Krrish 3 is not a dark film – Hrithik Roshan

It was recently reported by a news daily, that Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 has a dark side to it, much like the last Spiderman film.

When someone asked Hrithik about it on Twitter, the actor responded by saying “My father inspires through bright colourful happy movies. KRRISH 3 is more of all that. Not dark as wrongly reported. See you at the movies people.”

There you go then, the man himself had squashed yet another baseless rumor.

Directed by Rakesh Roshan, Krrish 3 is scheduled for a Diwali 2013 release.




  • Srk-King of bollywood
    Hrithik-Emperor of bollywood
    both srk n hrithik rockssssssss and their friendship remain forever…….

  • It’s best if you not comment, Ahmed. We all know you don’t like any actor other than Akshay Kumar. We know you won’t watch Krrish 3; it will probably be too complicated for you to understand.

  • hritik is second best after king khan no body can stop hritik when hritik is in full form he is million times better than single theatre lallu

  • i think hritik is one of most loved superstars as every king khan fan love hritik because hritik respects gauri and king khan very much

  • i have read that hritik is out looking priyankachopra because he spread rumours for srk pc affair hritik has already said gauri big sister and mother to him

  • @king khan true every shahrukh sir supporter loves hritik also as he and his father wife children are family friend to shahrukh sir. suzzaine roshan is the designer of shahrukh sir house

  • happy for hritik our greek god best of luck hritik you are way bigger than salman who was not anything before you three years ago

  • Agneepath Gross – 206.5cr Nett 126 cr..KRRISH 3 Gross – 500 cr Nett – 250cr…Verdict – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER !!..HRITHIK- RAKESH is BLOCKBUSTER COMBO

  • @ranjan ,yes even am from south he has best following in andhra and tn,and when he returns to his best genre with krrish it wud be a blast here in south,..

  • Hrithik rules as everybody knows….
    He rocks & i know krrish 3 will create new unexpected records…
    I think it may compete with several big budget movies of hollywood…

  • It’s sureshot Flop or Average.
    Because Indian Markets are so Small.
    Only 15cr out of 120cr people in india watch Bollywood.
    Budget will 150+cr include promotion.

    FLOP(110-120cr) if Negative
    Average(150-165cr) if Positive.

  • Hahaha..indian does not know hrithik roshan..laugh or cry ? What to do ? If u dont lyk hrithik then ok..everyone has a choice of its own but dont talk lyk stupid..

  • @ Ravi- what a worst and rotten mind u have. I know surely u r a lallu khan fan………….otherwise u r blind & deaf. since people like u were telling same before release of Agneepath but after release they all forced to hide their faces. So let us watch and then decide. He is youngest actor in bollywood who crosses 100Cr club. So just shut ur mouth monkey.

  • C’mon Salman fans don’t disrespect Hrithik bcoz Hrithik himself respects Salman ….dint you remember when Salman was ill in hospital then HR visited him in hospital.

  • I have Full Trust on Rakesh Roshan …he has given Huge Blockbusters…this KRRISH3 is also a Sure Shot Blockbuster

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