KRK asks Ajay Devgn to fight like a man, denies receiving money from Karan

Ajay Devgn and Karan Johar are two of the most respected personalities in the film industry. But when an actor of the stature of Ajay involves a man who thrives on publicity, the tables are bound to be turned. That’s exactly what happened at the press conference that Kamaal R Khan organised today.

The ‘Deshdrohi’ actor has asked Ajay Devgn to “fight like a man” if he believes he has made a good film.

Ajay Devgnji ko lagta hai ki unhone achi film banayi hai toh mardon ki tarah Karan Johar se ladein naa ki mujh jaise film-critic ko beech mein laaye. (If Ajay Devgn believes that he has made a good film, he should fight like a man with Karan Johar and not involve a film critic like me in the fight)”

KRK added that his friend Kumar Mangat (producer – distributor) stopped receiving his calls after releasing the conversation to the media.

Jab mujhe ye pata chala ki ye baat media mein aa rahi hai, maine Kumar Mangatji ko 10-15 baar phone kiya, unse baat karne ki koshish ki, unhone mera phone nahi utaya, shayad unko shamindagi ho rahi hogi, ke unhone aisa kiya, kyonki dosti mein unhe aisa karna nahi chahiye tha (When I got to know that my personal conversation has reached the media, I called Kumar Mangat 10-15 times, I tried to talk to him, but he did not pick my call.. he could be feeling ashamed of himself, because he shouldn’t have done what he did when we are friends)”

The former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant went on to add that Mangat cannot be trusted anymore because he could record a friendly personal conversation and release it to the media.

Mujhe lagta hai ab unke dost bhi unse baat nahi karenge, kyonki kya pata woh kab kiski baat karle, aur kya personal baat record karke media mein dedhe (I think now even his friends won’t talk to him, who knows when he might record a conversation and give it to the media)”

KRK also slammed Ajay for involving him and said the actor had tried every trick in the book in 2012 too when his film ‘Son Of Sardaar’ clashed with ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.

Unhone jo Yash Raj ki film, jo unka ek hi baat thakar hua hai.. Son Of Sardar aur Yash Raj ki film ka (Jab Tak Hai Jaan), aur uss waqt unhone saare paintre bazi ki thi.. saare court kacheri chaan maare the.. wo jho unhone uss waqt kiya tha, woh charahe hain ki iss baar bhi wahi kare.. woh mere kande pe bandook rakhe, woh court jaana chahte hain.. taaki woh Karan Johar ko saabit kar sake ki inhone competition mein aisi galat cheese ki hai.. ho fair nahi thi (He had only one clash so far, when his film Son Of Sardaar released with Yash Raj film. He tried every trick during that time too, he went to the court.. this time he wants to keep a gun over my shoulder and shoot, just to prove that Karan Johar has played these dirty tricks and that he hasn’t been fair when it comes to competition”

Khan also denied receiving any amount of money from Karan Johar.

The industry though is questioning the timing of the leaked conversation. Why did Kumar Mangat record and release the conversation? What was his intention? How did Ajay get hold of the audio clipping and even if he did, should he have tweeted about it or released it through his official Youtube channel? Given the respect both Ajay and Karan command within the industry, was it really necessary to make the fight public – when they could as well talk in private and sort the issue out?



  • Does anyone feel like Ajay is becoming a cry baby? I do, guyz take the fight to the BOXOFFICE! The real arena. I wonder if bollywood was like hollywod where foreigners can be part off then the hate and jealousy would hv been in another level. You guyz are from the same country and keep hating like this? Wow!

  • Nobody will see how much this CrapJo is using his influence to sabotage an ambitious out of the box films like Shivaay with typical extramarital crap…..

  • He(Ajay Devgn) is the real man with ball of steels that’s why KRK and Karan Johar are exposed.
    KRK himself confess that he praises and publicizes the film for money which he being paid by the producers. So its crystal clear that KJo paid KRK to do negativity of Shivaay.
    We have some stupid fans here who claim that KJo and KRK are being brought in this mess by fearless Ajay Devgn. GROW UP NERDS. Can’t you people ever give support to the truth? Stupid Idiots!!!!

  • The industry though is questioning the timing of the leaked conversation. Why did Kumar Mangat record and release the conversation? What was his intention? How did Ajay get hold of the audio clipping and even if he did, should he have tweeted about it or released it through his official Youtube channel?

