Katrina Kaif Box Office Power!

Katrina Kaif is the No 1 actress in the Hindi Film Industry today and the British-Indian beauty is way ahead of other actresses. Not even Kareena Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra can match her popularity amongst youth. Infact, Katrina could probably be more popular than the biggest male stars in the industry.

Many dismiss her as someone who cannot act and others credit Salman Khan for her success. But is it possible to achieve the kind of success that she has, without talent? Of course not. There are plenty of pretty faces in the industry and Salman has promoted actress likes Zarine Khan and Sneha Ullal too, but none have come close to Katrina’s success.

Apart from looking gorgeous on-screen, Katrina has great screen presence, dances very well and her performances are improving with each film.

And what’s more, her success-ratio could rival legendary actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Rekha and Hema Malini!

Check out her filmography and the box office performance of her films.

  • Boom (2003) – Flop
  • Sarkar (2005) – Success
  • Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005) – Success
  • Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006) – Flop
  • Namastey London (2007) – Hit
  • Apne (2007) – Success
  • Partner (2007) – Blockbuster
  • Welcome (2007)  - Blockbuster
  • Race (2008) – Hit
  • Singh Is King (2008) – Super Hit
  • Yuvraaj (2008) – Flop
  • New York (2009) – Hit
  • Blue (2009) – Flop
  • Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009) – Super Hit
  • De Dana Dan (2009) – Success
  • Rajneeti (2010) – Blockbuster
  • Tees Maar Khan (2010) – Success
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) – Hit

Success Ratio – 78%

She has acted in 18 films so far in her career. Out of those, only 4 films have failed to recover its investment; Boom was her acting debut and Katrina had a smallish role, Blue was an extended special appearance. Only Yuvraaj and Humko Deewana Kar Gaye can be written of as Katrina’s failures. Every other film that she has appeared in, has been successful.

What do you think is the secret behind Katrina’s success? Why do you love Katrina Kaif? Tell us, below in the comments section.



  • U must be joking,every film of katrina that is hit or blockbuster is bcos of influence 4rm bigger and talented co-star and not bcos of her.Please dont compare dat barbie doll with bebo talk more of rekka or dixit

  • all credit goes to Salman Khan…
    Coz its all depends on Luck By Chance !
    Katrina is beautiful to others actress & attractive face & so sexy(not mallika) & so cute & so sweet…..
    So 49% peoples like Katrina Kaif…

    (great @indicine team..
    plz add 2nd servey of male actors)

  • @Chicala, we didn’t compare Katrina’s acting prowess with Rekha or Madhuri Dixit.. She obviously doesn’t come close..

    Talking about box office and universal appeal only here. Katrina is more popular than any actress in the industry. There was a poll held recently and out of about 5000 people who voted, more than 50% of the votes went to Katrina. Second most popular was Aishwarya with about 20% votes and then Kareena..

  • Reffering to box office,do u think dat a film like ZMND will do well without HR even if katrina is included and about d poll,i think voters is mistaking it 4 beauty poll.Mind u,i am not 4rm india but nigeria

  • She is lucky to be so successfull.. It is only because of is face value. U check all her film, her role in the film is very limited except namastey london and so her acting.. And most of her films r comedy that bcos she can not handle serios role….

  • Hmmm.. let me be very Honest!! First of All.. wht she has achieved.. is because of her talent n with sallu bhai’s support!! coz if katrina was never introduced by sallu bhai she wouldn’t achieved what she has today!!

  • Yeah i think films like New York, APkGK…wouldn”t even get a decent opening without Katrina’s star power, and the proof that Ranbir’s WUS didn’t suceed the way AJPKGK did despite being a better fim.
    Though not talented, she has a good presence onscreen, great looks, sex appeal and she dances very well. So who cares?

