Kamal Haasan to remake ‘PK’ in Tamil?

Legendary Actor Kamal Haasan is all set to remake Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘PK’ in Tamil. Sources say, Gemini Film Circuit has acquired the remake rights of the film. There are also reports that Haasan might direct the film himself.

“Gemini Film Circuit has acquired the film’s remake rights and Kamal Haasan is expected to play the lead. Gemini had already remade two of Hirani’s films and they were really impressed with ‘PK’ too. Kamal sir will choose the director of his choice. He might even direct it” a source close to the development said.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

Hirani’s previous two movies were also remade in Tamil.

Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan, PK is the highest grossing film in the history of Indian Cinema.



  • @IamAKN.. who said PK was a stolen script?? It was a original script that was written before OMG. The alien concept was completely new and the message was different too. Stop hating unnecessarily.

  • Aamir,Hirani steal OMG script, and said & called it a real Cinema (LOL) & copy the acting of MR Bean and Said it’s my career best work (HAHAHA yes interms of stealing script and ideas from novals)

    now Kamal Hassain will copy the movie of Copy movie (PK) which was copy of OMG & will Copy the acting of Aamir which was Copy of Mr-Bean? HAHA

    SUB Golmal hai Golmal..

    Better Kamal Hussan remakes a Good & real movie like Ugly, Ankhon Dekhi instead of a Copy, Sex movie like PK..

  • It would be great if Kamal plays the lead role.He could play any character with perfection.Earlier there were reports that Vijay may play reprise Aamir’s role in Pk remake.I don’t think Vijay would have been the right guy to play such a complex role.I didn’t like him much in Nanban.
    @Iamkn Omg was remade as gopala gopala in telugu not in Tamil.

  • @Neeraj DUDE every person who has watched PK & called it a Copy of OMG,, even you know this very well. i even saw some Aamir fans discussing that it was same story like OMG they were disappointed. leave Aamir fans even many people including most of critics who gave reviews on twitter called it a copy of OMG, inspired from OMG, & some of them called it OMG 2..

  • @ IMAKN

    This fool has more knowledge about OMG’s script that Umesh Shukla himself! Shukla himself said PK is different from OMG but this jobless joker is still passing foolish remarks!

    Really? kamal Hassan copying Aamir? Aamir copying Mr.Bean? Have you seen the movie in the theafter or on a cheap pirated copy? Aamir’s “Jee” expression where he learns language was one of the best in recent times. Kamal Hassan sir is already a legend. He doesn’t need to copy anybody. Stop this crass you fool!

  • This type overrated mediocre film’s remake doesn’t suits to actor of this caliber like kamal hasan.but truth is everyone is running after money.

  • Good to see south eager to remake good bollywood films..if we can remake their blockbusters,we should give them our films to remake…
    Recently OMG remake Gopala Gopala released there..now PK is being remade..
    Special 26 is being remade with RaviTeja in lead role.
    Good to see.

  • Look our retarded friend ‘I Am A Numpty’ is once again comparing a movie like OMG which 80% of indians gave a miss to a movie that 80% of indians saw again n again..,,!

    And the Mr Bean reference- ha what a joke- you forget your retarded rizwan khan act of king in ‘My Name Is Asad Khan And I Am A Retard’…? Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson will himself say Aamirs act is impossible to replicate but our kings acting can be equalled or bettered by even the tusshars, jacky or shreyas talpades of this world..!

    PK storm is still seriously affectiong the mentality of loons like asad n our complan boy even today…

  • @ImAkN

    “Every person who has watched PK & called it a Copy of OMG,, even you know this very well.”

    Pk’s footfalls are around 2.5 crores. You mean, you 2.5 crore people told you it’s a copy of OMG?

    “Even saw some Aamir fans discussing that it was same story like OMG they were disappointed”

    Who? What? When? How? “Some” people is a vague term. Call out their names, and tell me how many told you this. Don’t behave like you did on IMDB. Stop faking!

    ” Most of critics who gave reviews on twitter called it a copy of OMG, inspired from OMG, & some of them called it OMG 2..”

    What credibility to these Twitter reviewers have? These Twitter addicts even trended Boycott Haider talking trash about a gem of a movie. Who the hell are they to declare whether Pk is OMG sequel or not?

