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Krrish 3 Poster - Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana

Krrish 3

Rohit posted a detailed review of Krrish 3

First of all, Roshans and team deserve a lot of praise for their hard work and dedication. Hats off to Red Chillies and all the technicians involved in the visual effects of the movie, they have produced better visual effects than their previous project RA.One, which is always a good sign for the development of Bollywood. (Hopefully, it will increase it’s scope in India for them). Some of the visual effects were on par with Hollywood if not better, only few of them were below their standard, which is acceptable considering it’s comparatively lower budget than Hollywood ‘A’ level films.

Hrithik Roshan, as expected, he was awesome as a superhero, father and son. It was also one of Vivek’s best performances, he excelled as a supervillain, and played his role very well, so did Kangna as a mutant. She looked stunning!

Not to mention, it has a very intriguing story as well! RakeshJi proved why he’s still one of the best directors in this industry. He was able to connect the audience with the film emotionally. I was blown away by the suspense behind Kaal, and by the climax showdown as mentioned in the article!

As far as Priyanka’s role is concerned, I think she had fare amount of role considering it was a superhero film. In fact, she was involved in some of the most important scenes of the film.

I also think it’s music is underrated, not up to our expectations, not even as good as previous two films, but I personally liked ‘Raghupati Raghav’ and ‘Dil Tu Hi Bata’. They were well worked as whole, and none of them were fillers. (Although, some people might not like ‘God Allah aur Bhagwan’, and I don’t blame them), only negative point in it’s music. Background score was rock solid, which matters the most in a superhero film.

The only negative point was it’s production design, as you said. But, it can be overlooked, since the major portion of the movie was shot in India, and an Indian superhero saving foreigners in their country wouldn’t have looked cool.

Overall, it’s a complete superhero entertainer, you will feel proud as an Indian after watching it, as the technicians involved in the film are all Indians, and they did a great job! 4 out of 5 is reasonably good. I will give it 4.5, though, as it has exceeded my expectations with it’s amazing visual effects.
If you really want to watch a movie on this festive season, go for it with any age group, its worth watch. Don’t listen to it’s haters, it’s obvious that they haven’t seen this film yet.

Shishir a.k.a Whomping_Willow posted a fairly detailed review of the film

Just came back from watching the movie. And what to say I am floored. This is not a prefect movie but still one of the best entertaining one out there. First lets talk about negative though — in a fight sequence VFX work is bad. First half is bit slow but it can be excused as its more like setting of premise for the big battle ahead. Apart from Dil Tu Hi Bata, both songs felt unnecessary. Now coming to the positive — well first thing first Hrithik. This man is incredible. Whether as Rohit or Krishna or Krissh. He is just fabulous. Then there is Vivek oberoi. Simply wow. That coldness and ruthlessness which he just depicts is mesmerizing. Priyanaka hardly had any role so nothing to say about her much. But Kangana — she is simply fantastic. Only character which is grey and hence leaves the maximum impact. Loved her role. As I said first half is bit slow but the second half is simply out of the world. Almost each scene pack a punch. And yeah last 30 minutes — INSANE. A full on riot for action lover and the best thing is the VFX during that part is incredible.

All thing said and done the best thing about Krrish is definitely the way it manages to mix emotions in super hero story. Wonderfully done. And yeah the viewer don’t feel cheated. Definitely a must watch.

My rating — 3.25 in 5


Hrithik Roshan has been so immensely likeable in his other films, that you can’t quite place what went wrong here. Unbearable (he gives us a nosy voice) as the older scientist and passable as Krrish, one thing’s for sure-Hrithik Roshan can do better. Priyanka Chopra is made to dance, giggle, get pregnant, and shriek for help, all of which she does competently and without ruining the look. Kangna Ranaut is very good. Vivek Oberoi makes for a formidable villain but one that’s a bit too spooky for a family film.


