JTHJ vs SOS Day 2 Collections: Territorial Breakdown

Son Of Sardar narrowed the gap on Day 2, as the film was outstanding in Delhi/UP (without the best of screens), East Punjab, CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan and Bihar. The all India business picked up by more than 60%.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan too picked up across all territories. The film won 8 territories out of 13 and continued it’s dominance in Mysore (3x business) and West Bengal.

The two day collections now stands at 34.77 crores for Jab Tak Hai Jaan and 26.96 crores for Son Of Sardar.

Below is the detailed territorial breakdown of JTHJ and SOS (in brackets)

  • Mumbai – 7.58 (6.48)
  • Delhi UP – 4.25 (3.37)
  • Mysore - 1.20 (0.35)
  • East Punjab – 1.25 (1.35)
  • West Bengal - 1.10 (0.65)
  • Nizam - 0.95 (0.52)
  • Central Province and Berar – 0.84 (0.95)
  • Central India – 0.62 (0.78)
  • Rajasthan – 0.82 (1.00)
  • Bihar – 0.20 (0.39)
  • Assam – 0.15 (0.12)
  • Orissa – 0.08 (0.05)
  • Others – 0.50 (0.20)
  • Total – 19.54 crore (16.21 crore)
  • 2 day Total – 34.77 crore (26.96 crore)




  • hahaha.. srk cant even compete with ajay devgan.. got almost 800 more screens but the collection has no big margin.. where are youtube likers??????? it couldnt even beat agneepath with similar screens

  • and its not that SOS has minimum sceens infact hte fact is in tatality no of shows for both the films are at par…. single screen sos 6 shows per day and JTHJ only five…
    now youll calculate the difference

  • srkians wht happen 2 your record you tube likes or hits , trending on twitter , global king tag..on 2nd day it even fail 2 beat agneepath 1st day-22cr..u guys were saying ajay was nothing without rohit shetty..ur saying that jthj is released with sos..i.e collection r diveded.. bcoz jthj has 2500 screens..1st day-15cr was bcoz of diwali pooja it got affected..then even bodyguard was released with 2200 screens but it collected 21.5cr on 1st day..so srk is gone.even ranbir is bigger than srk..forget abt others…there is only one box office king that is ” salman khan ”..got it.

  • really jab tak hai jaan is one of the best romantic movie just great after long long time indian cinema produced this kind of full- on romantic movie just too. JTHJ is like a beautiful painting . movie about 3hrs but from starting to end full -on story . win n win

  • Rajendra. . . Where are those record breaking you tube likes and views . .. . Didnt help jthj in theatre ah. . Ha ha ha. . Srk fans pls go n watch in theatre next time before liking and viewing in you tube plenty times. .

  • it is very interesting to c that the territories won by sos was almost equally gud for jthj too for eg:- in east punjab its shocking to c that jthj is equally gud as sos…but the territories won by jthj, the margin is very big eg:- nizam ,wb,mysore.

  • thats a brilliant figure by JTHJ. I guess its only weak link is the length of the movie.
    sos is getting more no. of show due to its length of the movie. And there is only 500 screens between them..
    Don’t worry, sos will soon be finished…
    @indicine, what is your estimation for day 3 of both movies?? how’s the report of both the movies..

  • frnds…don’t compare earnings,screens etc etc plz..instead of it compare the content…and if u r a true fan of bollywood films then u will clearly feel the difference bw both the films…jthj is an epic saga of romance…

  • @viewer, r u illiterate? how is difference 800 when JTHJ’s 2600 screens and SOS 2000 screens?
    btw agneepath’s 21.5+12.5= 34cr is already crossed by JTHJ

  • @SALMAN BHAI FANS, ur cheap comment shows how dumb u r… collecting 15cr on diwali day(affect of puja) with less screens n clash with SOS is better than ETT’s 3300screens no competitions and no puja…
    if ur salman’s dabangg 2 movie was released instead of JTHJ then the collection would be less than 10cr…

  • Both will be hits but I have a feeling JTHJ will be a bigger hit in the long run as the categroy it belongs to tend to do better in the long run while SOS will be hit, but will only go for a couple of weeks, however I think both will cross the 100 crore mark if business doesn’t dip!

  • srk is over, the legend himself yash ji gulzar a r rehman yashraj banner etcc have not helped him
    ajay is clear winner..

  • @all sos haters no both jthj and sos not having same amt of screens and shows.
    1. jthj released more than 500 screen than sos.
    2. India’s best single screen cinema’s were booked by jthj, in these cinema sos will perform outstanding business
    3. jthj have all major multiplexes coz its belong to those kind of viewers who going to multiplexes

    even than it not gross which it should be so sos is clear winner and if u compare footfalls than it is ahead of jthj
    now don’t start to bark abt jthj overseas collection because it’s not having any effect of below expected perfomance of jthj

  • indicine ur figure r totally wrong dnt knw who ur stupid sources are….i hv cnfirmed it from 5-6 different sources sos collection is 14.5-14.75cr nt morethan that…its cnfirmed so plzz dnt mislead ur viewers..

  • atleast think before commenting.. they are comparing ek tha tiger’s 2nd day collection with JTHJ…. they dont even know that JTHJ’s 2 days collection couldnt beat even single day’s collection of ETT… some are even saying that dabang 2 would collect less than 10 crore if it was released on Diwali…. are u serious????? u know the power of salman khan starrer but acting like u are not aware of anything… first beat agnepath, then only u start talking about ETT, coz its beyond srk’s imagination…

  • @indicine u r contradictd wit ur figures yersterday u were told tht collectn of jthj is 13 cr so as per ur fig total should be 19.5 + 13 = 32.5 cr n ur total is 34.5 tht means 1st day ws 15 cr so plz dnt mislead… N 2nd collectn of sos is 14.5 n its confirmed fig.

  • @aks, the thing is the no. of shows is more than JTHJ in almost every place!!!! Since there are just showing few shows of JTHJ so people are going for sos…..
    just wait till this week, Sos is going to be bombed….

  • More people r watching sos than jthj..bt due to less price in mass area theatres collection are little less as compared to jthj..sos rocks..before release srk fan was saying another rascal movie coming..nw wat happen haters..ajay is nthng widout rohit shetty nw say..

  • BOI is incorrect,.. SOS actuly collected 16+ crore in 2nd day , also BOI gave wrong collection about JTHJ 1st day collection giving 12.50 crore , when actual collection is 15.23 crore which is confirmed by all curcit distributors …..

  • Well
    SOS figures are really more than Rs 16 cr on day 2
    These have been given by Taran Adarsh and Komal Nahata and both of these guys give only the official figures not any estimates like that of BOI which only gives the estimates and don’t believe on the official figure from the distributors who are paying tax on these amount lol.
    So only believe on Taran or Komal sir.

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