  • A actress having sex appeal,nice face is now d crediential 4 box office success,i deeply pity u guys.This is d reason why britney spears or myleene klass who can never be offered a script in hollywood or in england are requested 2 act in bollywood by film makers.I am a fan of salman khan but i also admire d other khans 4 their talents.People like kajol,bebo,vidya and reni are supposed to be having box office success not katrina..In films,i also choose 2 watch talent not beauty.I have been following hindu movies 4 fifteen years now

  • I really like her, more than Kareena or Priyanka. The last 2 forget what means modestiy….and from this point of view, and even acting, Katrina rule’s….she really made a good job in Rajneeti, New York, Race .

  • @Chicala..i’m also 4rm nigeria..so wat’s up bro..abt katrina,i dnt tink she has d talent bt wit evry film she is improving..so let’s give her some chance..my salman has lyk 20 all time blockbusters films coming up..wow…jst can’t wait..

  • Indicine with total sincerity: u got this news 4rm box office india…why nt also include the men wre salman has 45%,while others trail after him…lyk srk wit 30% and so on

  • @Chilaca: take it easy dude, we all know Kat has 0 talent, but it’s looks that sells these days, do u think actresses like Vidya and Rani can get huge openings like Kat? I’m not a fan but i don’t mind her at all even though she’s a bad actress, she’s self made also her roles in films are not big…so just chill out

  • @chicala,dont blame katrina but blame salman khan for forcing her down everyone’s throat just bcos she was her then girlfreind.The only actresses that are original are bebo and priyanka but the irony as one guy said they cant get huge opening like kat.

  • Not many realise that Katherina is talented. She underplays her roles – not overdone the way bollywood is used to – give her two years – she will knock Hollywood as well. To me she is now coming across as a natural actress.

  • @manish singh: if kat success is given by akki..
    So where is akki today ???
    No one intrested in akki’s films…
    SuperFlopStar Akki if Star today Coz its katrina kaif…who give him bact to back hit… !!!

  • Hmmm….. Good topic Indicine. I agree.Kat is the Box office queen in bollywood these days. I don’t know how Kareena became more powerful than her in filmfare power list. Actually she’s more powerful than most of the leading khans.
    I will mension several reasons for her highly successful career as I feel.

    1. Her gorgeous beauty. Her seductiveness adds to the screen presence. Even if she appears in a small item number that becomes quite popular, if not the movie. Her beauty can be described with all the words; pretty, hot, sexy, gorgeous, stunning all in one. eg. Tees Maar Khan, De dana dan

    2. Her luck. She’s very lucky to have worked with most powerful directors & superstars in the industry from the beginning of her career. This also has given her more hits than flops.
    eg. De dana dan, Ajab Prem Ki…., Welcome, Singh is Kinng, Tees Maar Khan etc. ;these films, although they were lacking substance they became hits because of the star power (I feel).

    3. Being the girlfriend of Salman Khan for several years from the beginning of her career. Salman promoted her for most of the popular directors (we all know that & have to accept). Because of this she got good offers almost always. When Salman was having the affair with Aish he promoted her as well. Actually I feel for Aish’s successful career also Salman is partly responsible. Both these beauties do not have much of talent, but they got good offers from good directors because of their beauty & Salu factor. Although Salu promoted Zarine Khan & Sneha Ullal they were well known as carbon copies of Salu’s Xes (Kat & Aish respectively). Because of that they couldn’t become as popular as Kat or Aish.

    Kat doesn’t have the talent as such, but I think the above 3 factors are mainly responsible for her being the No. 1 in Bollywood. I too love her a lot & am a fan of her. Wish all the very best in her upcoming movies-esp. mere brother ki dulhan & SRk-Kat-Anushka movie. I hope she will improve her acting talents also in the future as Aish did.

    Indicine, wat do u think about my opinion. You agree or not? :-)

  • @ajhjak
    kat carear turning movie is namastey london.
    And akki sugges the kat name to vipul(director)
    and salman ne to uska carear hi kharab kar diya
    like yuraj and maine pyar ku kiya.