Just came after watching krrish3.. I had huge faith in Rakesh roshan’s story telling ability and he kept my faith alive. Hats off to you Rakesh roshan sir.. Now coming to the movie it is fantastic, brilliant, mind blowing, outstanding.. In many scenes I was left speechless. And I think this is the movie which is going to make India proud. Coming to performances, Hrithik and Vivek were fantastic, Kangna was damn good in fact this is the first time i liked Kangna in any movie, Priyanka was just OK. So guys its a must watch, and one request to all of you that don’t compare it with Hollywood movies and watch it only as a Bollywood film, then you will realise how good this movie is as per indian standards. Coming to box office prospect then anything below 250 crs, I will be sad for it as it deserves more.



  • super………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..duper……………………………………..flop………………………………………flop……………………………………………………………now what to say about the film i was sleeping in the hall……………………………………………neend nahi hati ho to krrish 3 deehko,,,,,,,,,,

  • wow what a film.
    all have given their best performance…especially kangna nd vivek….
    beside that rajpal yadav’s comedy also entertain us….
    rating :4/5

  • Its a very good movie.. It was a visual treat for me! I am waiting to watch the movie again… First half was very catchy and thrilling.. Second half could have been even better.. All in all best movie of this year..

    Coming to performances, hrithik was looking good as krish as always… Kangana was stunning, loved her role. She was at her best.. Priyanka’ s role was to the point. And vivek was looking perfect when he was lying on wheel chair.. I think this was his best performance ever.

    It’s a worth watching movie..! I will rate 4.5 keeping in mind the excellent visual effects done only in india. Else it is 4 star movie.

  • VFx of Krrish 3 put Avatar, Avengers, Spiderman, Harry Potter to shame. Krrish 3 will do atleast 3,500 crores in India and 4,600 crores overseas.

  • if it is not perfect it will not work with us…the thinking and the attitude wali audience.. it is entirely nonclassy to say..i watched krish!!!

  • Krrish 3 is fab to look at and finds it’s heart in the right place. That’s why it’ll work for Indian audience. There has been nothing before in Indian cinema, since Robot, that has been attempted at such a large scale. It’s superb….I am running out of my words…Just watch it, definitely once and you may wanna see it again.

    My Rating: 7.5/10

    Note:The response to the film was mind blowing, here in Kerala…Just FYI…

  • If you can keep your expectations in check, krrish3 is a good one time watch. And keep in mind to not compare it with any of the hollywood superhero flicks. Though it’s true that all of the villains trusted lieutenants have an uncanny resemblance with characters from star trek and X-Men,but the Roshans have done a commendable job in indianising them.

  • jab body gaurd aur chennai express 250+ crore rupees kama sakti hai to k3 must get 300+crores

    for us to save face

  • i am totaly disappointed after watching the film krish3 ,imitation from hollywood and even from raone, adeince should like original films, if imited then the movie should interesting but krish3 is not funful,is is boring.

  • Having survived Rakesh Roshan’s Koi… Mil Gaya and Krrish, I walked into Krrish 3 knowing what to expect – ‘inspiration’ from Hollywood films, inept direction and special effects, laughable dialogue, not-so-great songs and actors who don’t feel embarrassed by their cringe-inducing roles. What I didn’t expect was for Krrish 3 to be so mercilessly, excruciatingly boring.

    The superhero of atrocious superhero filmmaking has struck again, and it’s not a pretty sight. Take the most superficial components of X-Men, Batman, Superman, Spiderman and even Shaktimaan; stuff them together in a litter bag, set that bag on fire and inhale the fumes – that’s pretty much what Krrish 3 feels like. The film is two and a half painful hours of poorly presented, unexciting action scenes, awful computer graphics, unimaginative storytelling and Hollywood theft of the most blatant and shameless variety.

