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Himesh Reshammiya is back with Karzzz and yet again as a Music Director, Singer and obviously the main protagonist. The movie directed by Satish Kaushik of Tere Naam fame also stars Urmila Matondkar, Shweta Kumar, Bakhtiyaar Irani, Danny Denzongpa, Dino Morea, Raj Babbar and many more!

Reincarnation movies have rarely failed in Bollywood. Right from the yesteryear Karz to Karan Arjun to the more recent Om Shanti Om.. all have struck gold at the box office. Can Himesh Reshammiya’s Karzz remake follow the same path?

Monty (Himesh Reshammiya) is a amazingly popular rockstar, with a fan following that most would dream of. One fine night at a party, Monty meets Tina. At first sight, both fall madly in love with each other. Tina though, leaves the party and returns to her hometown. Soon during one of his shows, he gets into a trance while playing those high notes. Visuals of a beautiful girl with her man, a temple, a palace and a plane crash flash in his mind… all of which leads to a collapse on stage.

Monty takes a break and goes away to Kenya where he finds Tina and also the Mansion! The rest of the tale is about how Monty rediscovers his identity from his previous life to take revenge on those who cruelly killed him.

Karzz Review

Karzz is a Himesh Reshammiya overdose. Its gets monotonous to sit through a movie which has Himesh in almost every frame; either singing, dancing or quite simply hamming his way through. Although the extremely confident star does deserve credit for the effort he has put into the making of the film, he unfortunately can’t act, over the top soon as the scene gets a tad bit emotional. If Aap Ka Surroor had Himesh in just one expression throughout, here we have him in about 2 and half expressions! He managed to extract something out of the pale looking audience, just before the climax, most were in splits when Himesh leaps high in the air to confront one of the villains, infact the action sequences throughout are quite funny to say the least.

Karzz is like one of those Mithun Chakraborty B grade action movies of the 80s targeted mainly towards Himesh’s hardcore fan following based in the interiors of India. The pace is slow, so slow that it could put you into deep slumber. The songs, composed and sung by Himesh himself, lack variety. Ek Haseena Thi, is the only track that stands out.

Urmila Matondkar is poor in the important scenes and guess I noticed a wee bit more of Urmila’s upper torso than most did. Shweta Kumar looks beautiful, but her role demands no scope for histrionics. Danny Denzongpa is fine. Bakhtiyaar Irani is good. Gulshan Grover has a very small role with no dialogues. Dino Morea again has nothing much to do.

Overall, Karzz is a below average product. If your a die-hard Himesh Reshammiya fan, go for it. For the rest, its a big no-no! Business wise, the movie should do well in the smaller towns, but probably will be rejected by the multiplex audience.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ Poor

Other notes: The mutliplex I watched the movie in, was about 10% full, which is quite shocking even for a 11 AM morning show.

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  • its a poor movie,only the songs are good,himesh dont know how to act but he is still trying,i hope his next movie kajrare will be good,urmila performance was also very poor she is a fine actress,i dont know why she cant act in this film,new girl was also wasted rest of the cast was also poor,only 1 star out of 5.

  • Holly Crap ! Total Movie Suckz , Himesh Dnt no 2 Act Only , Urmila Has Losen Her touch in movie n Abt Heroine She want to learn manythings . . Danny n Gulshan is just ok . . Take One Anacin With U Coz If U Not Dat Nose Singer Fan . U Wud Get Headache Sure . . My Rating 4 Movie is 1 . .

  • Crap Crap Crap, it was tough to sit throughout the movie, the older version was fantastic,Shweta does not have the heroine material at all, only Urmila’s presence on the screen made watching the movie worthwhile, but as all the focus was on Himesh it made Urmila,s performance look weak.There is a song after every 5 mins???. Himesh we like to hear songs & not come to theatre to watch songs, instead take out albums & we will watch u perform but plz do not act in films u will lose out on your popularity. My Rating is 0.

  • Original Karz is one my top 10 fav oldies n got it in my dvd collections. It was a brilliant classic from Subash Ghai, as well as a hearttouching romantic story.
    But most thing that dissatisfy me in this new one is its title ending with zz…its really hopeless. Satish must have realised this b4 handling this project.

  • Anyway, let the audiences criticise or appreciate it I must have to spend some bucks on it so that I can compare it with the original Karz.

  • I don’t need to watch it.. the trailer says it’s a crap, even spending 1/2 a minute is too much for a movie who’s starring ( Himesh Reshamiya)! what I’m feeling sorry for is Urmila who is a good actres, and in the trailer of this movie, I could feel that her performance wasn’t that good.. so did someone force her to do it?!! Maybe!!

  • i unfortunately had to attend the premiere of himesh sirs moviebut sadly had difficulty sitting in the multiplex the movie was uttrly atrocious had it not been for kunal with whom i had gone i would have left way early.. the movie didnt make any sense himesh sir cant act and he should acept it why bhushan sir roped him in i dont follow .my advise to bro and sis of this country is to avoid this movie

  • mind blowing movie himesh bhai just rocked little too much songs in the movie but will rock the collections ………………………………….jab tak himesh bhai ka fanclub hai tab tak movie ko stars ki zarrorat nahi koi kuch bhi bole JAI MATA DI LEZ ROCK

  • Himesh has done it once again.. Its good movie.. He has proved to be a good actor. Not surprisingly the songs are too good and their picturisations are incredible.

