JTHJ vs SOS Day 2 Collections: Territorial Breakdown

Son Of Sardar narrowed the gap on Day 2, as the film was outstanding in Delhi/UP (without the best of screens), East Punjab, CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan and Bihar. The all India business picked up by more than 60%.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan too picked up across all territories. The film won 8 territories out of 13 and continued it’s dominance in Mysore (3x business) and West Bengal.

The two day collections now stands at 34.77 crores for Jab Tak Hai Jaan and 26.96 crores for Son Of Sardar.

Below is the detailed territorial breakdown of JTHJ and SOS (in brackets)

  • Mumbai – 7.58 (6.48)
  • Delhi UP – 4.25 (3.37)
  • Mysore - 1.20 (0.35)
  • East Punjab – 1.25 (1.35)
  • West Bengal - 1.10 (0.65)
  • Nizam - 0.95 (0.52)
  • Central Province and Berar – 0.84 (0.95)
  • Central India – 0.62 (0.78)
  • Rajasthan – 0.82 (1.00)
  • Bihar – 0.20 (0.39)
  • Assam – 0.15 (0.12)
  • Orissa – 0.08 (0.05)
  • Others – 0.50 (0.20)
  • Total – 19.54 crore (16.21 crore)
  • 2 day Total – 34.77 crore (26.96 crore)




  • Ha ha. . Yesterday Srk fans were taking official figures 15.23cr instead of boi fig 12.5cr. . Now today when both official nd boi have same figure in jthj they r considering boi figure for jthj and sos . .Bcoz sos in boi is 2cr less than official figure. . Ha ha. Ha . . Dis shows hw much insecurity and jealous they have

  • Well coming to the fact of performance JTHJ is leading from SOS all the way.
    I would like you to consider some facts about the collections.

    #Well SOS have got 2000 screens all over India out of which 1200 are multiplex screens whereas 800 are single. Ajay had stated that he had managed 600 A class single screens which means only 200 of its single screens are non A class single screens.
    #JTHJ have managed 2500 screens out of which 1200 are multiplex and 1300 are single screens. Going by the statement of Ajay fFilms that there are only 1600 A class single screens in India YRF must have managed 1000 A class single screens whereas 300 non A class single screens.
    #A screen can play JTHJ for only 4 or may be 5 times a day only due to its length of 179 minutes whereas SOS having length of 137 minutes can be played on the same screen for 5 or may be 6 times a day.

    So considering the number of shows for JTHJ as 4 and SOS as 5 we will get
    Shows of JTHJ=2500X4=10000
    Shows of SOS=2000X5=10000
    Which I think are equal.

    Even if its not same then also the maximum difference in number of shows per day can be 500- 1000.

    Moreover If multiplex screens given by me for SOS are wrong then also it cant be less than a thousand screens which will give it 5000 mulitplex shows as compared to 4800 JTHJ shows.

    This means in any case SOS are having higher no of multiplex shows than JTHJ.
    This is for people who are saying that JTHJ is earning more because of multiplexes ticket price.

    Even With near about all the same number of Shows JTHJ is leading by near about 8 crores from SOS which is near about 30%.

    Hence JTHJ winner all the way.

  • People who don’t agree with my comment can check bookmyshow.com.
    In Delhi where people are saying that JTHJ is having major release and have not given proper release to SOS
    both the movies are enjoying 180 shows each per day.
    Moreover the Multiplex shows are more for SOS due to its runtime.
    CHK tht out

  • jthj is a clear winner better than ett and sos as its 2nd day‘s collection is around 20 crs approx(2500 screens),whereas sos did only 14.5 approx(2000 screens) and ETT did 14 crs(in 3500+ screens) approx in their 2nd day .East or West Srk is the best. He is the clear winner.

  • those who were saying ajay devgn is nothing widout rohit i think they should stop now and pls mind that ajay is never relased in fest occasion except all the best and golmal both r done well. while srk salman and hrithik all r given blokbuster at special occasion .srk time is over who even cant comptete to ajay what will be wid salman and hrithik or akshay . the real star of bollywood is one and only the megastar salman

  • jthj can be again called as a failure for shahrukh after his last 2 don2 and Ra 1 people will remeber it as a 100 carore movie and later argue that sahrukh has not given a flop , ..see the outcome failed to cross 20 carore with so much hype and large no of screen and now it cant touch 20 again .. so that means now shahrukh is out from top..

  • i have no idea wth ppl are likin SOS i mean whats in that ? nothing i gues. and ajay had done simply nuthing for bollywood yet. and as far as salmans ETT is concern.. salmans jawani may hav made EET that bigger otherwise that was a useless story and his acting is almost same and casual in every film.
    shahrukh is biggest star in bollywood till date and wishing him very best of luck as the battle isnt end yet !!


    you must also know that acc to BOXOFFICEINDIA 2day colletion of JTHJ is 32CRS NOT 34.77 CRS.



  • forget abt records and numbers but thing is jab tak hain jaan is maha bakwas and painful 3hrs…keep fan war aside..dumb srk fans talkin abt content of rowdy rathore or bodyguard…jab tak hain jaan’s clueless story and crap screenplay makes unbearable and srk worst performance i dont mind and feel bad watchin swades evn though film is flop becoz srk performance is gud..but actually here beard look and his performance as military is ok and is tailor made for him..reviews r highly biased and music ppl wil forget once this year over nothing of a.r standard..

  • When people start comparing silly figures, it means they are desperate.

    Also, comparing 2nd day figure with ETT is another silly thing. Since, 2nd day of ETT was non-holiday, while these are diwali holiday figures for JTHJ.

    With the current trend it is clear JTHJ is struggling to live the hype. It is doing good, but not standing up to the hype.

  • its really not about money or winning..its about content as some1 said….so for those who r calling jhtj an “epic saga of romance” might hv gone blind on d name of yash chopra ji….the movie is a non-sense on d name of romance and love….firstly,a 45 year old srk romancing a 28 year old b’ful girl is awkward in itself…2ndly,its length and d stupid things dat happen in d movie dat 1 cannot at al relate to real life makes d movie a super bore and senseless

  • I don’t undrstnd y these salman khan fans bark evry whr… Pata h tum jiske fan ho wo boht bada chamcha h aamir khan ka aur ab ajay ka b… Guys pls cum ovr it… Try speakn fr 1 whom u lyk…

  • hey , lolz.,to all srk’s haters,. d simplst thng is that ETT was d only big projct at that time all over india havng no cmpetition,. so people had no othr choice expct to go n watch it.,! where JTHJ & SOS r both mega projcts on d same day.,! thats d main dfrnc, JTHJ is winer, thats d fact,

  • hey lolz to all SALMAN haters the simplst thing is JTHJ had a diwali release most favourable time for SRK had the biggest director YASH CHOPRA, biggest composer A.R RAHMAN, biggest lyricst GULZAR & competition only from an AJAY DEVGN films who has been giving DUDS without rohit, still JTHJ is finding tough to compete with SOS forget ETT

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