    So divorced from the spirit and energy of superhero films is Krrish 3 that it feels like something cobbled together by a bunch of clueless people who are convinced that Hrithik + Dance + Flying + Kangana cleavage = free money from cinemagoers. Superhero fans and movie geeks, even the teenage ones, deserve a lot better than this. The ‘plot’ picks up a few years after the events of Krrissh 2 (better known as Krrish). Junior and Senior Hrithik are up against a superhuman baddie named Kaal. This time, family gets kidnapped and things get personal, because Kaal is to Krrish what Venom is to Peter Parker. Will Krrish save the damsel in distress from Vivek Oberoi’s clutches? Watch the movie to unravel the mystery! The film is proud to claim five screenplay writers, which suggests that either the writers are Superhero Nom de Plumes of Rakesh Roshan, or they expect their audience hasn’t seen a single Hollywood movie or read a comic book.

    A still from Krrish 3. IBN Live.
    A still from Krrish 3. IBN Live.

    Flip to any random sequence of Krrish 3 and you’ll see a film instructor’s worst nightmare:

    a) Acting that is clumsy at best and unintentionally funny at worst. For some bizarre reason, Hrithik, who is in fact a massive talent, spasms and quivers his face every time he wears his Krrish costume and flies. Does the cold wind of Mumbai’s stratosphere make him shudder?

    b) Costumes and sets that look like they were recycled from Alif Laila. A lot of buildings collapse and crumble like the 1950s’ Japanese Godzilla movies.

    c) Songs written and choreographed to give the impression of a mammoth collision of various terrible components from 90s’ Bollywood.

  • d) Action choreography and editing that makes Ajooba look modern and stylish. Shyam Benegal has directed better action scenes than those found in Krrish 3.

    e) More product placements than you can count. A big experiment that Krrish’s Scientist Papa does with lights has a prism branded ‘Flair Pens’. In another scene, Hrithik and Priyanka literally walk into a frame from either side and the camera focuses on two prominent brand hoardings instead of their faces.

    Astoundingly, Krrish 3 is able to showcase CGI that seems to have been created using MS Paint. Seriously, the special effects in this movie make Ra.One and Aditya 369 look like the works of Stanley Kubrick and Ingmar Bergman.

    One wonders if Rakesh Roshan has seen Rajinikanth’s Enthiran, because a film that arrives three years after Enthiran should be more action packed and imaginative. But the soulless action set pieces in Krrish 3 just sit there, lazily trying to dazzle you with shrieking stupidity. Oberoi, who is initially a combo of Professor X and Magneto, later wears a metallic costume that looks like it was bought from a clearance sale at a Halloween store. Think Shaquille O’ Neal from Steel, but infinitely more ridiculous – that is what Oberoi’s ‘scary villain’ looks like in Krrish 3. The poor guy looks even more amusingly ludicrous during the flying and landing scenes because the CGI is almost worse than the croma from Superman of Malegaon.

    Kangana Ranaut, who is smart and candid in person, is given perhaps the most embarrassing role of her career. She’s made to wear latex S&M costumes and deliver her lines in elliptic staccato. From Ranaut’s blank (but beautiful) face to the perpetually-confused one of Exotic Chopra and including all the scene-chewing cameos from Arif Zakaria, Rajpal Yadav, Mohnish Behl and Rakhee Tandon (Sweety from Hum Paanch), this is a movie that has desi versions of pretty much every character from every American superhero series. And just as Mystique morphs so smoothly into different personals, your bewilderment morphs into contempt as you watch Krrish 3, because really, the film is just a filmmaker calling you a moron for two and a half hours

  • GOOD – Hrithik Roshan’s sincere effort towards being Rohit/Krishna/Krrish; the use of VFX (some of the scenes deserve a word of praise); the climax sequence.
    BAD – Dull screenplay (boring to an extent); average plot; cheap music; un-bardaashtable songs; yawn-prone dialogues; the total mishmash of superhero meets masala entertainment.
    Krrish 3 has huge expectations from the sci-fi lovers comparing it to films like “Man Of Steel” etc. but unfortunately like every time it falls flat. After being into theater for more than 2.5 hours, you feel like you’ve watched an upgraded version of “Shaktimaan”, our original superhero (even it was better

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