Kaabil Release Date changed

The release of Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil has been preponed by a day. The film will have ‘preview shows’ 6PM onwards on 25th January 2017, a move that sends a clear message that the Roshans are confident of their film.

It’s a good decision because the following day is a holiday for Republic Day and multiplex business does tend to peak a day before a big holiday (in normal circumstances, night shows on Saturday have very high occupancy because Sunday is a holiday).

However, it’s a move that could backfire too. If the content of ‘Kaabil’ isn’t upto the mark, ‘Raees’ will have a big advantage on Friday.

Rakesh Roshan took to Twitter to release the Telugu poster of the film and also announced the new release date.

“Experience the warmth of a beautiful love story called #Kaabil on 25th Jan” he tweeted.

Will the makers of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees also release their film on 25th January or will they stick to the Republic Day release?



  • Kaabil will be another debacle for so called Greek god until Papa’s calculator comes in work. RAEES will blow the BO !

  • waiting 4 Kaabil..now eagerly wating 4 the 1st song…
    3 roshans,salim-sulaiman,sudip chatterjee,ayananka bose,ekiv ali.. except sanjay gupta…
    its a great team…
    hope it will be a lovabe..

  • That moment for SRK fan when they open this article after seeing its headline as ” Kaabil Release Date Changed ”
    Too much fun

  • I think Kaabil Makers took this decision in Hurry.
    Imagine If Kaabil gets Mixed WOM,
    (Like Sanjays Previous Film)
    It Wont even get REPUBLIC DAY Benefit.
    (If Movie gets Positive WOM)

  • Kaabil is releasing on 26th Jan 2017.

    There is no any changes in release date. It’s only the preview shows before film release


    KAABIL is going to defeat srk and his career
    Films career is over for srk

  • This could be a very bad move if the film turns out to be disappointing as it will start to fall from 26 itself…

  • good decision i trust rakesh ji, he always knows what to do better, but it might be a mistake (he wrote 25th by mistake).

  • This clash is getting intetesting by every passing day . Raees was postponed after debacle of Fan nd becoz of fear of Sultan ( Teaser of Sultan was out nd they took a decision )
    On the other side even after debacle of Mohenjodaro , Hrithik stuck to same date whereas SRK wanted to avert this clash.
    Now they have taken a brave decision ( In others words Everything or nothing )
    1 thing is clear Rakesh Roshan is confident of Kaabil nd Raees makers are not confident about their product. Every1 of us can feel it

  • Rakesh Roshan is much experienced in industry, this move shows:
    1) He is very much confident about Kaabil, bcoz in case of Mohenjodaro, he was against MD preview screening bcoz he knows that product is not good and negative WOM will effect the movie.
    2) He is also giving signal to Raees makers that be4 trailer release they still can avert clash.
    3) If Kaabil wom comes positive then it will take advantage of republic day holiday. And as Kaabil budget is not on higher side, so with this move R.Roshan certainly make sure that no one make loss in it.

  • Why r they not releasing films on 24th Jan, I mean they should release film on Friday.
    Jai Ho was released on friday (24th Jan) too.

  • Roshans are the most overrated man and cheep man in the world he will make 200 cr if the movie crossed 90 cr in box office . they scared when they see the small clip form RAEES .

  • Hrithik himself told everyone MD is my carrer best and turned out to digaster of all time of Bollywood , when Raees trailer comes then he will sucide . both father and son . takla and palastic face both

  • Over reacting, Roshan’s r afraid after watching the teaser and I don’t know what will happen after watching the trailer I think he is postponed by a week. Raees is looking awesome and mark the words 26th Jan it’s a record breaking day for Bollywood

  • When indicine bash other actors srk fans praises indicine saying they r right….
    But when indicine calling an srk film an avg film than those same fans r against indicine…..thats hypocrisy from srk fans nothing else……
    Try to accept the truth people…..DZ is flop….an overrated movie which got appreciation only from small section of audience (mostly girls and gays)….

  • Raees and Tubelight will be among the 3 HGOTY. 2.0 or TZH will fight for no.3. Mark my words and honest view!

  • No problem.whatever Roshans and kaabil team want they should do it.Raees will release as per scheduled date.

  • I love Hrithik Roshan, but I must say that Kaabil is going the Shivaay way. Kaabil team is apparently getting all nervous and jumpy, while Excel has been calm about the clash. I hope no one posts ‘now relaxed’ pic on Twitter after Raees trailer. Both teams should Pls chill and just bring the clash on. 😃

  • I just don’t want to see Dilwale scenario repeated…. If RAEES has a strong engaging script, then I am all confident that it can survive any clash but if it lacks in story then I sense the Dilwale2 is on the way…

    Whatever may RAEES turn out to be, we love SRK, will love SRK!

  • Hahahaha this is not a master stroke!!!

    Rakesh Roshan and Team Kaabil Afraid so much after King Srks announce the trailer release date in Raees style.

    Actually Kaabil team want to confuse Team Raees before trailer release of Raees.

    They want to change Raees release date that’s why they release Kaabil on 25th Jan Evening.

    But it will sure backfire on Team Kaabil.

    And Kaabil will struggling to do 100cr domestic business.

    This change show that how much they are afraid by Miya Bhai Raees Khan.

    Raees Bhai Aa Rahe Hai..

    Isse Pehle Nikal lo Warna
    Kisi Kaabil Nahi Rahoge…

  • First day first show-kaabil

    rakesh luks super confident tis move proves that movie is a special one….nothing can stop kaabil…a beautiful romantic thriller

    bhaag meow bhai bhaag

  • Kaabil Will Get Reviews On Thursday & Multiplex Audience will Skip it on Friday if Reviews Turn out Negative Just Like Shivaay Because it is a Masala Film & Early Reviews Can kill It Totally like Shivaay & Rocky Handsome.

  • Excited for a papa’s boy film after a long time its all becoz of the concept …trailer is just abt ok…but i think movie wil b gud… #KAABIL

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