  • Kings mentally challenged fans cannot accept Aamirs success in remaking movies n making them into ATBBs like a Ghajini or now a supposedly PK. Afterall they all know when their king remade iconics Devdas n Don both films were absolute crapfests compared to Amit jis or Dilip sahbs original masterpieces…! Ofcourse in more recent memory they have a Ratoon Point One which made Green Lantern look like an Avatar type movie…!

  • Red Chillies offered our Kamal Sir the option to buy remake rights of Ratoon Point One but before they could receive an answer the line from kamal Sirs home office went dead…..

  • Our King wanted to acquire remake rights of Dasavathaaram from Aascar Pvt Ltd and Kamil Sir but Kamal Sir refused to even discuss the idea as it was blatantly obvious to him our King hadnt even seen the movie…! King was more concerned about which 10 heroines he was going to cast in the movie so he could spend 15 mins courting, romancing them before spending 5 mins bedding them before moving onto next heroine etc etc

    Kamal sir rightly declined kings offer n subsequently preserved the legacy of his 2008 classic from being ruined by our king.

  • Kamal Sir was first offered MNIK but he rightly declined the chance as he felt he should first speak to Rowan Atkinson to buy the master remake rights to the Mr Bean character unlike King/ Dharma who plagiarised his iconic Mr Bean character…!

  • Now what I can say if some old retard will compare some out of world fantasy league unreality crap ‘pk’ with an larger than life character of “RIZWAN KHAN” in MNIK.

    @navin,you said me fool.now see you make yourself the biggest loon.80% of Indians watched pk?have you really gonna mad?if so with an average ticket price of ₹50 watched by 80% Indian(100cr) peoples.than the collection 5000INR.but pk’s collection is 340cr.5000so-340=4660cr.so where rest 4660 rupees gone?

    So if I will consider true ticket price and excluding double hiked ticket price by amir& vvc.then hardly 10-11% people might have seen repeatedly some loons could be twice in theatres.so this must be a great joke millennium by our Auncle,lol.

    pk couldn’t be compared even the foot of MNIK if considering the true class and reality.don’t know what kind of movie loon retarded losers are they ,comparing a crap with a MASTERPIECE?

  • @IamAKN lol You are burning so much from PK success.
    To burn you even more I remind you it has done 340 crore in India and $25 million in overseas. “Highest grossing film of all time in India and Worldwide” PK’s average critics rating is 4/5, much more than OMG.
    OMG filmmaker himself said PK is different from OMG. So continue burning.

  • Aamir’s act in PK was 10 times better than SRK’s overacting in MNIK. In fact
    Aamir in PK >> Aamir in Dhoom 3 (Samar) >> SRK in MNIK

  • Difference between PK and Oh my god movie.

    OMG says Initially there is no god and going forward believes that there is god but depicted god in human form.

    Pk movies initially goes from there are many gods to believe in one God who created all of us. But remember it never depicted god in human form instead it emphasizes the God who created the entire universe need to require any support from human beings. Do not wear any amulets or worship idols who can’t do anything.

    Muslim will prefer the movie PK over OMG because PK movie concept is nothing but Islam.

  • @Navin, remember that SRK and dilip Kumar are the only actors who got 8 film fare awards in the entire Indian film industry.. Aamir Khan and Salman Khan are not even close…It will be their dream which they can never fulfill!!!

  • Great ….. Astonishing…amzaing… Srk aamir legend….

    PS:- Posted it to get likes from khans to get support for flop tevar………….

  • Navin : atleast SRK didn’t make a crap south remake like Ghajini.. Devdas script was totally different as well as Devdas won 10 Film-fare award which is highest award, Devdas is in top interms of wining most Film-Fare award.. & in 2002 it was the worst time for Bollywood, non actor gave a blockbuster but Devdas was the only movie which became ‘Blockbuster in 2002 bec of SRK’s Fantastic acting as well even Dilip Kumar said SRK did better acting than me in Devdas, it was better than the original movie,, as well as Devdas is a way bigger hit than South, Crap Remake Ghajini… (it is a BIG SLAP FOR A DUMB TINGU FAN LIKE you)… and btw what Ghijini Got? TAG of South, Shit Remake, Copy of south Remake…..?

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