KKR IPL Disaster: Shahrukh moves on!

The Kolkata Knight Riders have by far been the weakest team in the highly competitive second season of the IPL. Before leaving South Africa to cast his vote at the General Elections, Shahrukh Khan had informed his team, that he would be back only if the team starts winning again.

And that, hasn’t happened so far. Couple of nights ago, KKR slumped to yet another defeat against Sachin Tendulkar’s Mumbai Indians.

1 win in 10 matches, that too with the help of Duckworth and Lewis, isn’t great reading for the most hyped team in the IPL.

So those wondering what SRK is upto currently, the good news is, the star has already moved on. The shooting for the much hyped My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar has resumed in Mumbai and the film might just make it to theatres by the end of the year!



  • hi

    Ye jo bhi aapne publish kiya hai is se hame koi farq nahin padta. It’s ok Shahrukh.Never mind. Do well in your coming days. I wish u all the best for your next project.


  • SRK!!! Iam really upset that srks team have been loosing all their matches except 1. I do cry when SRK cries because i cannot see him upset. KKR do better in the next match..plz to make srk glad!!! love ya loadz sharukh!!!

  • I think Shahrukh doesn’t have to worry. Though KKR’s performance at IPL was a disaster, KKR has been announced as the BRAND No. 1, which means they are the financially most successful team. I’m happy Shahrukh could at least bring his team as Brand No.1.

  • KKR batsman,bowler, &fielders should take aggresive approch in next IPL so that THEY CAN MAKE THEIR MARK. SRk & team managment should make sourav gangully as a captain of the KKR again.

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