Kaminey and Life Partner – Mumbai Release Date

Kaminey and Life Partner have great buzz around them, and the last thing the makers would have wanted is a delay in release. But unfortunately due to the Swine Flu scare across the country, multiplexes and malls all over the city of Mumbai will remain closed for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Production houses of both films have confirmed that the delay in the film’s Mumbai release, will not affect its release across the country and overseas.

Both films should release on Monday (release date – 17th august) in Mumbai.

For those curious, our reviews (for both Life Partner and Kaminey) will be up on Friday as usual. Quite lucky to have special shows, aren’t we..!



  • indicine team: thnx for ur news …bt den..wud u mind making it clear weather the movie releases on friday in nepal or not????

  • Even before the release of the film the entire Bollywood had a sixth sense feeling that Kaminey would be a hit, but when the film rated as high as 4/5 on many websites, one knew that Vishal Bharadwaj has raced to be India’s top film director.

    Basically a film based on mind games, Kaminey’s story is something to be seen to be believed. As Sahid Kapoor had pointed out, it needs some brains to follow the narrative of this film. Vishal Bhardwaj has treated his audience in a very mature way to figure out some of the events in the film. The film explores the dark side of each person’s personality.

    All-in-all it’s a must watch, keep it high on your priority list!

  • sudeep:
    thx …. bt den kudnt go to wach it today….wud probably go on sunday….u know how full are multiplexes on friday……due to bunkers frm whole ktm….hhahahah….ah even use to wach every 1st show…..while in high skool….hahah…hope da movie is betta den KI and LAK,,,,,,,

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