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Kai Po CheKai Po Che Movie Review by Indicine critic Joginder Tuteja.

Pure and unadulterated would be the right way to describe ‘Kai Po Che!’. A film that stays on to be an engaging watch right through it’s duration where there is no distinction per se between the first and the second half (a big deal indeed in the current scenario), ‘Kai Po Che!’ ensures that audience’s attention is undivided.

Most importantly, this Abhishek Kapoor directed film manages to score in narrating a story when to begin with, there is no definite story in the true sense. Instead, it could well be a film about the life and times of three friends who see a series of events that bring in series of emotions that range from joy, pathos, bonding, conflict and forgiveness. All of this also means that for those who are used to watching their flicks unfold in a quintessential Hindi film format, the film may not turn out to be conventionally entertaining.

Still, good credit must go to Abhishek and Chetan Bhagat who ensure that despite the film being episodic in its format, it never once takes the shape of an episodic narrative. Now this was ‘One mistake of Pankaj Kapur’s Life’ in ‘Mausam’ which actually had almost similar manner of unfolding. Reason being that ‘Kai Po Che!’ spans through 10 years and has its characters go through the events that had shook Gujarat as well as rest of the nation.

This means that for the three young men, Rajkumar Yadav, Amit Sadh and Sushant Singh Rajput (this is the order in which they are credited in the film), there are events like the horrifying earthquake and then the riots which can never be erased from history. In the middle of this all there is also this great Test match win of India over Australia that forms an integral part of the story.

However what surprises is to see a young budding cricketer forming an extremely important part of the film. Now while this does form an interesting part in the film, especially when the cricket sequences are on, one does wonder if this episode could have been shortened and more focus would have been on the three main protagonists.

Ditto is the case with the whole Sabarmati and the Godhra incidents that form a major part of the film’s second half. Again, each of the scenes is deftly executed and thankfully there is not much jingoism involved. Still, why reopen those chapters that have been a blot on India’s history? Of course it is the prerogative of a filmmaker and Abhishek has all the right reasons to narrate a story that he wishes. However when a film has been pitched to audience as a take of three friends, this angle seems a tad unwarranted.

Nevertheless, it is Abhishek’s handling of the medium that ensures that one doesn’t look away even once. Really, one can’t (and should not) pick one character over another in terms of importance, relevance of effectiveness. Whether it is Rajkumar, Sushant or Amit, each of them is just perfect for the part and is more than just a value add to the film.

Moreover, what works best for each of them is that there is a sense of being natural which is conveyed in every dialogue being delivered and every walk being taken. Ditto for Amrita Puri whose presence is felt right through the film. Also, the actor who plays Amit’s uncle is too good. Thankfully, he breaks the stereotype of a politician that one is used to seeing on screen. Technically too the film is top notch, right from the cinematography, background score, sound design and editing.

Commercially speaking, the film should do well at the box office, given its multiplex friendly content. This reasonably budgeted film has opened well at multiplexes and for the target audience there is decent meat to munch on. Though one can’t see the film creating unstoppable waves at the box office, its good opening as well as promise of decent sustenance at theatres would ensure that it not just sails through but also make decent profits.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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  • I had only one issue with Kai Po Che and that was the ending. It was way too unrealistic and it honestly killed the experience for me. It was just too hard to digest that all three men landed at the same place, revealing more would be a major spoiler.

    But yes, disappointing ending to what was a very good film.

  • Movies with A list superstars and insane budget are craps.. but get 4 stars.

    A small movie like Kai Po Che that touches your heart and makes you smile.. gets just 3? Not fair Joginder

  • heartfelt, honest, moving. A little patchy in parts, but good. Sushant and Rajkumar stand out. Wish the dialogues were better

  • best performance was from Amit Sadh.

    Susanth singh is not a good looking actor.. wont go a long way in the industry.

  • Don’t get what the fuss is all about? Frankly, the movie was strictly average. First half was good, but the second half dragged endlessly and was utterly boring.

    KPC also didnt have a proper storyline. The love story was also half baked.

  • Joginder Tuteja.. Just 3 stars for this exceptionally brilliant movie? You gave the same rating to craps like Murder 3!!?

  • Kai Po Che is a brilliant example of how a film can be purely meaningful and realistic.. Welcome break from all the masala / remake craps that the industry has been churning out like there is no tomorrow.

