better than this. @nipun whether those 5 movies were remakes or offered nothing new to bollywood, but still you can’t deny what response they received, audience verdict is final whether you agree or not. So be calm enjoy hr stardom and let enjoy to salman to his stardom. @all haters you are not in a position to deny salman dominance at present time, 5 blockbuster in a row, 3 consecutive highest grosser from last 3 years and without releasing any movie this year no one can challenge his top spot at boxoffice. One there was big b whose dominance in bollywood can only be challenge by fools and salman current dominance is also can neglect by poor morons, it doesn’t matter what were the collection of his films before wanted, because if someone rules it always mention in history, biggest example is first superstar kaka who dominate bollywood 4 years 1969-1972 but still remembered

  • @indicine ….. sorry if i was harsh….accepted…..but that means he dominated from 2010-2012 only and that too only BO wise…..coz every one knows which Khan dominated for max period.

  • @Indicine team. Amitabh dominated the industry like no other. At that time films ran with wom. But now it’s different scenario, there is shortcut to make blockbuster movie specially it’s easy for khan trio or Hrithik. What Salman did is, Release low budget masala movie on multiple holiday like eid then cash it on, therefore, 150 crs is on card. To attain blockbuster status, release movie with low budget ( bcus Salman movie dont do well in overseas) plus if it’s remake then content is safe. In short, khans or Hrithik + masala + holiday + remake or sequel + low budget = blockbuster wow. This is called dominance?. Well even kid knows using this shortcut any top superstar can make a blockbuster. Salman is the one who used this formula and the only one who used this formula in last 5 films so he got 5 blockbusters in a row, is it a big deal? But in Amitabh’s time there isn’t such formula and still he dominated like no one. The real real real baap of all superstar’s in every era, that’s Amitbh bachan.

  • @khan kapor. Dont be stupid, how can u compare Gadar and 3 idiots released in same decade. Maine pyar kiya relased in 1989 and colie in early 80’s then how can u say Maine pyar kiya is the biggest hit. It didnt even crossed sholay lifetime which released 14 years before lol

  • Indicine@
    Right giving 5 back to back blockbuster is not easy to deliver in which he has 2 all-time blockbuster under his belt and some idiots are saying that remaking south cheap movie he is doing agree but just ask ur favourite actor to do remake of south movie and then convert it to blockbuster pura hawa nikal jayega
    And one idiots is saying that indian audience are fools we indians have no class to watch good movie so if you are so talented and why are you wasting your precious time here in india and indicine u must go to somewhere where you will find talented people and by the this years highest grossers movie chennai express is also a masala movie and a remake so think before bark salon kutto

  • well the opening and the last lines of indicine says it all..
    Two of the biggest superstars of their respective eras .. Not many have dominated the industry the way these two have!

  • Dominance in box office

    No camparison with amit ji

    Salman khan

    1989 : maine pyar kiya
    1991 : saajan, sanam bewafa
    1994 : hum apke hai
    1999 : hssh, biwi no.1, hddcs
    2005 : no entry
    2010 : dabangg
    2011 : bodyguard, ready
    2012 : ett,dabangg 2

    Shahrukh khan

    1995 : ddlj, karan arjun
    1998 : kkhh,
    2002 devdas
    2004 : main hoon na, veer zaara
    2007 : chak de india, om shanti om
    2013 : might go to

  • Shahrukh akways works with establish director we can see in his recently movie chennai express
    Salman always works with new directors we can see in his recently movie dabangg 2
    So which actors have more guts

  • I cant imagine why there are three or four same people post hate comments on salman’s article over and over again why?
    anyway it good to see salman with Amitabh Bachchan. with all controversies between salman and bachchan family, he has always respected Amitabh bachchan and he loved salman as his son.

  • biggest actor haha Why dont we acknowledge the fact that none of the two above started the 100 crore or 200 crore ..none of them made it to oscars or Bafta ..none of them have given classics like Rdb, 3i, JJWS, TZP, Lagaan , DCH etc ..its only Aamir Khan who is the true blue megastar of this country like Rajesh Khanna ..Salman is superstar & so is Big & srk but Aamir is a phenomena !

  • @nipun, for the successes of DDLJ and CE, I would give credits to Kajol and Deepika respectively!! Struck your nerve??? It’s normal.

    @iron man, Karan Arjun, Salman is the lead actor and nominated for best actor category. So, how can leave out Karan Arjun from his blockbuster movie list? And in KKHH, though Salman’s role was small, his contribution was immense. Without Salman, it would not easy to imagine how KKHH would be like.

  • @IRON MAN you might be joking…hahaha…don’t post this type of dumb comments
    SRK always worked with new director-
    1)Aditya Chopra(debut film DDLJ)
    2)Karan Johar(debut film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)
    3)Farah Khan(debut film Main Hoon Na)
    4)Nikhil Adwani(debut film Kal Ho Naa Ho)
    5)Shimt Amin (debut film Chak De India)
    these films went on to become blockbusters……so @IRON MAN better don’t embarras yourself

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