Neetu and Rishi Kapoor with PM Narendra Modi: Photo

Neetu Kapoor has posted a picture with the Prime Minster of India Narendra Modi. The picture also has her husband Rishi Kapoor.

The photo is interesting because Neetu calls it a sight where two strong intense personalities are listening to a ‘simpleton’ like her with interest.


“What a sight !!! Two strong intense pple listening to a simpleton with so much interest” Neetu posted on Facebook.

Neetu and Rishi Kapoor with the Indian PM Narendra Modi



  • Neetu ji looks as graceful today as she did 30 yrs ago- how graceful she was then we can all see for ourselves on screen during some of her movies or simply ask kShitj srivastava who would have seen her in theatres back then. She has definitely aged like wine…! Rishi Sir on the other hand still has his charming smile which can still break free from all that excess fat- good looking lad who unfortunately had a sweet tooth…!

  • Neetu ji has obviously told a joke, my bet it was along the lines of:-
    “Have you seen that new tv show starring King? Sabse shaana kaun… Well apparently the smartest people were infact the audience who stayed well clear of it….”

    They all ROFL

  • excellent picture
    now plz post an article on wat arjun has said about ranbir in a conclave recently.plz @indicine post it

  • Pm modiji is ready in front of camera for photograph.
    @ Navin nice word about nitujee. Looks always graceful.

  • Gau eater on one side and Gau saver on the other side. It’s unfortunate that Modi Ji is giving importance to these filmy people, who don’t pay tax.

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