Kaabil Item Song: Urvashi Rautela shoots for ‘Saara Zamana’

Actress Urvashi Rautela, who was last seen in ‘Great Grand Masti’, has begun shooting for an item number in Hrithik Roshan upcoming film ‘Kaabil’.

The song, which is being shot at the Filmistan Studios, is a remixed version of Amitabh Bachchan’s popular ‘Saara Zamana Haseeno Ka Deewana’ song from the 1981 film ‘Yaarana’.


Rajesh Roshan, who was the music composer of the Bachchan film, has worked on his own song from the 80s.

Interestingly, the other release on the same day, Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees also has an item song called ‘Laila O Laila’ which taken from the 1980 film ‘Qurbani’.

Check out the photos:

Urvashi Rautela Saara Zamana Kaabil

Urvashi Rautela Saara Zamana Kaabil

Urvashi Saara Zamana song from Kaabil

Urvashi Saara Zamana song from Kaabil



  • Smoking hot!!!!!
    She can give alia and co. Run for money
    Can work a more on acting skills but still she is not used to her full potential

    Atleast better than kriti who gets big movies

  • This is good copy past of Rakesh Roshan, he knew about Raees Item no of Laila O Laila than he choose same strategy for Kaabil item song.

    But Raees is set in 80s while Kaabil is set in today’s time.

    Anyway god bless Hritik.

  • After Thanda response of Kaabil Trailer Rakesh Roshan taking help from Item song.

    Kaabil shooting already completed but they now remember that Item song left to shoot.

    Nakaabil will fussah on Box Office.

  • @stark,Bro!Kriti just looks pretty too a certain extent but she has a very bad figure.Those who find her hot r completly blind.

  • These stupid Item songs have a nil impact to the buzz of a movie nowadays remember force 2 song I luv u I.e total blunder to a classic song.
    Masala Genre is off the market now & so r these crappy item songs.
    Some good romantic songs could work but not these for god sake!!!
    I just hate these tapori songs.
    BTW,Best of Luck for the movie.

  • Expected this from Roshans …
    When Raees has laila o laila item number then why can’t kaabil have item number.
    I swear I will not let kaabil to become hit even if Roshans pushes it to another date.

  • @Dad
    Get ur facts right. Hrithik himself said they are yet to shoot a song ( 1 month ago ).
    Urvashi Was signed to do a item song way back in july after Priyanka chopra disagreed to do a item song.
    Stop spreading negativity

  • Haha..Just look at @Javed’s comments..
    “I swear I will not let kaabil to become hit even if Roshans pushes it to another date.”
    Who the hell are you ?? I seriously think that he the most irritating person ever.
    Bdw, I support both, Kaabil and Raees.
    I really liked Kaabil trailer and Raees teaser is out of the world. I will watch both movies.

  • Srk fans keep burning by seeing other actors succes just like their idol…..their idol is also very jealous person in d industry…….keep burning….too much fun…hrithik rules!!!

  • Lol, they released the trailer too soon, people already forgot about it. Just let the Raees trailer come. SRK will have massive goodwill from DZ, the trailer will make a huge impact, and then Laila O Laila will completely bury Kaabil. Raees will do at least double of Kaabil on Day 1.

  • @Tiger 10:44 pm,
    Kya din aa gye hai yaar!
    Negativity fehlane ki baat dekho koun kar raha hai jo har jaga jaakar Hugna shuru kar deta hai.

  • @khalian,
    “Sunny Vs Urvashi” keep this competition upto urself.U watch her how much u may want.
    But,theatres waale zyada toh sunny ko dekhenge kyunki zyada log Raess ji dekhne jayenge aur Kaabil tv tak hi bohut hai.

  • Republic day is not a big occassion like diwali & independence day..
    So i think kaabil will do upto 80 to 100 & raees will do 150..

  • @10.44 pm Abe ghochu chal bhaag idhar se.
    Bada aaya positivity failane.
    I know much positivity you spreading on Indicine !!!!
    And today you give lecture on Negativity.

    Keep your Gayan on your pocket you much need it.

  • Javed, go to hell. Who are you? What power do you have to prevent Kaabil becoming a ‘All Time Blockbuster’. You can have you rvote, but the 1.3 Billions Indians will vote for Hritik.

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