Kites Movie Reviews – First Few Reviews

The first few reviews of Kites are out and most of them are extremely positive. Keep watching this page (bookmark it), we’ll be adding all the Kites reviews here, as many as we manage to find. 7 Reviews so far.. 

Arjun Sablok (Director)

  • Saw Kites. A beautiful film that makes you believe in love all over again!

Uday Chopra (Actor)

  • Kites is just simply awesome… Hrithik and Barabara Mori are fantastic… it’s one of those films that holds you and just doesn’t let you go

Jack Riko (New York Critic)

  • So I saw ‘Kites’ with Barbara Mori. It’s a Bollywood film where they speak Spanish, Hindi & English. Cheezy, but very romantic! Comes out May.
  • 1 to 5? A solid 3. Entertaining and romantic.
  • That guy (Hrithik Roshan) is like the prettiest man I’ve seen! He’s really talented. He can do drama, dance & he’s charming. He should do Holly.
  • Kites has action towards the midpoint to end. Car crashes, gun battles, motorcycle chases. It’s fun.

Dabboo Ratnani

  • Just saw Kites & absolutely loved it! @iHrithik is BRILLIANT in the film! Superb performance & looks Superrrrb!! Duggu, thanks for having us

Manisha Ratnani

  • Duggu, We Loved ‘U’ in the movie…You r a phenomenon! The movie is shot so beautifully! This ‘kite’ is gonna soar really high :)

Shekhar Kapur

  • Hrithik and Barbara Mori absolutely sizzle in Kites. Their on screen chemistry is ‘wow”, saw it last night.

Rohini Iyer

  • Saw Kites. Its the best film i have seen in a long time. it makes you want to truly madly deeply fall in love.. with love and the movies. Hrithik Roshan is outstanding!!


  • @indicine…i dont know whether Kites is a good movie or not …but i know one thing…you have done a great job…
    keep it up..

  • no body wd openly criticize an upcoming movie , the remarks by jack ricko shows its a typical masala movie , if it has all the ingedients in right quantity at right place it will work but not like 3 idiots or maybe not even like ghazini .

    great job to get the remarks from so many ppl

  • plz stop these useless reviews these are not review can we forget what happen with MNIK the biggest releasr of decade .

    we all know its impossible to say anything negative by film fraterinity .

    the only review is 3 but it will suffer and one hrithik fan is great no advance booking still he says that advance booking is better than 3idiots great going.


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