Kill Dil Box Office Opening

Kill DillRanveer Singh’s latest release ‘Kill Dil’ has taken a decent start at the box office on Friday. As expected, the opening is about 50-55% lower than Ranveer’s last release ‘Gunday’, which was also produced and distributed by Yash Raj Films.

The buzz that ‘Gunday’ carried after the release of its theatrical trailer was completely missing with ‘Kill Dil’. The morning shows at multiplexes were in the 30-35% range, the response single-screens was about the same.

Kill Dil will also be competing with a couple of Hollywood films and also a few regional releases. The film would have to collect upwards of Rs 65 crore just to break even, as Yash Raj Films has revealed that the cost of production and marketing is around Rs 40 crore.

The Ranveer, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar and Govinda starrer will rely on word-of-mouth publicity to carry it through to safety. But the initial reports from the morning shows isn’t very positive.



  • wat d hell indicine?I didnt made d cmnt.hw cn ip address match?I dudnt write that 15cr thing.c’monhw is it possible.and look at d is ARJUNKAPOOR while my name is
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  • @indicine they r talking about this cmnt – kill dil will gt 15cr opening bcz of arjuns star power

    plz check d ip address of this cmnt

  • @babaji dude yeah .. Holiday was a ‘Hit’ .. but Ek Villain & 2 States were ‘Super Hits’ .. & what about the innumerable flos that Akki delivers ? Haseee Toh Phasee was a low budget rom-com targeted only for the multiplex audiences & it succeeded.
    Lifetime of 35 cr. + .. Verdict Above Average/Semi-Hit.
    Ek Villain had a completely different genre .. & its opening challenged then years biggest opener Jai Ho, more than that of your Akki.
    & talking about Ritesh, the movies you have mentioned – HF2, Grand Masti etc. have been multi-starrers, where he has played more or less just a side-kick.
    so he’s just a part of successful movies, not the reason for them, if I buy your logic, then Housefull, HF2, Heyy Babbyy were Hits because of Ritesh Deshmukh & not Akshay Kumar, Agreed ? ?
    I don’t hate Akshay Kumar at all, infact Arjun Kapoor is an actor I dislike the most amongst the young crop, but Come On ! his movie was a success, then why talk Shit about it ? & you are a pure SRK hater in the disguise of an Akki-Hro fan mask.
    thik hai, Charlie didn’t arrive with his storm, still 200 cr. ka business kari HNY, soch lo .. storm ke saath arrive hota toh kya kya hota ?

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    • @Arjun Kapoor, you are defaming yourself. Not just yourself, but also the actor Arjun Kapoor. Why not use your real name ‘Sambuddha Mukherjee’ instead?

      All those comments we posted in the screenshot were yours. One that wasn’t yours was “Submitted on 2014/11/14 at 5:41 pm.. Wow 15cr for sure.. This open decent only because Ranveer is the friend of Arjun Kapoor otherwise its open poor.. That is the star power of Arjun Kapoor”

  • @Zeeshan:If I were a SRK hater i would have blindly hated HNY..I gave it 3.25/5,highest amongst the readers whom reviews were published..
    Go and check my comments on HNY 1st day collection page..
    People like anand,navin,shantaram,tiger,legend khan are srk haters..

  • and it is that 15cr cmnt that is getting me bashed.I was toking about this cmnt plz tell it everyone in a new article that the 15cr cmbt wasnt by me.thank u for clarifying.plz tell it to everyone.


    I am not talking about first day collection ia m talking about lifetime collection of hny and bang bang

    bANG bang release with haider still mange to do 180 crore

    while HNY Alone release on Diwali with Powerpacked star cast still just 20 crore ahead from bang bang ..

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  • @Indicine, Ek Myanmar main kahawat hai;
    “Ek pagal khush rahega toh sari duniya khush rahegi”
    just like @arjun kapoor.
    I humble request to you indicine, please make an article for @arjun kapoor. Please indicine don’t blame kid arjun coz Ek galti ke liye itna badah sazah maat do. Thanks

  • indicine has suddenly found faults in some movies??

    indicine is not liking some films too??

    when i bashed hny indicine asked me whether i like any movie or not ???

    but indicine has managed to convince with srk s opro machinery behind that hny has done 300 crore!!

    kill dill starring govinda is so bad that hny pales in comparison..

    such tashaan type films are passe..

    inko bananne walon ko samajh nahin aati kya???

    the begining of the movie strats with song ..and slow motions …bad direction.. and sonu nigam tries hard to sing his kill dill
    it is a wtf film
    tomorrow the shows will be cancelled for sure

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  • @Hrithik Roshan fans, In 2012 JTHJ had bigger clash with 85 crore commercial masala movie SOS who had a bigger lead/mass star Ajay, yet it still did collections in same range as agneepath(AP) (120 -122). However u all didnt even consider this clash and still maintain that AP is higher grosser than JTHJ (by 1-2 crore). So in the same way we DO NOT care about ur clash with Haider as this is a NON commerical, art house, smaller budget film (40 crore) with a smaller star Shahid who has far less box office pull than Ajay, and HNY is greater than BB by over 20 crore, so just like u all did in 2012, we are doing in 2014, we do not care about ur clash or even consider it and in our minds HNY is higher grosser than BB in domestic and oversees, quit crying like a baby now cuz in 2012 u didnt care than JTHJ cud have grossed 140+ without clash. Clashes happen, live with it, we had to in 2012 and even in 2013 for CE which had much competition from 2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks.

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