Jai Ho Second Week Tuesday Collections

Jai HoJai Ho is continuing its steady run at the box office, but the story pretty much remains the same. The drop in business during the weekdays last week has already done the damage and even though the film has gone tax free in states like UP and Gujarat, it’ll struggle to cross the 120 crore mark.

The Salman Khan starrer has under-performed in the overseas markets too, as the film is likely to wrap up with gross collections of around Rs 35 crore.

The film has “grossed” around Rs 166 crore worldwide. It will be Salman’s second film since Dabangg that will fail to cross the 200 crore mark worldwide – Ready (2011) grossed Rs 187 crore worldwide.

Jai Ho First Week Collections

  • Friday – 17.38 cr
  • Saturday – 16.45 cr
  • Sunday – 26.1 cr
  • Monday – 9.46 cr
  • Tuesday – 7.52 cr
  • Wednesday – 5.73 cr
  • Thursday – 4.95 cr
  • First Week Total Collections – 87.59 crore

Jai Ho Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 3.32 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 4.4 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 5.88 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 2.14 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 1.8 cr
  • Total so far in 11 days – 105.13 crore


  • Salman Sir at first you learn how became a good actor otherwise Kick, Suraj Barjatiya’s next also in danger. Public feel boar day by day your ‘Wanted series’ like cramp masala film

  • Salman sir’s wanted series
    Wanted: wanted1
    dabang: Wanted2
    bodyguard: Wanted3
    ETT: Wanted4
    Dabang2: Wanted5
    Jai Ho: Wanted6

  • wed-1.6
    2 weeks 108.23 cr
    rest will be about 9 cr
    Total lifetime 117.23 cr
    a flop which is made by 90 cr with 3900 screens in india alone…

  • Another 100cr coming in the form of KICK & RAJASHRI’S next for salman sir
    kick: 140cr
    Suraj Barjatiya’s next: 150cr

  • Like if u think SRK is d best actor in Bollywood,dislike if u agree but feeling jealous & ignore if u have no doubt about that.

  • Jai Ho lifetime will beat the lifetime of every film of SRK except Chennai Express. As Srk’s second highest grosser is Ra.One with 120 crore LOL

  • I can’t even imagine how luntatic some people are to say that Jai Ho didn’t beat the collection of Agneepath, Barfi, Ra.One etc etc. First of all, Jai Ho hasn’t fisnished its run yet. Secondly, Did Agneepath, Barfi, Ra.One etc beat the collection of Ready? Why do they like to single out only a film?

    Some questions to the people trying to drag down the business of Jai Ho,
    Even when Jai Ho flops (which won’t happen now), who will be affected badly?
    1) The producers of Jai Ho have already made a fat profit.
    2) Salman’s Stardom will no way be affected by this. When Ra.One was proven to be a debacle, did SRK’s stardom fall to the level of Bobby Deol, Nahin Na? Because they are established stars.
    3) It won’t also be a fact that the distributors will pay less amount for his upcoming films. And you know the reason.

    Hence, why are trying to make the distributors and the exhibitors (that earn their livelihood by that means) face their end in red? What have they done to you? Ask yourself!

    Besides, it’s time for SRK Fans stopped deliberately bashing Salman Khan now. Suhana Khan is a Salman Khan fan. Because of her constant emphasising, SRK family watched Salman’s last two films (Dabangg 2 and Jai Ho) in their home. What do you say now, SRKians?? Suhana is a brat????

    All the best to Jai Ho and wish the distributors and exhibitors do not lose their money. And I am pretty confident that Jai Ho will emerge as a clean HIT!

  • Overrated khans are shame for bollywood film industry, they earn huge money for each film but distributors suffer for recover their cost maximum time

  • This is not fair indicine. Seriously I’m upset with you people. You should not make fun of a so called superstar like this. His movies are earning one crore, then its fine. But will you continue to post articles about crap ho, then also, when it will collect 10-20 lacks per day?? As that day is not far. By the end of this weekend, collections will be in the range of 1-5 lacks. Please don’t post your articles then. Or else you ready for mass suicide attempts, as bhabhi fans are already insane and that time, they will go mad only.

  • So Jai ho has crossed 300 crore mark. Since ticket price has been reduced 1/3rd in India therefore collection will be 105*3 = 315 crores wow!. Moreover, Jai ho has been released in youtube before film release. So business has been affected by around 80 crs. That means 315 + 80 = 395 crs wow wow wow. Just 5 crs behind 400 crs? wow wow!. Salman has again showed his unbilievable star power. Jai ho will be the first film to cross 400 crs mark in India wow!
    In overseas Jai ho price has been reduced 1/5. That means 36 *5 = 180 crs wow wow wow mindboggling!. So worldwide business would be 395 + 180 = 575 crs o m g!. Now have to accept script or director is not needed for Salman khan movie

  • Non-holiday release #JaiHo to break self proclaimed king’s Holiday release Don2 lifetime with 50% lesser ticket price. Jai Ho.

