KICK vs Chennai Express: Box Office Comparison (First Day)

Salman Khan’s KICK has done well to beat Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express in four circuits even though it released on a non-holiday. In East Punjab, Kick managed to collect about 10% more than Chennai Express, Rajasthan was slightly ahead, Bihar was record-breaking and Orissa too was good.

However the difference between the two films were the biggest circuits. Chennai Express was way ahead in Mumbai circuit, where business was affected by rains and Ramadan period. Delhi/UP too was about 10% lower, even though the opening that KICK got was spectacular, it dropped evening onwards.

The other big difference were South circuits like Nizam, Tamilnadu and Kerala. The fact that KICK was originally a telugu film probably affected business. Chennai Express was record-breaking in Tamilnadu and Shahrukh Khan is the king of West Bengal.

Overall, the two films were around the same considering the fact that Chennai Express got a holiday release, while Kick released on a working day during Ramazan.

The table below has circuit-wise comparison between Kick and Chennai Express.

KICKChennai Express
East Punjab2.622.33
C.P Berar1.431.64
West Bengal1.151.55


  • Srk is dfntly the biggest star in bengal bcz v bengalis generally love emotional classy films which srk has always been known for.

  • If KICK will be more liked than ce,it will break its record…
    I want to know whether the WOM of KICK is better than ce or not?

  • Mumbai is the biggest difference factor.

    today evening it wd pickup as tomorrow holiday.

    morning shows are around same as yesterday.

    tomorrow it should zoom.

  • Lol. Taran Adarsh said it was 26.40 Crores. He has also noted it was early estimations. Why ppl like to ignore that???? Wait for further confirmations yet.
    That is pretty awesome considering pre eid non holiday on which many big films have failed to perform in the past. But these are not confirmed figures yet. The WOM is super positive. 240Crores sure.

  • But umi still blv kick cand do blockbuster business.its a good film and dfntly better than k3,d3 and ce which were also good but slightly lesser than kick.let’s keep our fingers crossed.its very difficult to predict box office.I hv decided to stop predicting numbers after kick opened 8cr lesser than my expectations

  • @Indicine Please also mention that CE was released on lesser screens when compared to Kick… why only mentioning that CE was a holiday release and Kick a non-holiday release… plz try to be neutral when doing proper comparison !!!

  • Kick will ultimately beat Chennai Express Collections. Just wait and watch. Picture abhi baki hai, eid aa rahi hai, fans eidi lane zaroor ayega.

  • Kick box office report: Salman Khan’s film opens with Rs 35 crore, but fails to beat Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 at the BO!ByShweta Parande@Coolshweta|July 26, 2014 3:18 PM|commentTags:Dhoom 3,Kick,Kick box office collections,Kick box office report,Salman KhanSalman Khan‘s filmKick that released on Friday, July 25 days before Eid, received a tremendous response at the box office on the first day, with the India opening day collections standing at nett Rs 35 crore.Earlier on July 25, trade analyst Taran Adarsh had tweeted that Kick’s collections were Rs 26 crore. He said, ”Despite pre-Eid period + working day, #Kick opens to PHENOMENAL numbers. Fri ? 26.40 cr+ nett. India biz. Note:- Early estimates.”The morning report says Kick‘s Day 1 box office collections total to Rs 35 crore. But the Salman Khan thriller has failed to beat Aamir Khan’sDhoom 3that opened with Rs 36 crore on December 20, 2013. Kickwill still be considered among the highest opening grossers of 2014 though.Kickis also the highest opener in USA and Canada, according to Taran Adarsh, who tweeted, “#Kick is the HIGHEST Salman Khan opener in USA-Canada. Collects $ 340,000 [? 2.04 cr] on Fri. AWESOME!”Also, the Salman Khan-Jacqueline Fernandez starrer has opened well in Dubai with figures of Rs 1.63 crore. “#Kick has AWESOME start in UAE. Collects $ 272,000 [Rs 1.63 cr] from 68 screens on Thu. Several screens yet to report. SUPERB!” said Taran Adarsh.Modified Date: July 26, 2014 3:45 PM

  • Kick is bad film.

    even after remaking it, it is worstly made film.

    it cant break yeh jawaani hai deewani record.