  • @manish singh: katrina ki boom tumne nahi dekhi thi kiya…..???
    Salman k touch se stone bhi diamond me change ho jata hai…!
    Kat k bina akki ka carrier kiya tha… ?
    aur Kat k bina salman ka carrier kya tha… ?
    akki k khate me koi BlockBuster aajtak nahi hai…aur na future me hogi.. SuperFLOPkumar!
    Joker is always be joker…..he know only hi hi hi hi…

  • @akhjk
    go and chek welcome is a bb
    and kat salman ki life me tab aayi jab uske pas 3 abb and 3 bb movie thi
    aus salman se bada selfish insan to puri duniya me nahi hai.
    Uske sath kam kiya to wah wah nahi to barbad karne me lag jata hai. Ex himesh resh
    aur akki ka mukabla tera haklu khan aur 6 salman kya karega.
    Akki ne har field me
    romantic-aitraz, andaz, khiladi khaki, hamko dewana kar gaye ,namastey london, janwar etc.
    Action-khildiyo ka khiladi, Singh is king.
    sabse bada khiladi, mohra.
    Comedy-hera pheri,phir hera pheri,garam masala,bhagm bhag,bhul bhulaiya,welcome,hey baby,housefull,mujhse shadi karogi.
    Akki ne hamesa time k acording movie ki hai.
    Samkhe khans kutta fans.

  • manish singh: hahaha…
    Sachchai se dar lag raha kya…kya ???
    Ek bb wo bhi kat ki wajah se yahi to main tujhe samjha raha tha… singh is king, namaste london, welcome ye hit movies kiski wajah se katrina ki…aur inhee sari movies ki wajah se aaj akki star bana tha..
    50% se above peoples like krte hain kat ko….
    cctc, 8 x tasveer, patiala house, action reply, khatta-meetha, blue, thank you…. aisi bahut si All Time Blockbuster films SuperFlopKumar ne hi diya hai naa..??? Haha
    Salman ka signing amount 10 crore hai aur puri film ki fees 50crore… Ye rakam itni jyada hai ki isme akki ki 3 film ban jayengi…..uski fees to chod do !!
    Sallu ka adha paisa being human charity me jata hai…na ki akki ki tarah property kharidne me..
    Salman has a golden heart…& he is the real being human.. !
    Sallu ne jitne logon ki help ki hai 20 saal me….pure film industry ne milkar uske 50% bhi help nahi kiya hai kisika…samjhe dear !

    Final word:
    Dog(Akki) aur Sher(Sallu) ka comparison nahi ki ja sakti hai !!!

  • sallu sher hai to yuraj aur veer ko ku nahi hit kara liya loloz sala 6
    aur akki ki movie kat k sath b flop hui hai usko kat ne ku nahi bacha liya
    akki ki jitni movi kat k sath hit hui hai usme kat ka kitna role hai dear?
    Aur mai bt talent ki kar raha hu.
    Akki k har field ki
    salu kya comption karega yar
    pehle shadi to karle.

  • she has done half-a-dozen of films with akhsay kumar, n hw cum she iz successful man..its all bcoz of heroes…she js cnt act…shez a beauty instead..

  • @manish sing: dear sallu 6 hai kya tumne khud personally check kiya tha..? haha
    Sallu k pas sach mein tees mar khan wali talent nahi hai…sallu k pas Dabangg wala talent hai…jo only 3 days mein 48.5 crore ki business karta hai…..haha
    yuvraaj, veer, london dreams k Flop hone per salman ne kuch seekha ki indian public ko kaun si film chahiye…..joker ki tarah nahi jisko 10 film flop hone k baad bhi samajh me nahi aaya…ki wo kya hai…!??
    Aur rahi baat salman ki shadi ki to jin bhai sahab ko shikayat ho ki salman shadi nahi kr rahe hain…..wo sabhi apni-apni sisters ko ready rakhen salman khud aakar unki family se milenge aur agar baat ban gayi to shadi pakki…

  • to sabse pehle tu hi apni sis ko taiyar rakh.
    Kuki tuhi uske gungan kiye ja raha hai.
    Aur dabang ko hit karane ke liye 6 ne apne bhabhi ko fuck kar diya bhai ko lat mare aur isse jyada koi kya karega.
    Khud to film hit kara nahi sakta.
    Aur bat tere dabang ki to ja k pata kar tmk ne sirf 2 din me kamaye the 48 cr

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