Joker Movie Review

The promos were dull, Akshay Kumar disowned the film and there was no hype prior to it’s release. But, amidst all the negativity surrounding Joker, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Director Shirish Kunder’s last film Jaan-e-mann didn’t work at the boxoffice, but the movie had it’s share of fans.

Does Joker work? Read on..

Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha with co-stars of Joker

Joker Review

Story: During Independence, when the map of India was re-drawn, a small village called Paglapur didn’t find a place on the map. Inmates of a mental asylum broke loose, formed their own village and aptly named it Paglapur. Fast forward to the current decade and absolutely nothing has changed – the village still has no electricity or water and the villagers are still act like madmen.

Enter Agastya (Akshay Kumar) with his pretty girlfriend Diva (Sonakshi Sinha). He is working on a device to communicate with the aliens!  When Agastya finds out that his father, who lives in Paglapur is seriously ill, he abandons his work and returns. How he transforms the village forms the rest of the tale.

Joker Review

Always felt Joker could either spring a huge surprise or fall flat. Unfortunately, it’s the later. From start to finish, absolutely nothing works for the film. You fail to understand what the director was thinking?!

In an attempt to try something unconventional – director Shirish Kunder seems to be inspired by several classics. Akshay Kumar’s character reminds you of Shahrukh Khan in ‘Swades’, the gibberish speaking Shreyas Talpade tries to pull off a Tusshar Kapoor act from ‘Golmaal’ and the costumes are inspired by ‘Lagaan’.

Joker is devoid of any sense or logic. Agastya manages to fool the best of scientists on the UFO landing in their village, only to have his fool-proof plan busted in 10 seconds by one of his enemies. The armed forces land up to capture/kill the aliens, but why do they stand outside the forest when the aliens are hiding inside?

The actors look disinterested, especially Akshay Kumar who has always delivered spirited performances, even in some of his worst films. Sonakshi Sinha has very little to do. Shreyas Talpade is good. Asrani is okay. Minissha Lamba has a special appearance. The rest of the characters ham endlessly.

At a runtime of 1 hour 45 minutes, Joker is one of the shortest mainstream films to come out of Bollywood. Still, Kunder has managed to squeeze in 4-5 songs – including an item number by Chitrangada Singh!

Overall, it’s a ‘joke’ on the audience courtesy Shirish Kunder. You’d be better off not being the ‘Joker’. Stay away.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆



  • Thanks you indicine for your review

    that means EK Tha Tiger has lots of chances to sustain on box-office…

    EK Tha Tiger surely entering 200 crore club

    Dont worry Akshay fans this movie was only made for kids..

    All the very best for Khiladi 786
    iam very much sure Khiladi 786 will going to be another blockbuster for Akki

  • What happened Kunder Paaji.. Joker’s lifetime collection will be less than day 2 of And the guy tweeted as if he is a James Cameron. And Apologising to SRK at the last minute is not going to help your film either… The boat is sunk at the shore itself :)

  • @all akki fans now dont blame that kunder guy alone ur akki is equally responsible for this upcoming disaster.Akshay kumar has a very poor scipt choice which he proves in his every second movie.Leave khans alone his stardom is less than of Hrithiks.No matter how pathetic the movie is it should get a 8+ cr opening which proves that akshay is not a big star like them.

  • Finally AKKI is OVER.
    He’s only Remake King.
    Rowdy Rathore,Housefull 2(malayalam copy).

    Akki’s next 3 films wont do 100cr like
    Kiladi786-too many competition from Talaash,Dabangg 2,Koshadiyan,Vishwaroopam in december.
    Special 27-its not entertainer.
    Boss(remake of Telugu blockbuster) will do 100cr plus.

    So akki fans wait for BOSS till 2013 late.

  • @jeeva,just shut up.its just joker.wait till khiladi will get your will be blockbuster for sure,then ouatim2 another blockbuster.

  • Sorry for Akki…..but it seems he knew it was a disaster and he just tugged on with the commitment and friendship to Farah Khan……….wonder what will Kunder now tweet…..and 40 cr firework fizzled……

    Will the childrens love it…..remain to be seen, as the ticket sales are not great, as info says.

    @ haters of Akki……….this may be a disaster, but almost every reviewer said Akki was the saving grace……, better not berate him……….like SRK and Salman, Akki is a good actor too….but ultimately sometimes commitment makes them do some silly movies that affects their images.

    Good luck for his home production OMG.

  • @ARQAM
    have not seen the 90 eras….
    post 2000 era Salman has 3 highest grossing movies of the year till 2011,Srk & Hrithik both have
    3 each ,aamir has 2 so you cant say srk ruled but agree he has been most consistent through out the years.

  • @kix, but it Bol Bachan got better opening like about 11cr but indicine told that joker’s opening will be around 4-5cr

  • @shahid,i read on’ salman khan fan club’ that joker will get 8-10 crore opening,which was said by haider,thats also possible.

  • Rowdy, of course every actors have failures but this is a different topic.
    U said that it will break Ett’s record, u said akki is the baap of all khans and etc, but now I guess those words u said were not true so that is why we guys are targeting at u and making fun of u.
    So I hope u have learnt ur lesson.

  • @marz,also rahul roy does better romance then said that akki is your 3rd favourite actor,but you are still blamimg him.why?is akki really your 3rd fav. actor?

  • Taran Adarsh – JOKER is a joke of a film. Disaster!
    Zeenews Review: ‘Joker’ is not funny at all(rating:1/5)
    Boxofficeindia Joker had a dull opening across India with collections around 20% on average.
    JOKER fusssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • @star, go to hell.

    Akki fans now u have seen right why u should never compare akki with khans the legends Bollywood
    Be sensible like hrithik fans, they never boasted about their hrithik grater than khans but yeh hrithik gave a big competition to khans. But I must say akki is no where near hrithik as well.

  • @ Waseem
    Lol. Remember how everyone predicted Ra.One will shatter all records so did Don 2. Well same case we’ll see this year. Infact this year Son Of Sardar will make SRK’s ass sweat

  • @rowdy, I am not comparing him with that joker and it’s just u who behind me all the time and u r the one who brought akki in between salman and srk fan war here.
    Just go to hell with ur joker, tom and Jerry is uncountable times better than this.

  • @marz,you better go to hell.the whole india knows that only one man can give tough compition to khans.he is akshay kumar.this just worst websitre or some people like you whatever will say.that will not metter to akki.everyone knows that this website only supports khans.

  • Guys pls, it’s better to to watch mr. Bean or Tom and jerry than a pathetic irritating joker. Trust me guys pls don’t waste ur hard earned money.

  • @star, I don’t care, even taran adarsh told this thing that it will collect around 4-5cr. And BOI reprints are similar to what taran said.
    I have just heard 40cr firework fizzle..

  • @star, yes we srk-salman-Aamir-Hrithikfans and whole world want to sucide becoz we we want to watch SRK’s next. So now do u have any problem?
    Only khans rules my friend.

  • I watched the movie.Review is correct akki looks very disinterested in movie.To be prcise joker is not watchable at all.we can say tmk 2 even moreworse.

  • 3 idiots – The film is the released 1700 screen even cross magical 200 crore club
    Ek tha tiger – The film released 3300 plus screens double screens than 3 idiots even tickets hike n struggle break to 3 idiots record ha ha ha!
    If ETT will break 3 idiots record no problem but never compare with 3 idiots.

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