Joker Movie Review

The promos were dull, Akshay Kumar disowned the film and there was no hype prior to it’s release. But, amidst all the negativity surrounding Joker, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Director Shirish Kunder’s last film Jaan-e-mann didn’t work at the boxoffice, but the movie had it’s share of fans.

Does Joker work? Read on..

Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha with co-stars of Joker

Joker Review

Story: During Independence, when the map of India was re-drawn, a small village called Paglapur didn’t find a place on the map. Inmates of a mental asylum broke loose, formed their own village and aptly named it Paglapur. Fast forward to the current decade and absolutely nothing has changed – the village still has no electricity or water and the villagers are still act like madmen.

Enter Agastya (Akshay Kumar) with his pretty girlfriend Diva (Sonakshi Sinha). He is working on a device to communicate with the aliens!  When Agastya finds out that his father, who lives in Paglapur is seriously ill, he abandons his work and returns. How he transforms the village forms the rest of the tale.

Joker Review

Always felt Joker could either spring a huge surprise or fall flat. Unfortunately, it’s the later. From start to finish, absolutely nothing works for the film. You fail to understand what the director was thinking?!

In an attempt to try something unconventional – director Shirish Kunder seems to be inspired by several classics. Akshay Kumar’s character reminds you of Shahrukh Khan in ‘Swades’, the gibberish speaking Shreyas Talpade tries to pull off a Tusshar Kapoor act from ‘Golmaal’ and the costumes are inspired by ‘Lagaan’.

Joker is devoid of any sense or logic. Agastya manages to fool the best of scientists on the UFO landing in their village, only to have his fool-proof plan busted in 10 seconds by one of his enemies. The armed forces land up to capture/kill the aliens, but why do they stand outside the forest when the aliens are hiding inside?

The actors look disinterested, especially Akshay Kumar who has always delivered spirited performances, even in some of his worst films. Sonakshi Sinha has very little to do. Shreyas Talpade is good. Asrani is okay. Minissha Lamba has a special appearance. The rest of the characters ham endlessly.

At a runtime of 1 hour 45 minutes, Joker is one of the shortest mainstream films to come out of Bollywood. Still, Kunder has managed to squeeze in 4-5 songs – including an item number by Chitrangada Singh!

Overall, it’s a ‘joke’ on the audience courtesy Shirish Kunder. You’d be better off not being the ‘Joker’. Stay away.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆



  • Really disappointed for akki fans, but may be by some miracle if joker joins 100 C club, then akki will join salman as the only two actors to give a hattrick of 100 c+ grossers till now.

  • Stop hating on actors people. @rowdy 786, it isn’t any good to make claims about something you know not about.

    Joker has its few positives, a lot more negatives, I have to agree, its not a treat of a film.
    With no intention to hurt AK fan’s, I’d very truthfully rate this movie 2.5/10
    We hope AK’s Khiladi 786 can match the standards of SRK’s next ?, or at least that of ETT.

    Nonetheless, all the best to the crew, cast, producer/s, & maker/s of Joker =)

  • On YouTube akshay’s fans were saying joker will break Ett’s record.
    And now I understood that it was a joke.

  • @rowdy 786. I will support u if u only hate srk and like all the other actors except srk. If srk is ra.1(evil ravan) then i am the lord ram’s bakht , if srk is don(kans) then i am lord krishna’s follower , if srk is shaitan(baazigar) then i am the allah’s soldier, if srk is a pakistani soldier than i am the brave indian soldier, if srk is all bad and evil, then i am the firm believer in all good. Meri aur srk ki dushmani kahi jaanmo se hei.

  • WHAT A STUPID REVIEW INDICINE, did sirish paid u guys to give 1 star ratings?? YUCK!!!
    This stupid pathetic irritating mind less movie deserves -5 stars

  • just heard that recently spotted aliens could not fly past even the single day collection of so called fizzled firework…

  • @NVS, if u are a true believer of Allah, u wil never say that u are lord Krishna and ram. SHAME ON U IDIOT son of evil.
    U are nothing but a KAAFIR.
    ALLAH will surly punish u for ur horrible comment.

  • this film is bigger disaster than tezz and rascal….pathetic…that is why aksahy not treat a big star like hrithik and khan..just pathetic script chioce..

  • akshay s bad movies r over now.he will deliver 100 crore plus movies from now on except oh my god in which he has small role…next year akshay will have 5 blockbusters back to back which will be new record and srk and salman khan fans will have to hide..the line up of blockbusters are as follows…
    1. khiladi 786—in dececmber 2012
    2. special 26 —-2013
    3. once upn a time in mumbai 2 —2013
    4. boss —-2013
    5. thupakki remake(a.r.murugudoss)—-2013
    6. ramana remake(jayam raja)—-2013

  • @shahid . I think you dont understand english properly. I never said that i am lord ram or lord krishna and no one can ever be, i said that i am a ‘bhakt or believer or follower’. And personally i have nothing against u.

  • this was expected…although i wanted to watch it because i prefer audience review more but just heard of huge negativity surrounding this 1…if akshay himself is least interested then i dont think there is any reason to watch this 1….i hope oh my god will be good..
    will go for expendables 2 instead..
    if anyone has seen it please let me know guys..

  • @all the akki haters.. it is only because the commitments made to akshay at the time of signing the movie were not fulfilled.. i.e why akshay pulled out of promoting the movie.. it is the humbleness of akshay that despite knowing the movie is not going on a gud track he did complete the movie as he had comitted to do so.. so don’t blame him.. dis yr the critics and the audience have already praised akki’s acting.. 1 superhit and 1 blockbuster.. every single movie can’t be a blockbuster.. agar kisi khan ya hrithik ke gaan……d me dam he to ek saal mein 4-5 filme release karke dikhae . tab compare karna akki ko unse.. saale saal me nahi to do saal me 1 movie karte hein darke maare aur aa jate hein no.1 banne,, they are all far behind akshay..

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  • @abinav. Yes u right. Someone is using my name(no doubt he is a srk fan) but honestly what can we expect more from such type of srk fans (only some fans) and the one who is using my name is neither a complete man nor a complete woman.

  • @abinav. Yes u right. Someone is using my name(no doubt he is a srk fan) but honestly what can we expect more from such type of srk fans (only some fans) and the one who is using my name duplicately is neither a complete man nor a complete woman.

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