Katrina Kaif’s Madame Tussauds Wax Statue: Photos

Some say she can’t act, others credit her success to Salman Khan.. but there is no denying the fact that Katrina Kaif is one of the most successful actress in the history of Indian Cinema. Her success ratio is unmatched and her fan-following is arguably the biggest in the industry even today, 12 years after her celluloid debut in Boom.

The actress has been immortalised at the Madame Tussauds in London, where her wax statue was finally unveiled for public viewing.


Katrina was picked ahead of her contemporaries like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, as she received the highest number of votes out of the 225,000 votes that were cast. She joins industry stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Madhuri Dixit Nene as the 7th Bollywood celebrity at the famed Madame Tussauds.

“Our world famous sculptors have worked closely with the Indian film industry over the last decade, and we now have a stellar line-up in a specially created Bollywood area — one of the most popular in the attraction” read a statement from Madame Tussauds.

We have 9 exclusive images of Katrina Kaif and her lookalike. Check it out! Do the two lookalike? Tell us!


Katrina Kaif unveils her waxwork at Madame Tussaud

Katrina Kaif unveils her waxwork at Madame Tussaud

Katrina Kaif with her wax statue

Katrina Kaif with her wax statue

Katrina Kaif's wax statue launch

Katrina Kaif’s wax statue launch



  • Our Bhai also can’t act. So if he can have a statue in MT then why can’t Kat!! :D

    Although I’m a Hrithikian, but his statue doesn’t look as good as he looks in real life. But still its the most kissed statue in MT. Says it all, doesn’t it?? Hrithik Rules.

  • Katrina’s movie with superstar;
    1. Dhoom 3(Amir,Kat) = ATBB, Which highest grosser of 2013.

    2. ETT (Salman, Kat) = Blockbuster, Which highest grosser of 2012.

    3. Welcome (Akki, Kat) = Blockbuster, Which 2nd highest grosser of 2007.

    4. JTHJ (srk, kat) = HIT, Which 4th highest grosser of 2012.

    5. Bang Bang (hr, Kat) = HIT, Which 4th highest grosser of 2014.

    Conclusion of Kat movie with superstar,
    No.1…Amir, No.2…Salman, No.3…Akki, No.4…srk and No.5…our greekboy HR. So srk fans better you all keep quite. Lol

  • @Arjun kapoor fan,it seems that u r unaware of the fact that akki sir turned down the offer to be waxed by saying that he is not good enough,that he still has to achieve enough to stand in a hall full of great achievers.such a great person.such great humility is rare.RESPECT.

  • ROFL at Ranveer Singh fans…

    Madame Tussauds @MadameTussauds · now 3 hours ago
    Ranveer Singh fans – your requests for a wax figure have been noted and will be contemplated when we plan our figures for 2016. Thank you.

    Next what,Arjun kapoor fans will be requesting for the same…hahahaha too much fun!!

  • Ofcourse our beloved Global Kings statue would have been made way before Big Bs was ever conceptualised but sadly sculptors had a hard time getting our king to stand still during the photo shoot where king was overacting…. Finally sculptors decided enough was enough and zoomed in of an image of King in Swades where he wasnt overacting nor acting for that matter but by this stage Big Bs starue was already being unveiled so our King came second best…which is what hes been doing throughout the past 23 yrs- coming behind both Aamir and Salman at the end of year boxoffice race…!

  • Our Kings statue is out of all the Bollywood celebs statues on display the most saddest- its evident that even Kings statue wants to break free and start overacting telling visitors ‘I am Global King’ etc etc etc

  • @IamKollywoodFan

    Well we Bollywood fans would really really love it if you fans down there would campaign for your producers to sign Arjuna Kapoor so it would spare us fans here any more of his torturous fannyless tevarless performances…! Hes tailormade for your film industry…!

  • @SSS keep quite! Phirse shooru hogaya. Bakwas bakwas analysis always. U were talking about crowd pull on Shah rukh tv serial post?
    and degrading Sallu bhai collection for opening day? Look at real stars effect.
    Aamir vs 25 minutes Katrina appearance = 36 crores opening day.
    Salman vs 30mins appearance Kat excluding her songs = 33 crores opening day.
    Ajay vs Kareena 25 mins appearance = 32 crores.
    Hritik vs 30mins priyanka appearance = 26 crores opening day
    Ranbir vs Pallavi 30mins appearance = 22 crores
    Srk vs 45 mins priyanka total average screen time appearance = 18.5 crores!
    Srk vs Deepika 1 hour 15mins plus multi starrer screen appearance = 44 crores!
    Srk vs Deepika 1 hour plus screen time appearance = 33 crores !
    SHAME! without Deepika lengthy role in both his highest grossing movies is only = Don 2 18.5 crores?? Why? Even her name appears before srk in one of d movies? Eewww! Can’t wait to c him entering 20s crores opening day without Deepika!! Prove me wrong Srk in next year movies cos even this year it’s multi starrer! What a star power Deepika has contributed to Srk grossers haha. Look at d screen space time for d above actors compared to d leading ladies and then learn to enter d league of 25 crores plus opening day collection. Deepika ka chamcha aka Halwa Walla!

  • Now Kajol Varun Allia will spur anoda 30 crore plus. Dum hai toh give a 25 crore and above opening where no matter d heroine her screen space wil b very minute like Dhoom 3 Krishna 3 Singham returns ETT Jai ho 3 idiots Dabbang and other top grossing movies where d actors single handedly spear headed d films on their shoulders

  • That’s what they call real men not movies where d actors uses d pallu aur dupatta of a star actress to gain high 1st day crowd pulling opening day collections. Too bad Dilwale is another example now wit even popular star power younger generation stars and an already highly respected veteran actress

  • South remake king statue is also their and our box office king amir statue is not their
    And bhai I have one request to u that plz dont remake it

  • Katrina will better look in porn movies rather than in Bollywood. She is good to be a pornstar and she can make her career there. Really hate to see her in Bollywood movies with zero sense of acting.

  • Its BULLSHIT !!!!!!…..Just look at her..Does she really deserve this???? HELL NO……
    What happen to the people..
    MADAME TUSSAUD MUSEUM is for the great LEGENDS…not for the person like KATRINA who is nothing…………

  • if these 2 resemble…then farida jalal resembles Maryl streep….no comments on Kat’s acting….Fardia jalal acts far better than Katrina…

  • Katrina looks so pretty when she is pissing (passing urine) and shitting (passing stools) in the toilet

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