Kai Po Che Meaning

A lot of readers have e-mailed us asking what Kai Po Che means in English and if it’s a Hindi word.

Well, Kai Po Che in English simply means ‘I have cut’. The phrase ‘Kai Po Che’, a Gujarati word, is commonly used while flying kites. It’s a victory shot, implying that he has just cut the string of the other kite and he is the winner.

In the film, Ishaan and Ali are shown to be participating in a kite flying competition and as soon as Ali cuts a kite, Ishaan victoriously screams ‘Kai Po Che’.

Ask director Abhishek Kapoor why he decided to call the film Kai Po Che, he says “I had initially decided to call the film Ahmedabad. But I did not like the sound of that title. Many have asked me why I have titled the film ‘Kai Po Che’, but once you see the film, or hear it from others, you will appreciate the title”

The English version of Kai Po Che has been titled ‘Brothers for Life’.

Kai Po Che Kite Flying

Kai Po Che Kite Flying – Ali and Ishaan (notice the kites in the background)



  • This is a complex,well played,fantastically cinematographed movie,wont be understood by some salman fans,who have no brain or iq

  • Waste of Time & Money!!! 1st Half — 1 Star & 2nd Half — 2 Star for the Movie.

    I dont agree the 3 Mistake and also Movie Title “Kai po che” which is “I have cut the kite” no where connected to the base movie. The title is used once when “Ali the Small Child Hero & Upcoming Cricket Star” cut one of the kite in some competetion.

    The mistakes which is getting highlighted in the movie is getting already covered in many movies on regular basis. Also the mistakes are not connected to the climax of the movie… Falling in Love, is it a Mistake? Investing in business with Loan, is it a Mistake?? All movies based on Cricket, Politics, Riots & Business Aspirations/Dreams doesnt become success stories/movies. There is no great message in the movie.

    Success Benchmark Movies For Cricket — ‘Lagaan’, Politics — ‘Rajneeti’, Riots — ‘Bombay’, Business Aspiration/Dreams — ‘Guru’

    Lead Actors were really performing good at sometime but showing more of excitement than acting at manytimes…

    I think Chetan & Abhishek are only encashing the movie based on 3 idiots sucess stories.

    People will think that this movie is also based on Chetan’s Novel hence it will also be as good as 3 idiots but I am sure when people will come out of theatre they will only say “My Mistake”.

  • @manish.. U really got to grow up my friend movies are for fun.. Entertainment.. U want great message go read holy books.. They are plenty out thr.. This movie was quite a success.. U must have known that by now… Phew…

  • Always not necessary that every decision of ours would change our life but surely it will change our perspective to seek from life..
    The story unfolds various phases of life as like many other films but the point to be noted is, when we think it’s the end it’s not actually , there’s where we start new!!

  • I completely agree with you on the relevance of Kai Po Che in today’s times. The movie’s themes of hope, perseverance, and the importance of standing up for what is right are incredibly important in today’s society. The film’s portrayal of the struggles and hardships faced by the trio is eye-opening and thought-provoking, and it’s amazing how their story still resonates with us today. Great post!

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