    As u all saw in the Audio that KRK was jokingly hinting on 25k. He wasn’t paid by Karan.
    Ajay devgaan played a dirty game by accusing Karan Johar and he actually told Kumar mangat to tape that Audio.
    Shame on such a hypocritical flop devgaan

  • As far as Shivaay VS ADHM is concerned, Shivaay was my personal choice until I heard that SRK will be doing a cameo in ADHM.
    So now, I will watch both Shivaay as well as ADHM (which was not in my watch list earlier but now I will catch it up to get that short glimpse of SRK).
    Personally, a movie like Shivaay deserves showcasing on a large scale, considering the money and efforts put by AD in it.
    We can have a number of ADHMs but brave attempts like Shivaay/Mohenja-Daro are seen rarely and hence whenever they are made, they should be backed by one and all.

    P.S. : Personal opinion, no offense to those who are fond of Rom-Coms. Choices differ, more so when we are living in a democratic country which grants equal rights to all it’s citizens.

  • Indicine sir u haven’t not posted the main
    Video. Plz publish all those clips in which reality has been spoken !!!!!

  • No these issues should be in public as bollywood is running because of the public of this country. These days some so called film critics take money and praise or bash the movie and the multiplex audience trusts these critics and reviews before spending a bomb on tickets. These audience should know who is trustworthy who is fake !! Kudos to Ajay who brought this issue out !!

  • Supporting ajay and shivaay but this is getting idiotic day by day. I hate this worthless piece of shi. krk getting free attention. Ajay you are better than all this. Ignore this krk now. Shivaay looks better movie and it will win the clash.

  • Ajay Devgn did correct thing by posting the audio tape. The reality should be come in front. Now, as the reality come in front of everyone, every industry person will bash ajay just to hide the shameful things which happens in the industry. And Indicine is no different, that’s why they say it’s wrong to publish this, wheather the reality is opposite. Well done Ajay.

  • What a shame krk & karan. Both are looser. Dont worry shivaay will destroy adhm.
    we salman fan always with ajay.

  • @javed look like u lost your mind…..
    I know that it’s hard to accept that ajay devgn beat poor king srk on diwali 2012..
    But it’s fact… And now ur star is going to its worst phase … I don’t think he will recover as early as possible… But don’t waste ur time here spreading negativity here bcoz ur king need support here …
    He is no more king now poor ur star just star not even superstar …

  • Do ppl really pay attention to what KRK says/tweets? KRK was also spreading negativity about Neerja before it’s release. Did that stop the movie from becoming a hit?

    Ajay Devgn should have handled this issue personally rather than taking such a hasty decision. He should currently focus more on improving the marketing strategy of his film(Kjo is always brilliant at that part) to keep up his upper-hand in the clash rather than paying attention to this so-called critic.

  • krk is a chutiya! !!!!! some srk fans are supporting him!!!! srk ko to krk n desh chorhne k liye kaha tha or kucch fan use hi support kr rhe!!!! krk is getting fame and publicity by all these acts!!!!
    But as an akkian my first choice will be shivay coz it’s lukin like something different product!!!!

  • Also my question to the deshdrohi actor: If you hadn’t taken money from anyone(be it Karan/Ajay), was that your ghost speaking on phone?

  • Because of such cheap tactics of Karan Johar, one thing he has done unknowingly that is actually in favour of Shivaay, that is Shivaay has already rocked the digital world and Karan Johar is making Shivaay much bigger everyday by making Shivaay to reach the maximum number of general and neutral audience through newspaper,TV,etc. It is the fact that they will surely like Shivaay.
    With the ego of Karan Johar, he himself will make Shivaay much bigger and make Shivaay the huge money spinner at the box office. Shivaay has now become ultra popular film right now because of cheap tactics of Karan Johar.
    Now desperatley waiting for Shivaay songs!!!!

  • An appeal to SRK fans :

    Don’t give it (the clash) a shape of SRK vs AD when SRK is nowhere linked with Shivaay or ADHM (barring his short cameo).
    There should be some difference between us and that particular fans base which supports any xyz who stands against SRK.
    If few of you are still carrying the grudge of JTHJ vs SOS, just chuck it as four years have been passed since that incident and lot of equations have been changed in these four years.

