Kai Po Che Box Office Collections: First Day

Kai Po CheKai Po Che has collected Rs 4 crores (approx) on it’s first day at the box office, which is pretty good for a film released on 800 screens in India.

The ‘male-bonding’ film has fared very well at big-city multiplexes.. Bangalore and Mangalore (Mysore circuit), New Delhi and Noida (Delhi/UP circuit), Gurgaon (East Punjab), Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad (Mumbai circuit) were excellent.

Kai Po Che is likely to show good growth over the weekend, as the response has been simply out of the world. It’s one of those rare critically acclaimed films, which hasn’t received a single negative or average review. (Check our detailed review scale).

The occupancy for the morning shows on Saturday were slightly higher than Friday (5-10%) at a few centres, which is a good sign.

Stay tuned for all the updates on Kai Po Che Box Office. How much do you think the film will collect in it’s first weekend? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • 3.75 as per boi and akki starrer so called intelligent movie did 5.50 just crore differnce btw akki and newcomer?comparin with srk? lol

  • @anand the so called intelligent film of srk ‘swades’ flopped at box office.even new comers films becoming hit with good content.and the so called ‘king’ good film flops at bo even with good content.SHAME ON SRK.comparing with akshay.LAUGH OUT LOUD.

  • Samar,if u r reminding of srk then let me remind akk’s movies that,where was ur akki at that time n by the way swadesh was flop only in india

  • @jitendra,at that time when srk’s swades flopped.akshay was giving garam masala,mujhse shadi karogi,bhagambhag,aitraaz and hit movies like this.and so what swades was flop in india???sp.26 is not flop in india not overseas.got it.and btw,i said about srk because some foolish srk fans were saying bad things about akshay.if you can’t hear bad thing about your favourite star,don’t say bad about other’s favourite star.

  • Samar fogot abt joker,thankyou,patiala house,desi boyzz,cc2c,etc etc etc n d list goes onn….
    N u r talking abt only one flop of shahrukh n dat too swades.
    Which wazzz a classicc…!!!!

  • O hello samar let me remind u that i just answered about ur rude behaviour toward srk,if u r reminding of that then let me remind that 2004 was a year which belong to only SRK having veer zara n main hu na,the combine of these total wud u equal the movies of ur akki movies,akshay s nthg in front of srk,he can act only in comedy n remakes

  • N for ur kind information,let be fair,bhagambhag was a 2006 movie having multistarar cast n garam masala was a 2005 movie n mujhse shadi karogi was havin akshay behind salman n did u remember aitraz-veer zara clash n wat was the result u know very well

  • @jitendra let me tell you,i didn’t started the conversation.it was anand who became rude first of all comparing akki with new comer which is pure BULLSHIT.which was the reason i said bad about srk’
    and ‘akki is nothing infront of srk’,its your personal openion.not truth.so don’t be rude.and i said about bhagambhag,mujhse shadi karogi,garam masala because they were released around that time.not in that year,i know.and btw,if bhagambhag was a multistarer,then so was ra.one and oso.(govinda=arjun now-a-days).
    and about veer zaara-aitraaz clash,yes i know about that clash that former was superhit(yash chopra returning after 7-8 years,biggest plus point) and later was hit.
    @damnn…your name suggests your class,nothing to say to you.BASTARD.

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