Krrish 3 Movie Pictures: Hrithik, Priyanka, Vivek, Kangana

Here are some exclusive movie pictures. You get a glimpse into all the characters in the film, including Vivek Oberoi who plays the negative character of Kaal and Kangana Ranaut who plays a sexy Mutant.

We also get to see Rohit (from Koi Mil Gaya) dancing with Krishna and Priya. Check it out and share this page on Facebook and Twitter!

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Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan - Krrish 3Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan – Krrish 3

Vivek Oberoi - Krrish 3 Vivek Oberoi new look from Krrish 3

Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan - Krrish 3Priyanka Chopra with Hrithik Roshan – Krrish 3

Priyanka Chopra - Krrish 3Priyanka Chopra still from Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan - Krrish 3Hrithik Roshan – Krrish 3

Kangana Ranaut - Krrish 3 Kangana Ranaut hot look from Krrish 3

Kangana Ranaut - Krrish 3 Kangana Ranaut – Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan - Krrish 3Hrithik Roshan – Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan - Krrish 3Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 look

Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra - Krrish 3Hrithik and Priyanka dance to the tunes of Krrish song composed by Rajesh Roshan

Hrithik Roshan - Krrish 3 Krrish 3 Look – The masked superhero

Hrithik Roshan - Krrish 3Hrithik Roshan as Rohit in Krrish 3

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  • Krrish 3 vfx were similar 2 doordarshan classic serial SHAKTIMAN.
    Kids who luvd dat serial r d same1 who r lyking krrish3 trailor

  • Sum guyz r sayin dat rakesh roshan is christopher nolan but it doesnt seem so aftr watching d promo.
    Watch d trailr of dark knight and krrish3 u will get d diffrnce!

  • The trailer is not impressive. Even older PlayStation 2 visuals are better than Krrish 3’s visuals.
    Agree or not, Ra.One had the best visual effects for a Bollywood movie.

    I think movie will not cross 200 cr mark.

    • @Belle, Visual effects make little or no difference to the films box office prospects. Its just an added attraction. If the film is engrossing and entertaining, it’ll work. If not, the best VFX in the world can’t save it.

  • Awesome trailer,looking forward to the film,hope it wil make India proud,its far better than that crap,its VFX is ten times better than SRK crap.hats off to whole Filmkraft team and the VFX team.
    Well done!!!

  • Pictures are looking great. Thanks for posting it Indicine :)

    I would also like to see a trailer review.

  • @Indicine Team – Wow! That was literally the best reply to all the comments who are criticizing its visual effects.

  • Please do not compare this with TDK .. its was just awesome.. I still remember that chase sequence from TDK. aslo have that video on my mobile ever since 2008…but Krish 3 is not bad it has got everything.. looks promising…vfx is also good.. and as its a Rakesh Roshan movie we know the content will b good for sure
    Eagrly waiting for this movie…and I hope i get something from this movie which will be on my mobile.. just like I the one from TDK

  • Wow! Finally I guess we get to see Hrithik dancing in his own style once again after Krish & Dhoom 2. Can’t wait for this movie.

  • @Indicine hmmm…. Agree with u.. After all, its the content that matters.

    Btw my comment about Vivek Oberoi is pending. :p

  • mindblowing trailer visuals characters priyanka hrrithik vivek kangna rock n only time will make krrish the biggest crossover in bollywood got that hater belle

  • Just saw KRRISH3 trailor…firstly i want to ask what does it mean?
    Wheres the hell krrish2????

    BTW iam saying honestly that CONCEPT is good but it is looking like SEQUEL of RAONE totally garbage of VIDEOGAMES—iam waiting for D:3”

  • BEST PROMO I ve ever seen…HRITHIK is superb…only guy qualified to play superhero…3000 crores guaranteed…all records will be breaken

  • I think everyone might agree with me or not but when i watching krish3 trailor i feel a video game is played by someone, sure shoot diastar in india and super hit in oversease,t

  • I wonder how haters are commenting valuelessly. .
    Okay haters,keep hating. .when you will see krissh3 success,your hatred will change into love. .

  • @zahid ali are you mad you are saying k3 will collect 3000cr what a joke I cant stop laughing k3 will struggle to cross even 150cr.

  • Hrithik and PC look awesome. But I am skeptical about Vivek and Kangana. Have faith in the film only for the Roshans!

  • The vfx used in this was also made in the red chillies vfx centre which produced Ra one. While Ra one was stunning in VFX, which had a lot more money and time spent in, the story of ra one lacked. The vfx in this is seemingly a bit less impressive, still though this is good. I hope the story is good so that we can all forget about the minor glitches of the vfx and actually enjoy the movie a bit more! But in the end this will easily score past ra one atleastby 75 or more crores.

  • Every thing in this movie is looking good……..except one guy……who i wish don’t bring his bad luck to the movie…….and the guy is VIVEK OBEROI……..whos is giving flops from ages…….

  • And about suits: if in the Hollywood movies, on suits there are any details, they are acquitted by the appointment. That is, if there are belts, pockets and so on, all this is justified.

    And here? Kangana’s suit reminds Lara Croft’s suit, it is it seems quite good, BUT…. What do belts, what they keep in BIKINI area? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    And Vivek reminds Dart Vader from “Star wars” only without a helmet!

    And Krish? Its raincoat does it short-legged, it is visible not to an aided eye, even on posters. The proportion isn’t observed, and to it teach on the first courses of design! Really in India anybody didn’t study it? ? ? Ritik’s wife is designer! Or she bought the diploma? Really it was impossible to prompt? ? ?

    Really in India, with its rich traditions, the imagination isn’t present? Really couldn’t think up suits? Answer: Where it is thin there and it is torn!
    You will tell, why to us costumiers? This fifth wheel in a cart! And so why!
    It to you not to dress the heroine in a mini skirt, and the hero in a leather jacket. This art!
    In Hollywood a throat gnaw through for the good costumier. And Bollywood if only the heroine dressed so that she a naked bum in a shot danced!

    All this killed me!
    More shortly, me is upset to horror!

  • I the RR knows more about making commercial cinema then most ppl in India love alone in this forum

    He is aware that on vfx alone he can’t beat Hollywood….but then his strength is amazing storytelling.

    Trust him to provide an even sly entertaining product ones again.

    First Day FIrst Show for sure!!!!!!

    P S : romance express dude…. Really!!!! Shoot???????

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