  • So it can’t cross the collection of SRK’s lowest 100 cr movie Don 2 (106 cr ). That too, when Don 2 was released on half of the screens as compared to Jai ho, three years back. Now where is the inflation logic Salman fans??? As you all are chartered accountants, so kindly apply your logic here also.

  • @raj kumar yadav & @queen srk.raone collected 125 cr>ready 121,jthj 122cr>ready.salman last five film worldwide total is1225 approx.srk last five is(201+207+215+247+422)is 1292.
    salman’s best time is bad then srk’s wrost.btw aamir last five is 1285.

  • When human beings find continuous success, they, naturally, tend to take things lightly. As a human being, Salman Khan is also prone to that weakness. Though, with no doubt, Jai Ho is a great film, it didn’t do business as much as it had been expected from it. There are many reasons for it. It has alerted Salman Khan to take the audiences’ taste seriously, to do something and not to do something. He will surely be precautionary from these days onwards. The fortunate thing is he has got the chance to improve his work without facing a great failure.

    In Salman Khan last few films except for ETT, though story may be different but screenplays, music and actions have become repetitive and predictable. Frankly, I prefer and thoroughly enjoyed the kind of action he did in ETT. Besides, the action he did in Tum Ko Na Bhool Payengi was simply superb without the help of international action directors. He should stick to realistic action like the actions in those films rather doing south types. I think even single screen audiences are ready to accept the Sleek-looking-action like in ETT, Don 2, Dhoom 3, or Krrishh.

    His next film is KICK on Eid! It is being directed by Sajid Nadiawala. Since it is first film as a director, he is making the movie on lavish scale with huge budget, with international stunt directors, high production values. Besides Salman Khan, it has some great castings like Nawazuddin, Randeep Hooda, Jaquelin, Mithun. And the screenplay of the original KICK was re-written and improvised by Chetan Bhagat only keeping the theme of the original movie (i.e. which also happens to be in Dhoom 3 formate Cop Vs Theif or Robber. But the good thing here is the lead actor steals from the rich to serve a noble cause and for orphans). Ravi Teja’s Kick was also thoroughly entertaining so much so that I have already watched it five times. I am sure it will click with the audience big time. Hence, expect the unexpected surprise from KICK.

    Next, Salman has a line-up of movies with Sooraj Barjatya, Anees Bazmee, Kabir Khan, Shimit Amin and Prabhu Deva as well. Besides, KJo is also desperate to do a movie with him in a project to be directed by Rohit Shetty. Salman should take that up as well. Hence, Salman will keep ruling!!

    And don’t forget to go and watch Jai Ho with family. It’s a great movie though not the perfect one.
    All the best, Salman Khan!

  • @rizwan I begrudgingly had to give you a dislike bcoz there was no other option like ‘eject’ from Indicine…!

  • @nipin alcoholic True what you say that average films should be underperforming but sadly one or two crapgiri films scrape through the net like Rohit 3 n overachieve…! :-P

  • @GGB nice to see you that you took retard rizwans advise on board and gave yourself an exceedingly high number of likes but thats more to do with your not so secretive stockpile of spare IDs…!

    PS Say hi to ‘SS’, ‘MG’ and my fav ID ‘remoteless control’…!

  • Sooraj Barjatya’s Next with Salman Khan will shatter all records and be a HAHK of this decade.

    The reasons:
    1- We have watched enough of action films, romantic films, comedy films etc in the last 12-13 years. Except for Shahid Kapoor’s Vivah, I don’t remember when I last watched a family drama film.
    2- Hardly any other film-maker is coming up with a film in this genre. Therefore, audience will have something refreshing to watch!!
    3- Reunion of Historic Blockbuster Director-Actor Duo
    4- Return of the eternal Prem Avatar
    5- Quality of the Scripts, direction and songs of the film Rajshri Films and meant for all section of audience
    Then, it will set a trend like Wanted did. Everybody will be after the films in that genre. I hope a telugu family drama film called “Seethamma Vakitlo Simralle Chettu” will be subsequently remade in Hindi as well. This telegu film, starring Ventakest Daggubati and Mahesh Babu Ghattamaneni, is absolutely mindblowing and if I were a film-maker, I would have already the remake rights.

  • @crap ho -with a name like that one must imagine business for you must be pretty quiet with very few or next to no punters picking you up which explains why you spend so much time on Indicine leaving your crapgiri chat up lines to lungiwalas on every article- were you hoping to find a new pimp or are you just hustling for a new customer…?

    Get out if here you ‘crap ho’ and find some new side /back street dirty alley to solicit yourself…!

  • 35 cr. In overseas ! Lol :p
    fail to break Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’s 45 cr. Mark which the movie did 8-9 years ago

    Srk and Amir Is the biggest superstar in worldwide term

    Even Bhai Fail to give atleast Hit Status to Jai Ho


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