GUZAARISH – Hrithik’s next!

The title of Hrithik Roshan’s next film has been finally finalized, according to trustworthy sources! After Dhoom 2 and Jodhaa Akbar, Hrithik’s co-star in the film will once again be Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film titled Guzaarish will go on floors early 2010 and will release late next year.

There were rumours of the film being a remake of THE PRESTIGE “There is an angle of mercy killing in the story which will be quite controversial. There were similarities between Guzaarish and The Prestige, but (Sanjay Leela) Bhansali has changed the script to make it more Indian.”

The film will be very crucial for SLB, his last Saawariya was a box-office dud. His very reputation of being one of the finest directors in Hindi Cinema, is at stake. Can he re-create his magic?

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  • If Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Saawariya was a hollywood movie, with a little change in some scenes where Ranbir was acting a bit funny or crazy.. this movie would’ve been a blockbuster, unfortunately it failed in India!

    Saawariya was a great job, everyone don’t understand the meaning of “art”.. this movie meant to be for some artists only.. it’s their kind of movie but not everyone’s!

    I still consider Saawariya best of SLB’s sofar, and wish that Guzzarish will be a great movie.

  • I adored Saawariya despite it “not doing well at the box office”, and based on how much I loved that film I will definately be making a point of watching any forthcoming SLB films.

  • I have actually loved all SLBs movies esp the music. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the blue dreary dark sets of Sawariya. I loved the music though.
    Looking forward to seeing end product of Ghuzarish…

  • Hrithik & Ash are going to make a hattrick…they’re gorgeous as well as a tough pair in Bollywood….

  • Fathiya ur rite. Saawariya is really really nice movie.
    Saawariay is my one of the favourite movie.
    By the way
    Guzaarish is a really nice title.
    SLB is really a good director and this time he will show his magic.
    The moive wil be the biggest blockbuster.

  • Sunny: Do u know how much I was shocked when the movie failed at the box office?!!!!!

    This movie is a high class, only for specific no. of people to watch and admire.. SLB should’ve thought about that and considered the audience as “dumb”!! and that this kind of direction, this piece of art was suppose to be shown only for high class people who do appreciate a good job.. what to say.. if most of the audience love some hunko panko.. silly comedy movies.. if they even didn’t appreciate Slumdog Millionaire as it was an average movie in India! so the directors should not pay some great efforts and do such a work

    Let them give the audience what he wants. Tushar Kapoor, Akshay, Paresh Rawal’s comedy and others to entrtain them and make them laugh for these crap e.g. Golmaal & Welcome!!!

    Can u just imagine: Golmaal & Welcome.. these 2 kachra movies were superhits!!

  • As SBL is my favourite Director in Bollywood industry. All the films, which were directed by SBL are still my favourite movies, specialy unforgetable ever movie “Devdas”. The next film by SBL is titled as Guzarish…. So, hopefully it will also be a very good movie.

  • @Faathiya: I object u, I don’t think Saawariya is the best movie of SLB till da date…I would say it’s HDDCK, dat’s vey well made..E.g, Aish was madly in luv wid Salman but later she falls for Ajay..n return back to Ajay,C da transition…dat’s explained very well in da movie..n it’s just an example..da entire movie is well directed, every character is properly justified,every body has his own space, value in da mpvie.Movie has a a good pace 2..I appreciate his work in Devdas too….

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