Highest grossing Akshay Kumar film: Housefull 2

Housefull 2 has gone past all previous Akshay Kumar films in 9 days, to take the top spot ahead of films like Welcome and Singh Is King.

The film is on an absolute dream run at the box-office, with the second weekend likely to be higher than Agneepath. The word-of-mouth is fantastic, and without any major competition in the next two weeks, it could get quite close to the lifetime collections of Agneepath.

Below is a list of Akshay Kumar’s highest grossing films

  • Housefull 2 (2012) – 82 crores in 10 days (approx)
  • Housefull (2010) – 72 crores
  • Welcome (2007) – 70.75 crores
  • Singh Is King (2008) – 68.5 crores
  • Tees Maar Khan – 61 crores


  • wom is much better than agneepath. agneepath had a huge weekend thanks two 4 day holiday weekend, so it had higher 1st week, but it’s second week crashed a little, for 1st week collection of agneepath, it should of had 140 crore lifetime at least. HF 2nd week is bigger, and if doesn’t cross agneepath in india, worldwide it might cross agneepath as overseas is huge.

  • Akshay Uncle has give just 1 Blockbuster in his 20 yrs career ie Welcome….Poor Akki Uncle…he is now aged he should start doing Character roles.,his face is full of Wrinkles..

  • Rockstar:my grand son Waite for 1- jun or for 45 more days. you will find your answer. RR will break your mouth so that you won’t be able to talk negatively about king akshay. you haklu khan’s fan

  • Very happy for akshay the film is so stable..it has become an eg of good trending should steanm past ready very deservingly
    Sajid KHAN slaps his critics hard..
    no film is bigger than word. of mouth.. hence proved

  • @ahsan khan you are idiot if any body criticize akshay kumar you think they are king khan fans many people love akshay but you are not akshay kumar fan you are salman khan fan

  • Dekha housfull2 ka kamal ipl hote huve bhi housefull2 ne first week me 63cr+ or 2nd week better than ready and bodyguard, dekho akki hatters sabki fad di housefull2 ne RAWDY RATHOR abhi baki he, kisi actor ki himat nahi he ipl ke time me film relies karne ki,KING KUMAR IS GREAT.

  • People want to laugh.. right or wrong? but.. can we compare a stupid comedy nonsensical with a great quality film like Agneepath? No ofcourse.. comedy films in West never even have a place in the award functions.. even if a comedy film would do millions of dollars because they’re just for u to laugh.. there4 ppl wd go and watch them again and again..but we can never compare them with good and quality films just because they did v well at the box office.

    Growup ppl and think wisely.. now.. can we compare a film like Lagaan which it did deserve all the awards with a movie like Housefull 2? How much Lagaan did while realing in 2002? maybe less than 100crores for sure..if we’d compare a good or a bad film according to some millions more or less at the box office.. then we deserve to be called: stupid!

  • Hi fathiya, i agree agneepath is quality film but its the remake of amitabh agneepath which was a classic.atleast hf 2 was original script.why do u people feel jealous when akshay movie get huge collections.

  • those say 4 days holyday weekend..my question to them….dont give wrong info agneepath has only one holyday 26 january and one sunday all other are working days..nor it come under festival season

  • who say this is aksahy only film..12 superstar are there in the film..rowdy rathore which promo looks another solo disaster from akki is aksay film

  • only krishh 3 can able to beat 3 idot record.as it realese dewali 2013 it will shater all record by distance

  • pals 2b very frank i Beliv, akshay is dat only super* in north who can recreate d magic,dat our rajni sir prouces here !

  • @ishqujade ! first of all you are a big idiot. i don’t like people who posts negative comments here. specially against king akshay. if they don’t like akshay than they don’t have to reed about him. i know people who are posting negative comments most of them Haklu khan’s fan. If akki looks uncle then Haklu looks his grand father

  • Well said ahsankhan srk lools like grandfather and those who says akshay looks old really needs to check up their eyes.he looks too fit and handsome.

  • Cmon guys…Agneepath and Housefull 2 belong to diff genres..Its about comparing the collections and not the content..for me both the movies stood out and calling housefull 2 crappy and shabby will be childish. The movie served its purpose.
    Secondly calling akki an Uncle hahahha u must be kidding..he is 44 and i bet u at ur age will not be able to do an iota of he does. So respect their hardwork be it Akki or SRK

  • hey suman u idiot. Everbody know tha RR will break all previous record and remembered 2007, now its 2012 that are repeating the history. Akki are back in action.

  • Houseful 2 rocks every where in the world. It wil cross 100 crore mark in India. This’s Akshay kumars biggest hit ever after hera pheri.

  • Houseful 2 has beaten Agneepath in its 2nd weekend. Houseful 2 collects 20 crore while Agneepath collects 15 crore in its 2nd weekend. Houseful 2 collects 82 crore in 10 day in India.

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