Jai Ho Trailer Review

The much awaited trailer of Salman Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’ was unveiled at Chandan cinemas in Mumbai yesterday. There is a lot of curiosity and hype built around the movie ever since it has been announced. Contrary to the expectations, the trailer turned out to be just a short teaser showcasing a couple of dialogues and few glimpses of heavy-duty action stunts. Now, there is a strong possibility that the theatrical trailer will hit the screens alongside Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3’. Meanwhile let’s review the teaser for now.

It’s a known fact that ‘Jai Ho’ is a remake of Telugu movie ‘Stalin’ starring Chiranjeevi which was inspired from the Hollywood film ‘Pay It Forward’. The theme of the movie is to create a nationwide chain by helping people and in return asking them to help 3 more people and so on. The film could be Sohail Khan’s attempt to bring together Salman’s offscreen Being Human avatar with his macho onscreen image.


The teaser trailer starts with the same dialogue played in the digital poster in trademark Salman’s voice, ‘Agar aapko aisa lagta hai ki hum logon ne aap par koi ehsaan kiya hai to aap thank you mat kahiye, instead, 3 logon ki madad kijiye aap’. The tag line follows the dialogue ‘With a good action at times, comes an evil reaction’. The negative characters Danny and Santosh Shukla are shown in political attires. Halfway into the teaser Salman enters when Santosh tries to attack his onscreen sister Tabu and says ‘Bula apne bhai ko’. Glimpses of Salman’s action scenes form the second half of the trailer with super massy dialog playing in the background ‘Aam aadmi sota hua sher hai, ungli mat kar, jaag gaya to, cheer faaad dega’.

The makers of Jai Ho are well aware of the expectations from the movie since it will be Salman’s first release in more than a year. And hence they are smartly strategizing the promotions by making sure of not going overboard. There is no doubt about the fact that the film will open to a humungous response at the box office. As seen for all the big movies in recent times, audience response remains mixed with ‘3 Idiots’ being the only exception in the last 5 years or so. Therefore, the producers are maintaining a low profile promotional strategy to keep viewers asking for more everytime. Even YRF and Aamir Khan are doing the same as far as ‘Dhoom 3’ song promos are concerned.

Coming back to the teaser, Salman is looking fit and handsome as ever and the movie is looking fresh. The Producers have managed to present this as a complete masala fare keeping loyal mass Salman fans in mind. Trust Sajid-Wajid and Amal Malik to come up with couple of chartbusters, and we are in for an exciting treat this January.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  • Don’t see often a trailer being reviewed on this site. I like this idea though, to review some of most awaited trailers of upcoming biggies. With that being said, I too believe its just a teaser, because I expect a lot more from its trailer.

  • It is amazing that indicine never posted trailer review of another movie! not even dhoom 3 or krrish 3. But this trailer of jai ho is amazing.

  • Trailer of Hasee Toh Phasee is far far better then Jai Ho! Unique Fresh and Full of Youth.

    Jai Ho! Typical Same routine kinda remake.

  • After huge disappointment of Krrish 3 not beating even YJHD,
    hope Jai Ho becomes semihit atleast
    My prediction: 95 crore max in India nett
    100 crore seems impossible this time

  • Sry, bt teaser disapoint at the end of the day!
    since its remake movi so flop nai hogi
    otherwise by teaser it looks lyk Sadak Chaap.
    2.5 Rating

  • Who is this Salman?
    I watched Wanted, Ready, Bodyguard etc. because this man looks very very funny in those films. And his funny expressions make it fun to watch

  • poor sk another remake.his last 4 out of 6 flims are remakes.he is not a box office king he is a remake king.hr are the real king.jai ho can’t break k3 any records. d3 will be all time disester.bang bang will break k3 records.

  • look at these haters ha ha ha as expected they are from thunderous response of jai ho teaser.now what happen when full trailer,music or movie will release i think they will gone out of this world.

  • @akshay – Salman is indeed funny in his films. But expressions? What expressions? He looks wooden in all scenes, zero expressions.

  • hahaha…3rd Class promo and 3rd class actor Salman…Nothing new to offer..same old stuff…People r fed up of south remakes now…FLOP

  • redundent…..repetitive…….rehashed…….junk.

    seen it 1000 times before. Poster created curiosity it will be Dabanng type film.

    But a cheap garbage copied plot of Hollywood’s Pay It Forward starring Haily joel osman & Kevin spacy from year 2000.

    First it was Chennai express disppointment.
    then came Krrrish 3 disppointment.
    then Dhoom 3 disappointment.
    followed by Jai ho disppointment.

    & yes. SRK is right. Bollywood seriously lacks real creative screenwriters.

  • @G.One : No one needs your prediction or analysis. Save it for HNY !!!! n remember to hold srk lungi tight until D3 and Jai Ho releases.

  • Honest review and ranking by Indicine. And this just a teaser, not a trailer..

    I am tired of replying to LungiWalas. Looks like they come here (i.e. Articles and Videos concerning Salman) keeping only one agenda on their mind: to spread deliberate negativity against Salman as much as possible. They are clearly lack of rationale and logical thinking. They call Salman films to be mindless, sadak chaap or others as if their LungiWala’s films are not. If Salman’s films are that bad, why did LungiWala watch Dabangg2 at his home immediately after its release? To get some ideas on how to make masala movies??

    And for example, CE= Cocktail of UNOFFICIAL copies of a dozen of south-films like Okkadu, Alex Pandian, Mungaru Male etc+ SRK’s Old movies. What is so good and new in CE? If I have to say, in one way, SRK’s career is full of movies with unofficial copies of Hollywood-Bollywood movies. Read Here: talkingmoviez.com/unofficial-remakes-of-shahrukh-khan/ It looks like LungiWalas are seriously suffering from selective amnesia and ego-centric diseases. If they don’t like Salman, they should not not waste their precious time here and go and do some serious Lungi Dance. Remember, JUST Lungi Dance…

    It is better to remake a film for Hindi audience if it (the original movie) is good and noble in content because they have not watched it. In the south, if a Telugu movie becomes hit, it is remade in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and vice versa. What’s so wrong in doing so in hindi? South also remakes Hindi language films. For example, Dabangg was remade in two languages in the South. Dabangg 2 is also being remade.

    Salman has one more remake film under production and that is KICK. After that one, he is doing no more remakes. He has Sooraj Barjatya’s film, No Entry 2 etc.

    The makers of Jai Ho has long announced that it is a remake of Stalin. Some nuts are now blabbering it is a Remake, Come Up with something new, blah blah blah……. As if we don’t know it. My question is “why do they bother to come here and waste their time despite knowing that it is a remake?” It is a remake of Chiranjeevi’s Stalin (inspired by PAY IT FORWARD which in turn had been inspired by 1954 MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION). Yet, it is good to spread such a noble idea of HELPING PEOPLE IN CHAIN. It is looks like LungiWalas are dissatisfied with that noble idea. How disgusting???

    This is to remind all LungiWalas lest they should forget that reviews and spreading negativity through online media will hardly affect his films’ collections because his fans are die-hard and most of them are common people on the ground. Besides, one-third of Internet-using people are his fans. They don’t give damn shit about what is being written against him or his movies. They go to the theatre to catch a glimpse of their favorite hero no matter what.

    Similarly, I understand your insecurity level is running high. So, do whatever you want, man. I won’t be shocked to see LungiWalas shitting in their Lungis when Jai Ho releases..

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