    Again, it’s just an appeal so you may pay heed to it or just discard. After all, you all are entitled to follow your own path. Thanks.

  • Ajay is not like The Great Hrithik Roshan who will not take any action against Hindi Cinema supports and paid media.

    Ajay will do all to save his film Shivaay against All Hindi Cinema support, paid media that spread negativity. Even Ajay will bring all of them into court for spreading negativities and losing money due to paid media and Hindi Cinema supports.

    Thanks to paid media, all negativities turned into positivies despite the film has hardly anything positive.

    Akshay Kumar was lucky that he does nasty things to Hrithik. Ajay would destroy Akshay Kumar for playing nasty games just for own profits if Ajay would their instead of Hrithik Roshan.

    Hrithik Roshan was, is, will be ahead of Akshay even if his earn ZERO at the Box Office. Akshay can only be ahead of Hrithik in playing nasty games for own profits even with claimed friend Hrithik Roshan.

  • even fans like us dont take krk seriously..and this so called big star devgun has taken him so seriously that he questioned man like kjo who has whole of industry as friend..he is really insecure from ADHM..i just wish now this flop director and actor gives another rascals part two or himmatwala part 2 or action jacaon part 2..endless list

  • “””…The former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant went on to add that Mangat cannot be trusted anymore because he could record a friendly personal conversation and release it to the media….”””

    It means KRK didn’t know if Kumar Mangat would record the conversation. Hence to say what KRK said might be true.

    Had he known that the Conversation would be recorded, he would not have been open and Frank like he was on the call and could lie that he didn’t take any money like the way he is denying now.

  • devgun shiuld learn from akki and hrithik..they were much bigger stars than devgun and ranbir still managed to avoid ugly spat specially akshay since hrithik still yave couple of controversial statements like Rustom needs support but akshay being akshay does his work quietly and keeps negativity far away or else how can u sleep at 9 pm until and unless u are at peace with urself…

  • Now Ajay’s treacherous ways are exposed ! He defamed Yash-ji to save SOS but this time it’s not gonna work. Good luck Karan, prove that you’re innocent !
    #BoycottShivaay #ThisDiwaliOnlyADHM

  • This is the true face of business in Bollywood which we Aam Janta are not fully aware of.
    They want to sale their product by bringing down others product during clashes.Too much of negativity by media can spoil a movie during clash just the way MjD was spoiled.
    Agreed that MjD was not a great movie but it was not that bad(struggle for 60Cr).
    If we go by the statements of KRK then it is clear it is his voice and he wanted to support Kjo.Whether he has taken money or not is none of the business of anybody because KRK is not a government servant.
    It just means that he doing PR for Kjo and not a critic.
    Shivaay is a fantastic movie,25 lakhs or so cannot bring this movie down.
    MjD was rejected after trailer.
    But response to Shivaay trailer is terrific even when it is approximately 4 minute trailer.
    AjayDevgn needs to relax and not care about Adhm.

  • Many are saying why Ajay is giving so much importance to this 2Rs critic.

    Guys, it is not that ajay is giving importance to him but that he wants to find out if KJo was indeed involved in the scam by creating public pressure.

    And he revealed it on twitter because he might have seen a bigger threat for Shivaay on its way from the team of the ADHM.

    So, he has destroyed or prevented it by revealing by this cheap tactic of Karan on twitter.

  • /*
    The ‘Deshdrohi’ actor has asked Ajay Devgn to “fight like a man” if he believes he has made a good film.

    You could have used a better prefix for him though :P

  • This is the reason this Kalwa Devgan cant ever give more than 10-11 crore opening except Singham Returns
    True superstars like 3 khans and Akki never give damn to KRK, Kalwa needs to even take KRK name for publicity, Like someone had said yesterday
    Aukat aukat ki baat hot hai

  • @INDICINE, by the way, you are asking tons of questions why Ajay Devgn had to record it and post in on twitter or YouTube.

    But have you ever bothered to wonder if KJo has actually paid KRK.
    Have you ever questioned KJo if he has actually paid KRK despite that there is an already audio proving that?

    Rather, you are asking tons of questions to the person who want justice, not to the person who might be involved in the scam!

    What a way of dealing things! Amazed!

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