    Great going…..Congrates.

  • The movie rocks./… Its is the best movie ever made in bollywood….. Himesh is the best actor he may get a national award for KARZZZ….. I’ve started lyieng these days……. yes u fucker himesh,, why dont u kill in one shot insted of making this shit???????

  • himesh bhai you simply rock i can not afford to see your movie coz i can not tollerate it because you are ther however i liked your music and buied a CD for that

  • The BIGGEST comedy of the year!
    I can’t remember laughing so much AT a movie in years! Every frame in which Himesh is present made us laugh our guts out in the cinema hall!
    Watch it, and laugh at its atrocity and mediocrity! Himesh – King of Unintentional Comedy!

  • yet to watch the movie, but seems from the movie review the movie is crap, so may’s well not to watch. sorry himesh.

  • Karzz is the fantastic movie, Satish Kaushik direction is superb and there is a tremendous improvement in all aspects in himesh’s performance, he prove himself again as a no.1 rockstar of the country.
    Perhaps he is the only star in the country who can attract the people individually on his carissma,
    Music of karzz is outstanding, the only thing which can be improved is screenplay of the film..
    beyond that Karzz is a must watch alltogether…..
    well done himeshji;-0

    **** OUT OF *****

  • sounds like shit….!!!! himesh needs to shoot himself, i’d have done that if murder was legal!

    one more thing… never imagined that there could be a ’11 pm morning show’!!!

  • hats off too you Himesh, you did a lot better than i expected. i thought you would go the same way as Sonu Nigam – he really could not act, but you proved us wrong. you have an audience that loves you and your music – no harm in making them happy. no superstar including Abhishek, Kareena, Saif, Akshay etc. were perfect in the first few movies they made – we don’t expect it of you either. all the best you will get there. congratulations on your movie becoming a super blockbuster.

  • If Sonu Nigam was a bad actor, but his voice is the best best best voice in India.. I really love his voice, his voice is even better than Kishore, Ravi, Mukesh, in the past, he is the best singer, so he is (excused) if he tried to do some movies and failed ( the singers normally, male and female, don’t have the good look to be actors, that’s also a fact, they must stick to their main performance as singers only)

  • Bhushan Kumar ne kya och kar bander ko apni film me liya maloom nahi,isse pehli film Bhool Bhuliya kya super film thi,maloom nahi ye langoor apne ko kya samjhata hai harek sector mein fail gandu,mere paisa bekar gaye,kute age se film meien acting aur gana chod do hum logo per meharbani karo.

  • If Himesh can act in any movie then our country has more than 1 billion actors.
    He is king of unintentional comedy. Jay mata di lets Flop

  • the film is doing very well at the box-office. congratulations to all concerned. i think the music is fantastic. rather a remake an Indian movie than the constant remakes of movies from the west.

  • Source: http://boxofficeindia.com/npages.php?page=shownews&articleid=498&nCat=news

    Karzzzz has performed badly at the box office over the weekend. The business in single screens is okay but multiplexes are dull. The best day was Sunday but even then multiplex capacity was just 50%. Monday has seen falls in collections all over.

    The first day business was nearly 3 crore nett so the first weekend is likely to be 9-10 crore nett and the first week likely to be around 12 crore nett which is a poor performance for a film released on around 800 cinemas and sold for for fairly big prices. The film will be a hefty loser for its investors.

    Watch the movie – King of Unintentional Comedy at his BEST! =))

  • for all the himesh fans the movie is worth atleast one watch…just too many songs i would say…himesh acting is musch improved…just found it a bit comical when he did action scenes…maybe we are not having that image of his in our minds….

    for all the non-himesh fans…yaar give this guy a brake all the big superstars of today didnt act too well in their frst few movies….this guy has talent and a big heart thats why he attempts and gives so musch after so much criticism…just love the humility of himesh …and for all the detractors of himesh you people listyen to his music and love it but just cant confess it…give urself a break………

  • Saw this movie out of curiosity, knowing nothing about any of the actors, or of the previous version, at the Cineworld Multiplex in London’s West End, early afternoon show. Only 7 people to keep me company. The script was cliche, acting was mediocre, songs were only so-so. (But the “theme” is still in my mind.) I did, agreeing with some of the comments above, find it hilarious at times, and by the end, some of the others in the audience were joining in my laughter. Part 1 had too many musical numbers, and the story took a long time to start moving. And the hilarious climax of a too-long Part 2 was enlivened by the appearance of virtually the complete cast, out of nowhere, it seemed, making violent curtain-calls! Probably would do better, and I might have enjoyed Karzzzz more with a bigger audience, in the London area, at the Harrow Safari or the Himalaya Palace, but will not be showing anywhere after this Thursday. 2 out of 5.

  • Finally I watched it n wish to give it simply 50-50(good-bad). Positive is that Himesh tried his best n did as much he could justify his role, n he is the only owner of this movie. This remake has its own additional story than the original, but not smooth n romantic as the original. Danny has an interesting role, alongwith Urmila as the burning fire.
    Negative is with the casting. Its shocking how Danny Denzongpa was casted as Muslim Kabira coz he doesnt look at all like Muslim though his character is pleasing. New Shweta was useless n still has a long improvement to be a top actress. After all, originals r always the best.

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