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Krrish 3

Rohit posted a detailed review of Krrish 3

First of all, Roshans and team deserve a lot of praise for their hard work and dedication. Hats off to Red Chillies and all the technicians involved in the visual effects of the movie, they have produced better visual effects than their previous project RA.One, which is always a good sign for the development of Bollywood. (Hopefully, it will increase it’s scope in India for them). Some of the visual effects were on par with Hollywood if not better, only few of them were below their standard, which is acceptable considering it’s comparatively lower budget than Hollywood ‘A’ level films.

Hrithik Roshan, as expected, he was awesome as a superhero, father and son. It was also one of Vivek’s best performances, he excelled as a supervillain, and played his role very well, so did Kangna as a mutant. She looked stunning!

Not to mention, it has a very intriguing story as well! RakeshJi proved why he’s still one of the best directors in this industry. He was able to connect the audience with the film emotionally. I was blown away by the suspense behind Kaal, and by the climax showdown as mentioned in the article!

As far as Priyanka’s role is concerned, I think she had fare amount of role considering it was a superhero film. In fact, she was involved in some of the most important scenes of the film.

I also think it’s music is underrated, not up to our expectations, not even as good as previous two films, but I personally liked ‘Raghupati Raghav’ and ‘Dil Tu Hi Bata’. They were well worked as whole, and none of them were fillers. (Although, some people might not like ‘God Allah aur Bhagwan’, and I don’t blame them), only negative point in it’s music. Background score was rock solid, which matters the most in a superhero film.

The only negative point was it’s production design, as you said. But, it can be overlooked, since the major portion of the movie was shot in India, and an Indian superhero saving foreigners in their country wouldn’t have looked cool.

Overall, it’s a complete superhero entertainer, you will feel proud as an Indian after watching it, as the technicians involved in the film are all Indians, and they did a great job! 4 out of 5 is reasonably good. I will give it 4.5, though, as it has exceeded my expectations with it’s amazing visual effects.
If you really want to watch a movie on this festive season, go for it with any age group, its worth watch. Don’t listen to it’s haters, it’s obvious that they haven’t seen this film yet.

Shishir a.k.a Whomping_Willow posted a fairly detailed review of the film

Just came back from watching the movie. And what to say I am floored. This is not a prefect movie but still one of the best entertaining one out there. First lets talk about negative though — in a fight sequence VFX work is bad. First half is bit slow but it can be excused as its more like setting of premise for the big battle ahead. Apart from Dil Tu Hi Bata, both songs felt unnecessary. Now coming to the positive — well first thing first Hrithik. This man is incredible. Whether as Rohit or Krishna or Krissh. He is just fabulous. Then there is Vivek oberoi. Simply wow. That coldness and ruthlessness which he just depicts is mesmerizing. Priyanaka hardly had any role so nothing to say about her much. But Kangana — she is simply fantastic. Only character which is grey and hence leaves the maximum impact. Loved her role. As I said first half is bit slow but the second half is simply out of the world. Almost each scene pack a punch. And yeah last 30 minutes — INSANE. A full on riot for action lover and the best thing is the VFX during that part is incredible.

All thing said and done the best thing about Krrish is definitely the way it manages to mix emotions in super hero story. Wonderfully done. And yeah the viewer don’t feel cheated. Definitely a must watch.

My rating — 3.25 in 5


Hrithik Roshan has been so immensely likeable in his other films, that you can’t quite place what went wrong here. Unbearable (he gives us a nosy voice) as the older scientist and passable as Krrish, one thing’s for sure-Hrithik Roshan can do better. Priyanka Chopra is made to dance, giggle, get pregnant, and shriek for help, all of which she does competently and without ruining the look. Kangna Ranaut is very good. Vivek Oberoi makes for a formidable villain but one that’s a bit too spooky for a family film.


