Kambakht Ishq Box office opening

Akshay Kumar’s Kambakht Ishq has opened to a huge response at the box office and proves yet again that he is one of the most bankable stars in the industry. But a superstar can only gurantee a huge opening, the rest depends on how good / bad the movie is…

Ideally, a Great opening + Good Reviews + Strong word-of-mouth = Sure shot Blockbuster

But the same cannot be said about Kambakht Ishq as although it has opened to 100% collections at preview shows across the country, the critics have slammed the movie and the word-of-mouth is poor.

The advance booking is as good as Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi but the Akshay Kumar film hasn’t managed to surpass the earth shattering response that Aamir Khan’s Ghajini received in the last week of 2008. So with good advance booking, it remains to be seen if the available seats for the weekend will be sold out. If it does, Kambakht Ishq could well be the second hit of 2009.

Update: The trade expects the film to crash on Monday, but can the collections sustain over the weekend is something that remains to be seen. The word-of-mouth from people who have watched the first day first show is extremely poor.

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  • My God,,, I think now you guys are really biased.
    Go read times of India (06/07/2009 Monday)… “Akshay kumar has something to smile….”

    The openings of KI in the north has surpassed that of even Ghajini, leave alone your beloved Rab ne. But of course you guys wud not mention it. Had it been some glossy, mushy SRK film, u’d give a report of every multiplex it got released.
    Trade annalyst, predict, a BOOM (yes,, go read Monday’s paper) not a Crash (as your biased opinions) suggest.
    Another big important thing “a Great opening + Good Reviews + Strong word-of-mouth = Sure shot Blockbuster”. This formula sure used to work in yester years, but with the advent or reviewers like you, its only…
    “a Great opening + Strong word-of-mouth – any reviews = Sure shot Blockbuster”

    Thank god the people are getting inteligent and dont just rely on your reviews.
    Next time you guys write a box opening report, try to stick to facts rather than sprinkling it with your prejudice for any actor or movie.

  • if u go by judging movie scripts and all then u should first tell me y was main hoon na and om shanti om a hit movie

  • srk definitely rocks………but u pepl must not be bias.i definitely say that he is the biggest actor the industry has ever produced……..but dont u think kambakht ishq is an movie with full of entertainment……its half a thousand times better than chadni chowk to china…..tashan.etc

  • Thats it man…..Akki is back with a BANG………. Blockbuster movie…..

    Great pairing with Bebo………the movie once again proves that King Akshay is invincible and is the hottest dude in Bollywood…….sylvester stallone, Routh, and dennise richards are really lucky to share screen with him……Watch out shahrukh and aamri coze’ Akki really is BBAACCKK!!!!!!!!!!

  • the movie is a one time watch….decent acting by akshay and kareena …but the movie lacks in the story department ….though nice dresses

  • Seriously first half of KI movie is hilarious (was not able to control laughing)
    it becomes a bit boring in second part after akky’s operation.
    Otherwise its purely paisa wasool….
    why the hell should i care about story if a movie can make me laugh for some time.

    don’t know who the f*^% have given 1*1/2 to this movie either they hate laughing
    or they just want to see Ekta kapoor’s rone dhone wale serials…………

  • low life people watch low life(CRAP) movies so whateverrrrrrrrr
    all akki fans enjoy this crap movie

  • if u want to waste ur money than go and watch the worst movie ever no story no climax and no mean comedy as well how come akshay can sigh a movie like this i think he nows that it the end for him KI SUCK MAN

  • Hi Bonita,
    why you hate Akky this much I think you are insecure about the SRK’s posotion in B’town………………..
    but because you are insecure dont misguide others be wise……..
    and there is an old saying……..Jo jaisa hota hai usko sab vaise dikhte hai………..
    I think you are beautiful……………its upto you what you think about others(:) CRAP)…………
    Ek bar Akky ko bhi pyar se dekhlo(SRK toh hamesha ke liye hai)………………

  • Akki fan – Just because SRK and salman are fighting it doesnt mean that akshay kumar rocks!! Akshay also had fights with other actors too its not only SRK!!!! SOO SRK DOES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is for indicine team, all the other critics and everyone who thought KI is crap, go check the box office results NOW,,,
    60 crores in 5 days..

    And i thot it was a crappy movie no one is watching.
    This simply fore stalls my earlier view, for a movie to be a superhit at box office,,,, reviews and critics dont really matter.
    Actually they DONT MATTER at ALL.


  • the movie sucks. its REALLY POOR. no doubt about that. akshay kumar only gets good box office with this kind of movie. not a versatile actor. he has shown to fail in different roles. its not him that the public likes, but indian public adores meaningless crap. that’s how they work.

  • sam plz dont post a crap srk king hota to billu barbar ko opening lagti aur woh super flop nai hoti sumhje a betaa aur akki ki public amir se bhi zada hay tabhi etnne opening lag gaye akki fan rock srk kalla banghiiiiiiii king khan hota to amir se jeet jatta ghajiniii se

  • super duper block buster.king akshay rocks again.people who are saying bad movie ,all of them Haklu Khan’s stupid fans .they don’t want to see king akshay on the top,Ki was 1000 times better than trash like RNBJ

  • I had lot of expectations with hollywood actors, but dissapointed right from the start. The entire movies is disastrous. The story, script, screenplay, director below paar. Akshays seems forced to act, Kareena is silly, Javed Jaffery, Boman Irani, Kiron Kher were over acting. Overall the movie will be a flop.

  • I dint see this movie. But i am sure that this movie is going to be scrap bz of lots exp from last akkis movies

    i agree with Bonita & Bejul……….. I Like SRK. SRK is cool and nice person.

    All akkis fans this is for u

    If he is the the king of bollywood & if the movie KI is very very nice let him prove himself by getin Filmfare award

    and someone said that Pink panther 2 is worst than KI
    KI is not worth comparin the movie pink panther

    This r the indians who watch scrap movie

  • total bakwas in bollywood = blockbuster hit. that’s how india works. that whole nation is bakwas. akshay kumar is crap and that movie is meaningless crap.

  • even though that man report from indiafm that Ki made like what 100 cr its all a lie lol

    here is the truth and I only believe boxofficeindia

    Kambakkht Ishq had an excellent first week of around 36 crore nett. The film has done brilliant business in the North while collections in South India circuits like Mysore are on the lower side. The collections on the 8th day have shown a big fall of around 65-70%.

  • akshay another greate job…………………..

    akki is the real king in bollywood……………..

  • if any1 can watch srk’s crap action movies lik main hoon na n om shanti om>>whr he try to do action ,which evn he shld nt think off>>>>bcoz it doesnt suit on him>>n he has jus done crap thr>>>bt still people watch n love>>if u can watch tht>>thn KI is far bttr to choose

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