Kamal Haasan to remake ‘PK’ in Tamil?

Legendary Actor Kamal Haasan is all set to remake Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘PK’ in Tamil. Sources say, Gemini Film Circuit has acquired the remake rights of the film. There are also reports that Haasan might direct the film himself.

“Gemini Film Circuit has acquired the film’s remake rights and Kamal Haasan is expected to play the lead. Gemini had already remade two of Hirani’s films and they were really impressed with ‘PK’ too. Kamal sir will choose the director of his choice. He might even direct it” a source close to the development said.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

Hirani’s previous two movies were also remade in Tamil.

Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan, PK is the highest grossing film in the history of Indian Cinema.



  • @iamAKN : PK script was written before OMG…and OMG is also a remake of some gujrati film..the similarity between OMG and PK is very minimal…if u take it as a remake or copied then according to you all the movies ever made based on any category..be it action,love triangles,rom com all are copied.
    You should be glad that atleast RK picked up this subject though it was already shown in OMG….
    i can consider it as a movie based on GOd’s existence…only as a subject or category.
    For example there are numerous movies made on comedy of errors….so u cant say all movies were copied…thats a subject its upto director how they show it…u got my point ?

  • @gj007

    who said u that umesh sukla of OMG has said that PK is completely different from OMG.

    Just go and read the statement once again. According to him Theme of PK n OMG is same but plot is different.

    Again if one is completely remake of bollywood movie in bollywood and also of a big star such as akshay does that movie survive???

    So the plot should be obviously different dude.

    But actually PK was more or less saying same as OMG also in a wrong way.

  • Salute to Legend Kamal Hassan cos he doesnt remake blockbuster shit instead he remakes well made films like Munnai bhai, A wednessday, PK etc

  • OMG and PK gives same message. OMG, which released few years ago had grossed close to 100 crores with Paresh rawal in lead and now PK has grossed 300 crs that means most people in India do agree with the message which both films have given. Both films didnt say god doesnt exist but says abt swami and ppl like them who make people to waste lot of money and energy in the name of gods.

  • @shail007

    By your logic, every Dharma film is “sequel” of DDLJ or KKHH. The word sequel is highlighted because IMAKN said PK is OMG – 2 Comparisions are being made only because thematically PK and OMG are verydifferent than your regular mainstream movies.

    Just because the theme is same doesn’t mean it’s the same thing. The plot is completely different and the approach is more sincere in PK.

    “PK was more or less saying same as OMG also in a wrong way.”

    I’m sorry but that’s your POV. I look back at OMG and I realize how ‘crowd pleasing’ it was. Bringing Akshay is Lord was a huge compromise just to please believers, while PK is unabashedly honest about its intentions. Just because you can’t digest a movie doesn’t make it ‘wrong’ and we have discussed enough about this already!

  • May be I am odd man here…but I dont think pk is above good movie…even his acting is also good not excellent. ..I dont hate aamir but I dont like when people saying pknis great movie or it is his best performance. …aamir in rangilaa, rang de basanti, sarfarosh are far better than pk…even movie is not bettet than above mentioned movies…..
    about remake I guarantee it will garner only average collection there ….mark my word…

  • Our complan boy who struggles with grasping english is now giving mathematical lessons… Well I suggest the fool heads to FilmKraft SuperToy Store where Rakesh ji can use his expertise to unveil the true collections of Jaadoo 3 coz I for one certainly do not need the fools help…!

    You moronic ape- I was making a point- for every 1 person who saw OMG 4 saw PK- similar genre similar story- thats kings filmography you fool- every other movie was a romcom- every other movie he played Raj, Rahul, Raj, Rahul etc etc etc and now the hypocrites want to say two religious messgage orientated movies are unaccaptable when you guys have spent 20 yrs drooling at n watching your king play the same character n do the same dance step- stand still, back arched and arms spread out wide…. Go get a life losers

  • @CCB SSS aka DCB

    MNIK a Masterpiece…? really- more like a catastrophe…. Yes our Mr Bean Khans act was so memorable that our king replicated that same act again in Ratoon Point One for his Ratoon character but this time audiences were scared by the spooky mr bean like avatar of king….

  • Everybody knows that this clown ‘I Am A Sad Khan’ is so anti PK for no reason other than he found the transistor reference in the movie a personal insult to him. …!

    Before then he was happily walking around his apartment infront of his boyfriend covered in nothing but a triple AAA size battery but the size of Aamirs transistor has made him feel very small- so small that he cant perform anymore for his lover- our syed khan…!

  • @gj007

    u hav said right that we have discuss enough on this. Actually i also don’t want to discuss on that. That’s why i havn’t write what was wrong or right in PK or max. people praise it.

