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Himesh Reshammiya is back with Karzzz and yet again as a Music Director, Singer and obviously the main protagonist. The movie directed by Satish Kaushik of Tere Naam fame also stars Urmila Matondkar, Shweta Kumar, Bakhtiyaar Irani, Danny Denzongpa, Dino Morea, Raj Babbar and many more!

Reincarnation movies have rarely failed in Bollywood. Right from the yesteryear Karz to Karan Arjun to the more recent Om Shanti Om.. all have struck gold at the box office. Can Himesh Reshammiya’s Karzz remake follow the same path?

Monty (Himesh Reshammiya) is a amazingly popular rockstar, with a fan following that most would dream of. One fine night at a party, Monty meets Tina. At first sight, both fall madly in love with each other. Tina though, leaves the party and returns to her hometown. Soon during one of his shows, he gets into a trance while playing those high notes. Visuals of a beautiful girl with her man, a temple, a palace and a plane crash flash in his mind… all of which leads to a collapse on stage.

Monty takes a break and goes away to Kenya where he finds Tina and also the Mansion! The rest of the tale is about how Monty rediscovers his identity from his previous life to take revenge on those who cruelly killed him.

Karzz Review

Karzz is a Himesh Reshammiya overdose. Its gets monotonous to sit through a movie which has Himesh in almost every frame; either singing, dancing or quite simply hamming his way through. Although the extremely confident star does deserve credit for the effort he has put into the making of the film, he unfortunately can’t act, over the top soon as the scene gets a tad bit emotional. If Aap Ka Surroor had Himesh in just one expression throughout, here we have him in about 2 and half expressions! He managed to extract something out of the pale looking audience, just before the climax, most were in splits when Himesh leaps high in the air to confront one of the villains, infact the action sequences throughout are quite funny to say the least.

Karzz is like one of those Mithun Chakraborty B grade action movies of the 80s targeted mainly towards Himesh’s hardcore fan following based in the interiors of India. The pace is slow, so slow that it could put you into deep slumber. The songs, composed and sung by Himesh himself, lack variety. Ek Haseena Thi, is the only track that stands out.

Urmila Matondkar is poor in the important scenes and guess I noticed a wee bit more of Urmila’s upper torso than most did. Shweta Kumar looks beautiful, but her role demands no scope for histrionics. Danny Denzongpa is fine. Bakhtiyaar Irani is good. Gulshan Grover has a very small role with no dialogues. Dino Morea again has nothing much to do.

Overall, Karzz is a below average product. If your a die-hard Himesh Reshammiya fan, go for it. For the rest, its a big no-no! Business wise, the movie should do well in the smaller towns, but probably will be rejected by the multiplex audience.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ Poor

Other notes: The mutliplex I watched the movie in, was about 10% full, which is quite shocking even for a 11 AM morning show.

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  • I didn’t want to watch this movie because I was sure 100% that the movie is a crap, but I was bored a few days ago, so I watched it online and kept laughing of the poor direction and (poor Himesh) why did he think of acting.. I don’t know!! and Urmila’s acting also was bad in this movie although she’s a good actress ( it was obvious that she didn’t want to do it but the producer convinced her, and that’s what she mentioned on b4u channel, so that was the result! Urmila deserves good scripts and to be in big movies, not a crappy like this one and with a bad actor!)

    And what to say about the director.. he’s a moron fool and thought the audience is fool too that he’d never notice the flaws in his movies:

    The Flaws:
    1) The director did a remake of a good movie but with a bad direction, and hired a wrong actor for his movie.
    2) Himesh dies in a plane crash, his wife lives, after how long do we say.. 25 years the minimum, Himesh is reborn, became young which means his wife should be at the age of 50 or 55, and the director should’ve done for her a hairstlye, makeup to look older, but urmila looked in her best, young as she was 25 years before and showedup in a red hot dress which isn’t suitable for her age!
    3) Himesh, after the reborn, had the necklase which he gifted his wife before he dies.. so how did he maintain the same necklase again and he was braught up with another family?!!
    4) Girls could hear Himesh singing, while he’s flying by a helicopter!! how could they hear him from that long distance!!
    5) Himesh was singing on the stage: Hari om Hari om and was jumping like a monkey which was pathetic!
    6) Gulshan in a bad cheesy role

    Himesh Reshamiya’s face expression, in sad scenes wasn’t bad, but he lacks all the talents as an actor, so it’d better for him to be just a singer, that’s all he can do

  • dear himes sir.once again you have done a brilliant job.your acting in the film was superb and your singing and composing is no doubt the best of the best.we request you sir pleazzzzz keep acting and singing.

    –i also request the audience to please watch this movie because himesh is a multi talented person.
    –it is not fair that himesh sir work hard for the songs and some other person sung it and become famous.
    –no man can even do singing,composing,and acting at one time but himesh do so on his best..
    –and himesh sir is a very hard working person thats why i like him..
    –we all pray for himesh to live long and keep act,and sing.

  • HIMESH, sorry to say but your movie sucked, Listen stop making these shity movies, get the hell out of bollywood, you should be thankful to people who listen to your ugly voice, For me you are worth nothing,,,,,, seriously if it was in my hands i woould have kicked you out of the industry, also from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you suck dude,,,,,,,, No regrets to say this at all…………….

  • Himesh’s voice is good only for some specific songs e.g. Aashiqe Banaya, Wadah Tanu, some only.. but see his voice tune in the song : hari om hari om.. is so bad!! I just didn’t understand why the hype for this singer.. can’t be compared with Sanu Nigham, he got such a nice voice, very nice, and he should be called : The King of singers in india, then Shan who is good too, and then the rest.

    I loved the voice of the singer who sang for the movie (Masti), the last sad song (Dil De Diyah Hai) what a good song and lyrics, he got a deep voice specially for sad songs, anyone call tell me his name please, if anyone knows?

  • Fathiya, Himesh is a brilliant Music composer (remember Tere Naam). He should really give up singing and especially acting.

    Dil De Diya Hai from Masti was sung by Anand Raj Anand, who is also a quite popular music composer.

  • Indicine Team: Himesh was the music composer of the songs of the movie (Tere Naam)? I didn’t know that but if he was, then he’s brilliant, specially 2 songs ( Teren Naam & Aureni or audeni.. I’m not sure of the correct spelling). Moreover, his voice is not suitable to be used for some actors in movies.. while watching (Namaste London) using his voice for (Akshay Kumar)!! didn’t match at all!

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