Celebrities react to Nepal’s second earthquake this year

After the destruction that was caused by the devastating earthquake on April 25th, an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale has struck Nepal again. Tremors have also been felt in North West India, including Delhi.

Parineeti Chopra tweeted “Ok what the F just felt another earthquake in Mumbai again!!”

Shahid Kapoor, who is currently shooting for ‘Udta Punjab’ in Amritsar, said ”Strong tremor here in Amritsar.”

Sonakshi, who is currently in Delhi, tweeted ”OMG, i just felt myself swaying a bit and got a msg that there’s been an earthquake in Delhi!! Hoping all fine!”

Actress Tapsee Pannu: “Noooo! Not Nepal again! It’s so so saddening! Why this fury against that one country!!?”.

Soha Ali Khan asked people to build earthquake ready homes “You can’t control earthquakes, but you can control your environment – take precautions to ensure your home is earthquake ready. Be safe.”



  • indian media make fun of india again… people in nepal belives media reported earthquek like films…with this bollwood related news… they feel news channels act as puppet of indian gov to publish news that how much modi gov helped nepal… it was trending on twitter evn shashi tharoor posted it. bt media wil nt show news against themselves right na.. bt sm respected lk indian express still publish it.. shame on publicity seeking attitude of our celebs n media…
    indicine plz post this 1

  • Good advice but easy for Soha Ali Khan to say. I suspect there’s a lot of poor people in Nepal who won’t be living in proper houses or be able to afford ‘earthquake ready’ homes. You can’t really do much against such disasters.

    Parineeti’s tweet is dumb for a celebrity.

  • God’s act is beyond human control.
    We can anticipate it, locate it, take precautions for it, But we can’t stop it ,whatever we have invented!!!
    We can only do is ‘Pray God, and help the victims by every means….

  • It is sadenning news. The country is trying to recover from the earlier loss, and yet another quake of such magnitude. The tremors were felt in Mumbai too. May God give strength to people of Nepal.

  • Terrible moments for Nepal and its people as well as affected area in India.I hope it won’t come again.

  • India’s Government Always wants to help Nepal in difficulties Bt Why Indian Media being so disgust by rumouring fake n unappropriate news against Nepal. I’m from Nepal n want to thank india govt. N for indian media, plz go to hell.

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