  • @ indicine u said that ce released on holiday but the release size and ticket price is more than ce?? so kick filled to beat ce opening day record??

  • No more comparisons with Dhoom3
    Chenai exp is the target for kick
    Best of luck to salman for bb to break D3 record lol

  • Stop crying “pre eid pre eid” ..Muslim is a minority community.. Srk many movies released in Pre Diwali when majority hindus stay indoors due to Diwali Puja.. Srk fans did not make such excuses.. Even krish3 released pre diwali.. Whats wrong with Salman fans? Why cant they accept defeat? Kick is Shit Cinema. Salman is good but he needs to use his stardom in choosing good scripts like SRK.

  • Chennai exp after first day – 39.87 cr ( 33 + 6.87 preview)
    Kick after first day – 26.50 cr

    Salman defeated by around 13 cr.

    Reason- salman’s movies are becoming more like documentries
    On his personality.

  • East Punjab was the worst performing circuit for Chennai Express as East Punjab, Bihar and Rajasthan are Salman strongholds so no surprise there despite Ramzan. West Bengal is SRK stronghold so CE did well there. Mumbai and Delhi/UP are equal for both Khans so only due to Ramzan Kick was behind. The south territories are better for SRK than Salman. SRK is friend of Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan and many south actors and has appeared in south film awards. Also CE had southern flavour so it had a strong response in south. Kick is south remake so many would have already watched the original and would not be interested in this one.

  • Kick is Disaster. I watched it yesterday. First half full crap. Srk again proved why he is the Best… Happy new year opening will be over 38 crores . Cant wait.

  • This is power of salman khan .what would have happened if kick would have got holiday release like chennai express .just imagine

  • Salman power is only to get 160 crore range because he remake all the south Indian movies which are already watched and available for free to download in YouTube with English subtitles. To cross 200 crores it should be original. This is the fact.

  • Kick is not as good as Chennai express. Accordingly are the collections. CE was Pathbreaking in Creating Records!!! Honestly Kick mein woh kick nahin hai

  • Dont compare our Thalaiva Shah Rukh Sahib’s Chennai Exp with this joke of a film Kick of that joker. No comparisons.

    Getting above 30cr on eid is RULED OUT as max people will watch it in these 4 5 days and collections WILL BE BALANCE AND NO SUDDEN MOUNTAIN RISE WILL HAPPEN LOL

  • whatever kick opening is because of the tremendous promotions and trailer,,, film bilkul bakwas hain,,, total waste of time and money,, hope akki sir’s entertainment will be box office phadu

  • Sorry for typing mistake.kick can definitely do blockbuster business.remember last year k3 that was also a pre festive release was earning in 20s for the first 3 days but on holidays on mon and tue it earned in 30s including breaking the highest collecting record on any day.k3 also showed minmal drops on wed and thursday and had a superb 2nd week.I think the same will be also happening with kick haters don’t start celebrating so soon.even a film like jai ho had earned 26cr on sunday showing 8cr jump from first two days so just imagine what a well accepted film can earn tomorrow onwards!


  • This was my last article on kick prediction n it
    proved almost right
    Now a days Salman Khan movies doesn’t dephend
    on WOM
    Opening day collections are the only wom for Salman
    films that’s what happened to Jai ho with the best
    wom for film in last 4 years
    So my prediction is based on the opening of film
    1 if opening is 19-23 cr then lifetime max 140 cr
    2 if opening is 24-27 then 180 cr lifetime
    3 27-30 cr lifetime 210 cr
    4>30cr lifetime 240 cr
    My opening day prediction was 27.4cr but after
    seeing advance booking trend my prediction is
    anything bw 23-26
    0 0
    So according to my prediction lifetime will be 180 cr
    Salman 2nd highest grosser
    Sorry to Salman fans they have to wait for Salman
    Khan’s entry in 200 cr club
    Coz opening day hype is the WOM for Salman films
    It’s 26 cr means wom will be Avg

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