Khiladi 786 First Weekend Collections

Khiladi 786Khiladi 786 opened to a decent response on Friday, picked up on Saturday and had a good jump in collections on Sunday. Early estimates from a few centres suggest the film has collected around 13-14 crore nett. Final numbers with detailed territorial breakdown will be published later in the evening.

The weekend total collections of around 33-34 crores is slightly below expectations for a film that released on more than 2750 screens. Still, the weekend numbers are decent and the fate of the film will depend entirely on how well it sustains from Monday.

Khiladi 786 First Weekend Collections – Day wise

  • Friday – 9.42 crore
  • Saturday – 10.5 crore
  • Sunday – 13-14 crore (approx)
  • First Weekend Total – 33-34 crores


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  • pls check the all other side the figure is samers 33-34 crere for Khiladi 786. but onli BOI submited the lower figure. why? i think BOI is fake.

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  • the one,only and the biggest reason behind khiladi’s below expected opening is because the movie’s lead actor released 5 movies this year.what do you think guys???


    we salute to Akshay bhiya

  • akki aur imran hasmi ki filme jyada collection nai kar pati bcz they do more films in a year jitne shahrukh salman aur amir 4 saal me filme karte hai woh akshay aur imran 1saal me karte hai bcz they concentrate more on films on just glamour

  • imran hashmi ajaydevgn and akkshay dont bother about hit or flop they do the films as their job and r fanrastic actors

  • akshay kumar is the real superstar od bollywood. He is biggest action star of bwood he does action scenes by his own, does any of the khans do so. Akki has d good physic in entire bwood.. Guys go for khiladi 786, is a good entertainer better than ek tha tiger..

  • akshay kumars latest movie khiladi 786 ia good entertainer better than ek tha tiger. Khiladi 786 is doing well at box office.

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