    I hav wrote PK wasn’t completely different from OMG.

    Tell me while watching PK u havn’t think for once that u hav seen something like this in OMG.

    If yes then how it is completely different.

    About PK is OMG 2 i don’t know about that and don’t want
    to discuss on that.

  • @gj007

    Also about “Crowd praising PK”

    i hav read ur comments on AiB show article.

    U didn’t like joke on serious disease like ebola and aids on that.

    Remember what they say > 9 million watch their show and 10 like on 1 dislike.

    Even i hav comment on one article that they hav made a joke to those who like PK and dislike AIB show. Actually that comment was especially for u but may be u havn’t read or ignore it.

    Now what u say???

    Crowd praising it…

  • @zain,agree with you.in whole south I only could manage to watch a complete south movie of one actor and he is kamal sir.hardly I withstand 10-15 minutes of every actor even rajni sir also but some big movies I only saw to find their flaws and also I found those movies were big craps.south is so lucky to have such a gem actor.probably HIS HEY RAM,CHACHI 420 etc.why are you comparing an overactor with kamal sir,it’s an insult.pk is a highly overacting movie ,amir crossed each and every limit for overacting,even talash performance was far better than thus crap performance though that movie was a big crap.

    @gj007,to please believers?what do you want to say?all of WE are worshiping OUR GOD blindly?didn’t you believe in GODS or it’s your classless director’s pk tends to made you to thought like that? today you said don’t believe in GOD .tomorrow you’ll say believe in aliens?this is the exact reason why I hated your fantasy crap pk?1st of they do shameless hiking ticket job then targeted religion.I don’t to even compare this crap with OMG.BTW what’s the connection of this crap with Dharma and those unique class movies?ha ha I know you’re KJO hater,your classless directors should have to learn from HIM enough how to be versatile rather than so.e meaningless classless fantasy craps.

  • @sss

    actually @gj007 want’s to say every Dharma production is a remake i.e > a love story same theme

    by the way i like ur comment

  • @ legend and neeraj fully agree with y guys and @ i am Akn first watch pk its sory line then say its copy and by the way which critic has said that its copy of omg please give us tge reference or prooves. kuch pta to rehta nhi bhonke pehle aajate h

  • @sss

    You’re too foolish to deserve a reply. A guy who says 26 January is Independence Day doesn’t deserve any reply. Watch Cartoon Network. Best suited for your IQ!


    I will reply you in 2 parts.

    1. On PK:

    I never said how crowd praised PK. Read my comment again. I said, OMG was ‘crowd pleasing’ meaning it was operated in a safer zone where they convinently avoided talking about religion. The comment was only on blind faith, while PK actually talked about religion.

    Just for your info, I don’t agree with some portions of PK, particularly the moorti worship scene. I worship the moorti of my God because it gives me hope. When I feel insecure I look at the moorti which gives me the hope that things are going to change and God will repair the things. Do I know the God? No. Does he give me hope? Yes. That is exactly how I look at God.

    Hirani and my thoughts are somewhat different but what he was trying to say is stop saying, “My God is the Best!” and stop creating hatred on the name of religion. I forgive the film’s innumerable plot-holes and many unconvincing portions if the overall film is trying to tell something relevant and I support PK for courageously talking about religion. The first point is were they aiming to offend people? No. They tried really hard not to offend anyone but they couldn’t manage it. We can go on and go one about this and the reason for writing such a long comment about my beliefs is because some people are mistaking me to as an atheist.

  • @shail007

    2. On AIB roast.

    I don’t think I have ever said, PK is great because majority liked it. If I ever said that, I was totally wrong. And I must apologise for making such a foolish comment. Like I previously said, We all have our own viewpoints and opinions and we mustn’t necessarily agree with each other.

    I didn’t like the Ebola joke because when I was in school my friends used to make fun of my Asthma. The annoying memories got revived due to their cringe-worthy joke. No AIDS or Ebola patient can laugh on such a joke and I found it crass.

    Yet, I must also say that I was totally wrong in nitpicking one or two jokes from the entire roast. That’s the same thing which happened with PK. Pk and AIB are both victims of brutal nitpicking. The difference is, PK didn’t want to offend people while the roast was meant to be offensive but people like me failed to lighten up and enjoy the offence.

    Overall, the roast was a filthy, crude, sexist like any other roast and yes, it was quite funny in parts. Particularly when they were roasting Masand and Raghu. I think over a period of time my thoughts on the roast will change. But the 10 to 1 ratio of likes will not be the reason for that change. I’ll be happy to be in the minority if it looks offensive even after say 3-4 years. If it doesn’t I’ll then be the part of majority!