  • I’m going with four out of five for ‘Kai Po Che’. It’s only February, but one of the year’s best films has arrived. ****

  • A class depiction of Gujarat and one of the darkest periods that the state has witnessed. It aptly puts forth the wonderful camaraderie between three friends, which in course runs through the plot of the movie. to sum it up, it gives us a wonderful backdrop and a wonderful two hours of movie watching. Hats off to Sushant! and all the other actors who have done good justice to their roles.

  • An amazing movie… one which you will like to see again and again, specially with your close friends. As fresh as Dil chahta hai, As enjoyable as 3 Idiots and as rocking as Rock On but still very different from all of three. Superlative performances, great music and amazing direction makes this movie a must watch over the weekend- may be twice! Enjoy it!

  • Jogindar sir,,you are surely a partial towards your boss salaman,,you give 4 star to crap movies like dabang 2 and give only 3 star to brilliant movie like kpc.R u serious?

  • Indeed one of the brilliant Indian Contemporary films made, that has the elements of Mani Ratnam, Anurag Kashyap, Farhan Akhtar and Nagesh Kukunoor, that has shades of “Rock On!!”, “Dil Chahta Hai”, “Swades” and “Rang De Basanti”. After “Rock On”!!, director Abhishek Kapoor’s narration makes you proud of the contemporary India, despite few slow pace in between, having some riveting moments. You actually forget the original book and get lost in the film.The film starts up as a friend’s film and ends up as a Social film. The first plus point is the film’s witty script (Abhishek Kapoor, Chetan Bhagat, Purbali Mukherjee and Supratik Sen) which shows a brilliant development of the characters within the changing times and the main plot points of the Gujarat Earthquake and Riots have been shown brilliantly. The second plus point is the Cinematography by Anay Goswamy whose Red Pixel Camera and Lighting work brilliantly showcases the Vibrant nature of Gujarat, along with the sharp editing by Deepak Bhatia. The DI work is great. The third point is the music score by Amit Trivedi and Sachin whose music fits the narration. The fourth point is the great performances by Raj Kumar Yadav, Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri and Debutant Sushant Singh Rajput steals the show and proves why he is the television superstar

  • Dont waste time on movies like Dabangg 2 and Ek tha tiger.. watch movies like Kaipoche. Well worth the price of ticket and more.

  • Kai po che was a good movie.. May be a tad bit slow but a good movie none the less.. N i dnt understand y people r speaking against masala cinema.. I as a viewer enjoy both, whether it b a kai po che or a dabangg.. N both kind of movies deserve their space

  • @dabangg..kai po che is brilliant movie but it doesn’t mean ek tha tiger and dabangg 2 r bad movies……..!! They are also brilliant movies of different zenre…SUSHANT will be a big star….

  • WTF
    with @Jogi
    A complete paid reviewer she is.
    He gave 4 star to murder 3,D2
    And 3/5 to KPC
    He should be ashamed.
    Sorry but i couldnt control my emotions:(
    I already have seen it twice,despite my mid-semester.

  • Waste of Time & Money!!! 1st Half — 1 Star & 2nd Half — 2 Star for the Movie.

    I dont agree the 3 Mistake and also Movie Title “Kai po che” which is “I have cut the kite” no where connected to the base movie. The title is used once when “Ali the Small Child Hero & Upcoming Cricket Star” cut one of the kite in some competetion.

    The mistakes which is getting highlighted in the movie is getting already covered in many movies on regular basis. Also the mistakes are not connected to the climax of the movie… Falling in Love, is it a Mistake? Investing in business with Loan, is it a Mistake?? All movies based on Cricket, Politics, Riots & Business Aspirations/Dreams doesnt become success stories/movies. There is no great message in the movie.

    Success Benchmark Movies For Cricket — ‘Lagaan’, Politics — ‘Rajneeti’, Riots — ‘Bombay’, Business Aspiration/Dreams — ‘Guru’

    Lead Actors were really performing good at sometime but showing more of excitement than acting at manytimes…

    I think Chetan & Abhishek are only encashing the movie based on 3 idiots sucess stories.
    People will think that this movie is also based on Chetan’s Novel hence it will also be as good as 3 idiots but I am sure when people will come out of theatre they will only say “My Mistake”. Rgds

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