Katrina Kaif denies wedding plans

Earlier this week, there were reports that Ranbir Kapoor had confirmed that he and his girlfriend Katrina Kaif will tie the knot in 2016.

However, Katrina’s spokesperson has issued a statement clarifying that there’s no truth to rumours about her wedding plans.

Katrina’s spokesperson said: “There is no truth to these wedding dates, there are no plans as yet.”

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

In a press conference to promote his upcoming film Bombay Velvet, Ranbir Kapoor had reportedly said “This year both of us are extremely busy, so there won’t be any time for the marriage. We have planned to tie the knot by the end of next year. Both of us have agreed on that.”

“Both of us are sure about our relationship and if we don’t open about it now, it would be showing disrespect to the relationship. I am 33 now and it is time I have my family. Even Katrina wants that. I have grown up in a family where film is everything. So, I know the importance of gossip and my funda is simple. When there is gossip, try not to react and it is advisable not to think too much about yourself”



  • ha ha ha ha ha… denied rumours… Katrina is not so easily trapped Kapoor boy, What do u think u r handling the lady who duped Salman ! ;-)

  • My prediction
    bombay velvet 75-110cr.
    I think it will collect 92.5cr.
    brothers 85-115cr
    singh is bling 60-75 cr

  • 1 thing is sure they will nt have a grand wedding… n rishi kapoor will get upset with it… news channels will shamelessly run katrinas past during thair marriage… n people will enjoy it ..

  • Ranbir needs a bunch of rumours to make bombay velvet a blockbuster…
    Media created star after all..Cute boy only does romantic movies..And indicine considered him Top-5 actors list in india..what a joke!!

  • They won’t marry with each other, both Kat and Ranbir settle with different partners.
    Stop hyping these Ranbir-Kat relationship.

  • Main reason why sallu fans is not liking or feeling jealous of Ranbir,whatever non of a single girl loved our bhai after knowing his reality from Aish – Kat.because bhai is not capable of doing anything,I hope everyone understood,lol.that’s why he is bhai of everyone be boys/girls except shera,bhai called after all for this reason,lol.

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