  • List of faaltu Actors in Bollywood—>SRK,Varun,Ranveer,.Tushar,Fardeen

    Top Class Actors Today—>Aamir,Ranbir,Salman,,Hrithik.,Ajay,Shahid.

  • @gj007,oh my!then why are you thinking like we are so obsessed to get a reply from you or we’re here only to hang on with you like jobless.

    About republic day,yeah that was a mistake.but what about your loin community claiming pk seen by 80% Indians?,lol.and how could you think even peoples will take interest of having a conversation with such person who hated directors like KJO and SLB ?your comment shouldn’t deserve at least one time read also.only I forced to reply to morons like you who even targeted THE GOD for a crap director.majboori hai koi shauk nahi,samjha.

  • @gj007

    now again this is my last comment, actually i don’t want to indulge myself in pk controversy but i don’t know why i do same again.

    It wil be in 2 part

    Ok 1st point is u have said crowd pleasing not crowd praising. Is any difference in that?? Actually from crowd pleasing, i think u want to say max. People love it, isn’t it???

    2nd if u read my previous comments sincerely on pk, even i said pk was a good movie which raise questions on baba and blind faith on religious sentiments but there was 2-3 points wrong which should be cut down, after which also movie is very good.

    Next in 2nd part

  • @gj007

    Last but not least u hav said that a movie having some unconvincing point but relatively strong message in it then u can ignore those points.

    If this is ur thinking then i think amir should make a very good movie on hindus(show something good or bad, however he wants to treat) but for once in one scene he should say that hindu ch*t*y* hai
    jo murti puja karte hain jaise unhe pata ho ki bhagwan aise hote hain or anything unconvincing about hindu. As he has said something same but not use offensive word like me and we have discuss on this earlier not again.

    And u people just start praising it, oh sorry pleasing it.

    About max. People love it i said also majority selects someone to govern us & u know who are they…Very well

  • P.K is like a copy and the remake of O.M.G, everyone knows this. so why is this so called kamal hassan proudly say that he will copy the O.M.G script. P.K didn’t have any original script and was one of the worst film of Hirani. Munna bhai mbbs and lage raho, 3 idiots were 90% better than P.K. and don’t forget P.K had the most hiked price in the history of Indian cinema. Hirani have lost contents in his cinema. P.K was sucessful because of Hirani and his work. But this time it was just a copy and screenplay was also not that great this time. It was also overrated!!! overhyped!!

  • @Shail007,thanks a lot for liking my comments.

    BTW let me tell some major flaws of pk—-

    If pk can transfer all the language knowledge as well feelings(from the prostitute and later with an old man dating her wife at their anniversary) repectively.that means he got known about feelings and thinkings of people.then a simple question why he couldn’t able to known about everyone’s feelings about THE GOD .and why did unnecessary drama in TEMPLE/CHURCH/MOSQUE.one answer-only to troll illiterate audiences,lol.that shows how raju’s thinking is nothing but a biggest stupidity.

    2nd one,the hands to hand transformation of language,feelings/knowledge,ROFL.

    This what a sensible class movie,my foot.even watching humshakals/tmk is better to watch which has insane and much comedy other than these RELEGION targeting zero sensible reality fantasy crap.this is what the taste of Indians!!!!! Truly hats off,ROFL.

  • Honestly i didn’t like PK because pk targeted HINDUS religion and make fun about Lord Shiva. They should cut 3 scene of pk movie. I like OMG more than pk.

  • @CCB SSS aka DBD

    I wish not just for your sanity but for everyones sake our beloved PK touches your comment one time so that we all can make sense of it….

    How ironic or tragic deprnding on your stance that you off all ppl are looking for flaws in others logics when finding anything remotely sensible in your comment is more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack….

  • P.K was a bad remake of O.M.G, Rajkumar hirani took all the audience for granted this time. His movies had contents, unbiased and clean humor before but this time it was targeted to hindu and fault in Hinduism mostly. It was not as clean humor as there was in munna bhai series and 3 idiots. Rajkumar hirani took the comfort jone and didnt even thought about the sensibility of the move. And right the transfer of feeling and language. If Amir could transfer the feeling then he should have known how a human being feels about god. Like i said before rajkumar harani have taken audience for granted this time. This is Raju’s worst work till date. He have fooled the illiterate indian audience in a worst way.

  • @SRK33

    U Have said everything right in ur whole comment except one point that is hirani choose comfort zone. Actually criticizing religion faith is isn’t in a comfort zone. But nevertheless he has done it in a wrong way.

    By d way u hav said correctly that he has fooled the illitrate indians by this movie.

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