JTHJ Wednesday Collections

Jab Tak Hai Jaan has collected Rs 4.12 crore on it’s 9th day to take it’s cumulative all India total to Rs 94.87 crore.

The Yash Chopra film dropped by 11% on it’s first Wednesday. Detailed day wise collections below.

JTHJ Wednesday Collections

  • Tuesday – 15.23 crore
  • Wednesday – 19.54¬†crore (28% growth)
  • Thursday – 14.45 crore (26% drop)
  • Friday – 11.17 crore (22% drop)
  • Saturday – 10.38 crore (7% drop)
  • Sunday – 9.96 crore (4% drop)
  • Monday – 5.36 crore (46% drop)
  • Tuesday – 4.66 crore (13% drop)
  • Wednesday – 4.12 crore (11% drop)
  • Total – 94.87 crore


  • @Mohosin May be you are a salman \ajay supporter but why u commenting FLop ??yes it is true it has not performed as well but nobody cant tell it is flop.

  • hahaha please srk fans ab so jao kyunki srk is now finish because now even ranbir kapoor are way ahead than srk.good bye srk fans.

  • @ranbir raj jinko kam nai hota wo log yaha pe ake tp karte hai.. Movie dekhne wahi bhul jane ka na ki box office collectn count karne ka, ye log producer hai kya.. Isi logo ke wajah se aj bollywood dhanda bana hai jaha pe acchi movie ki value nai aur cheap ghatiya movie 100cr kama leti hai

  • Dears All, this is a good moment for bollywood that Big films are now Cross 100 Crore in india, that is too much,
    No doubt Shahrukh khan (King Khan) Salman Khan ( iss bechary ka abi tak naam nahi ta lakin khair Dabang Khan) Aamir Khan ( Mr. Perfect) Akshay Ajay Hirithek are the Best of 90s & good sign is they are still have the ability to create a challenging environment for each other. & that is good sign for bollywood

  • The success of SOS compared to JTHJ has once again proved that indian audiences are more inclined towards mindless masala movies than class movie.today movies of the type of dabanng,rowdy rathore are more succesful than a movie like Barfi.so it is not at all surprising to see that JTHJ is not as successful as anticipated & it success in overseas prove that to some extent.now i am 100 % sure Dabanng 2 would be grossing more than 250 crores & become a blockbuster compared to a class movie as Talaash!

  • @karan: Shafi: Now what talking like these things many of SRK fans said on this site it will break all records this and that now what gone? commenting like losers and your SRK.

  • Moral of the story:

    before 13th nov 2012:
    It will break all the previous records..will set new ..
    king of romance is back…it will thrash Sos easily…
    It will be epic,cult,romantic,historical,500 cr movie

    After 13th nov 2012:

    Excuses like:
    Late.Balasaheb Thakre ji
    competation with SOS
    comparatively lesser screens than ETT
    Diwali puja

  • whatever salman fans bark. But JTHJ movie had clashes. If you salute salman your biggest star. let him release his movie with any 100 cr star competitor then talk with SRK fans.

    Alone dog also bark on street by seeing empty streets. should your tiger can bark with another 100 cr star. No way at allllll……

    Your salman showed his true color by support blody ajay movie by pressuring him to release. Dont worry SRK knows how to cover his butt.

    I know you (salman guys) will be happy by seeing same chichori dabangg 2 movie with same style of work but I am 100% sure Arbaz khan will sank Salman in D2 this year end of salman

  • black hell w_yne: ok ok that’s great to hear from you, enjoyed SOS really good movie better songs and light movie.

  • @black hell Wyne… why u so much happy about 32 crore. dont even compare JTHJ with any solo release if you have any bum dum then show dual release of salman and compre with JTHJ.

  • @kg: it’s about public and fans my dear ab gussa hona too banta hai boss tumhara itni buri halat ke baad, ye jo public hai ye sab janti hai yaad andar kya hai aur bahar kya hai.

  • This movie will be cross 140 cr. in india cause the collections would be increase in dis weekend.
    that is :-
    friday coll.-9cr
    saturday coll.-10.5cr
    and sunday collections would be 12 cr..the weekend collections are approx 32 cr.and till thrusday 100cr for sure =(100+32)cr=132cr
    so it will collect 13-14cr.in next days.

  • Truth of the Millenium:

    salman knows how to KICK on srk’s so called butt or as_s..whtever…
    Chichora movies like Dabangg far better than 3rd class Ra one ..nd ..jthj….
    we nvr give any EXCUSES like SRKians…
    We broke all the records with every film…nvr..bark like SRKians…
    cos Every roadside doggy like s r k gets ignored!!!!!

  • @Aki we are still safe. Abhi picture baki hai mere dost. Jab complete end hogi tab compare karenge… Ajay ke ho ya salman ke ho agar imandar ho to sahi Judge karna. Agar judge karna nahi aata to koi baat nahi hum bura nahi manege akhir to 2-3 years old ke bacche hai salman/ajay fans.
    It takes times for salman/ajay fans to grow up and understand the reality.

  • @kg
    u hv solo release in 25 dec 2011 ..on christmas…with 2850 screens in india only…couldn’t broke Bodyguard’s collection…lollzz….

    so if u hv any DUM into ur so called AS_s or butt then broke READY’s collection in INDIA first …then talk…

  • @black hell whether it is Ra one or JTHJ world class movies for 2 decader champ. Champ comes in every style and creats magic for his Fans. But single screen packet maar only likes same packet drink.
    dont understnad new style or niether he (salman) is capable of doing in new styles.


  • @kg: It all said never scene action like ETT before in any movies.talking about new what new? all times romantic movies? by SRK. SAFE SIDE SAFE WALK now that is also not working.

  • @kg
    wht was happened at 25th DEC 2011 …solo release ..
    Christmas…worldwide holiday…extended weekend…
    2850 screens in india….was released with tamil,telugu nd 3D version….???????

    couldn’t broke opening day collections of bodyguard ..its a fact….

  • bad news for srk fans jthj crashes on thursday the collection of thursday comes in 2.50 to 2.75.
    Hope sat & sun may jump best of luck go and watch movie instead of fightinh and commenting here.