Katrina Kaif Box Office Power!

Katrina Kaif is the No 1 actress in the Hindi Film Industry today and the British-Indian beauty is way ahead of other actresses. Not even Kareena Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra can match her popularity amongst youth. Infact, Katrina could probably be more popular than the biggest male stars in the industry.

Many dismiss her as someone who cannot act and others credit Salman Khan for her success. But is it possible to achieve the kind of success that she has, without talent? Of course not. There are plenty of pretty faces in the industry and Salman has promoted actress likes Zarine Khan and Sneha Ullal too, but none have come close to Katrina’s success.

Apart from looking gorgeous on-screen, Katrina has great screen presence, dances very well and her performances are improving with each film.

And what’s more, her success-ratio could rival legendary actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Rekha and Hema Malini!

Check out her filmography and the box office performance of her films.

  • Boom (2003) – Flop
  • Sarkar (2005) – Success
  • Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005) – Success
  • Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006) – Flop
  • Namastey London (2007) – Hit
  • Apne (2007) – Success
  • Partner (2007) – Blockbuster
  • Welcome (2007)  - Blockbuster
  • Race (2008) – Hit
  • Singh Is King (2008) – Super Hit
  • Yuvraaj (2008) – Flop
  • New York (2009) – Hit
  • Blue (2009) – Flop
  • Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009) – Super Hit
  • De Dana Dan (2009) – Success
  • Rajneeti (2010) – Blockbuster
  • Tees Maar Khan (2010) – Success
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) – Hit

Success Ratio – 78%

She has acted in 18 films so far in her career. Out of those, only 4 films have failed to recover its investment; Boom was her acting debut and Katrina had a smallish role, Blue was an extended special appearance. Only Yuvraaj and Humko Deewana Kar Gaye can be written of as Katrina’s failures. Every other film that she has appeared in, has been successful.

What do you think is the secret behind Katrina’s success? Why do you love Katrina Kaif? Tell us, below in the comments section.



  • @manish sing: hahaha…
    kyun baat lag gayi kya…???

    Problem tujhe hai ki salman ne shadi nahi ki mujhe nahi….
    So tu ready rakna apni sis ko.. Bodygaurd aa raha hai Eid pe tere ghar… Aur phad k rakh dega tumhari..s…ka !!!
    (topic aisi uthao jo discuss krne layak ho)
    Abul kalam, Atal bihari Vajpeyi jaise succesful longo ne shadi nahi ki to hame kya unke personal life se…..? Tumne shayad inka bhi check kiya ho khair main nahi janta…..

  • @Akhjak: I totally agree with you
    3 Khans rule Bollywood, Joker is just a Flopmaster who has lost everything now, PLz don’t compare him with superstar like Sallu.
    Sallu has a reputation to maintain as he belongs to the great Khan trio, the true superstars the ones who gave the ATBB since the 90’s.
    Sallu has Fan Followong since his first film unlike Akki who had some insecure fans only in 2007 and now they left him due to his continuous flops, he can never give BB coz he doesn’t ahve fan following.
    Sallu, Aamir n SRK rock, the biggest superstars of BW after Big.B, they belong to the A grade list unlike B grade non-star Joker!

    Joker fans are more funny than his films!!!

    You guys have to undersatnd, SRK has Ra.One, Don2 as big projects to come, Sallu has Bodyguard and Ek Tha Tiger and Aamir has Reema Kagti’s next and Dhoom 3 all those are pototional BB!

    While Akki is still signing B-Grade movies just to maintain his postion in Bollywood.

    Plz Joker fans enough Jokes!

  • @akhjak: plz do NOT waste ur time arguing with Joker Kumar Flomachine fans plz, we all know who is Sallu who belongs to the Khan trio he is one of the biggest superstars along with SRK n Aamir and Flomaster Akshay has never been a Star it’s just the imagination of his fake fans let them live in a dream world!
    Hope TEES DESI JOKER 4D brings our Joker back!

  • Anupama, Agree with all three points that you made. She was at the right place at the right time (with the right boyfriend if we may add) And also got to work with the actors when they were at their peak. Akshay Kumar for example.. So luck certainly did play a part. :)

  • If Cinema is Commercial Media then Katreena Kaif is fully loaded with all ingredient of films demands. She has the personality, dancing ability and acting as well. she looks like talking to others with her beauty even on billboard fixed on the roads or other places . she is just beautiful and unmatchabl. Ghazanfar (Pakistan)

  • @manish sing: Akki Ka Koi “ATBB” Film Ka Nam Pata Hain Kiya.Agaar Hain to !!!!!!!!!. R u Fool Man, U Compare Akki With Salman…. How This Compare is Coming in your Mind, If it comes in your Mind– then u need to mental Doctor. I think u r joking with us…….. unlike joker

  • well yar kisi ne kaha tmk ne 2 din mein 48 cr kiya well 48 kya 84cr kar diya tha ha ha ha ha ha
    well i still feel aksay with negative role and a good story line is what can do wonders to differ him from others

  • Sala manish apne jawan ko lagam de…………….akki ka dum sala…..aaj tak akki ne kya 100 crore ka movie diya ha bat mat kar kutte

  • Bollywood sucks…big time!!!

    The only people who actually can act in a movie are never given lead roles…most of the bollywood openings are just bcz of huge youth population going ONCE to see the movie on its opening days…after that, it slides away…..most movies just earn only from songs and not content.

    If you want to watch untalented sluts, watch Bollywood!! plenty (katrina kaif)…..

    If u really want content and story and perfection, go for HOLLYWOOD baby….i have and am a very happy viewer….

  • i think katrina is good but kareena bebo and priyanka is the best number 1 heroine as for jab tak hai jaan should i think anushka should get the compliments she was rockimg

  • Katrina kaif is one of the best actresses today and the fact that most of her movies are a hit isn’t surprising cause she is the most glamourous in bollywood today. Katrina kaif is still new to the industry u people can’t compare her to rehka and dixit and other actresses that have been in the industry for 30-40 years, of course these actresses have more experience than katrina, . Katrina kaif’s movies are a hit because of her self, not her co stars. For example agneepath was super hit because of katrina’s special appearance in chickni chameli. I admit katrina kaif’s acting skills are not the best but its cause she’s not fully indian, katrina still puts a lot of effort.
    In terms of acting kareena is 1st today and priyanka is 2nd
    in terms of beauty and glamour katrina kaif is the best and if u people can’t c that then use need to open ur eyes. Kareena and priyanka have also been in the industry longer than kat, but I still think they kind of suck

  • I love you Katrina kaiffffffff sooooooooo much she is the besttttttttttttt everrrrrrr. Your all the films are blockbuster only and only because of you. No one can Match her popularity. I am a very very very big fan of Katrina.

  • Katrina is the best and she proved herself in a film like Mbkd where there were no big stars beside her.The film was a hit only bcoz of her.
    And her dance,glamour,stardom can’t b compared to any actress.
    Her phantom didn’t work just bcoz it was banned in Pakistan and due to that all the Muslims didn’t see the film.
    Deepika has success only bcoz of SRK and other big stars in her films.She can only act well nothing else is her plus point…..

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