Just came after watching krrish3.. I had huge faith in Rakesh roshan’s story telling ability and he kept my faith alive. Hats off to you Rakesh roshan sir.. Now coming to the movie it is fantastic, brilliant, mind blowing, outstanding.. In many scenes I was left speechless. And I think this is the movie which is going to make India proud. Coming to performances, Hrithik and Vivek were fantastic, Kangna was damn good in fact this is the first time i liked Kangna in any movie, Priyanka was just OK. So guys its a must watch, and one request to all of you that don’t compare it with Hollywood movies and watch it only as a Bollywood film, then you will realise how good this movie is as per indian standards. Coming to box office prospect then anything below 250 crs, I will be sad for it as it deserves more.



  • Krrish 3 VFX are better than Avatar and The Avengers.It deserves Oscar award.
    Vivek Oberoi as Kaal is a much better villain than Joker in Dark Knight. He should also win this years Oscar.

  • i would definitely go with 4 is a must watch..Rakesh roshan has used technology really well..everyone deserves kudos..amongst the best to come out this year

  • @S_kewL: keep it in your dream, everything will be clear in next four days, 50% will be clear tomorrow.

  • Sorry Hrithik hater….

    you all doing very hard work to spread negativity about our superhero film Krrish3 but failed. I feel yours mental drastation, Sorry friend, this time you failed. Best of luck for all of you in HR next film BANG BANG.

    K3 is in way to be a blockbuster. Public thumbs up for this film.

  • why r we talking abt ratings n all …it is much better movie than shit u ppl hv been watching for last few year now such a hyppocraccy ….i know standard of indian audience… is is honest try so go n watch

  • Watched movie honestly bollywood it’s not ready to produce a superhero film!good performance from hrithik and kangna

  • aftr watching the movie “krrish 3″
    it made me really proud
    bcoz i nvr thot dt bollywood cn do dis !!!!! wid a budget dt is ” nly 1 % of a hollywood sci – fi movie ”
    guyss for me it ws worth watching
    moving got evrything :
    Emotions (espclly the indian emotions)
    dance sequences
    jaw dropping visual effcts
    super duper action
    good family values
    Hindu theology’s pivotal notions on death and rebirth
    n wt nt..
    Bss in one sentence
    “now bollywood got smthing to teach hollywood a lesson” B-)

  • Boxo fficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 is finding it tough to stand up against the Pre-Diwali phase. The film started on strongly enough in the morning and the opening was fantastic at most places but not across the board.

    Then from noon the film slowed from its fast start especially at the multiplexes. This is normal occurrence on a non holiday for films which have wide release and open strongly as when the pace is strong in the morning it is not sustained throughout the day while on holidays the pace is sustained through the day.

    Krrish 3 has another force against it which is the Pre-Diwali period and that too a release so close to Diwali when a big chunk of the audience stays away from theatres.

    A pre-Diwali period release does not hurt much when you are looking for mid-range numbers but big numbers are very tough as there is a limited audience out there. Krrish 3 (Hindi) may struggle to get the highest non holiday opening day (19.50 crore nett approx) which was a realistic possibility before release. If it does get there with a bit of help from evening shows it will be by a very small margin. There is a dubbed Tamil and Telugu version of the film which is showing on around 350 screens adding to the 3700 screens in Hindi.

  • Thank you for posting my comment :) I do feel your rating of 4 stars was most suitable. I just felt Priyanka didn’t need to have a bigger role, the characters of Hrithik, Vivek, and Kangna had to have more impact than her, so it shouldn’t come into play on it’s negatives. Songs were neither very good and catchy nor very bad, they were average in my opinion. It was almost impossible to put songs like ‘Lungi Dance’ or ‘Badtameez Dil’. They couldn’t even compose similar songs from Krrish, as Krishna had fallen in love in Krrish, unlike this time around (as explained by Hrithik himself).
    It surely wasn’t perfect, but it is closest to perfect for an Indian superhero film.

  • I watched it @Dubai yesterday it is just a one time watch for Hrithik roshan and Kangna ranaut so all the best to team Krishh3

  • wt ever it earns till Sunday doesn’t matter game will start from Monday go out n breadth fresh air so that u guys can think Wom is good so don’t worry for this movie it’s target is first week collection n lifetime collection nt first 3 days

  • Very good movie.good story as it is superhero film.very good direction no one can direct as him.good special effects.very much better than

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