Jab Tak Hai Jaan Weekend Collections (First Weekend)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan has completed it’s first 3 day weekend at the box office. The film has fared exceptionally well at big city multiplexes, even though business was affected across most territories (except West Bengal and Mysore) due to the release of Son Of Sardaar.

The film has collected Rs 49.22 crore in it’s first weekend.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Weekend Box Office Collections (Day wise)

  • Tuesday (Day 1) – 15.23 crore
  • Wednesday (Day 2) 19.54 crore
  • Thursday (Day 3) – 14.15 crore
  • Weekend Total – 49.22 crore

The fourth day is likely to be 10 – 10.5 crores, as the Shahrukh Khan – Katrina Kaif film dropped by around 30% on Friday (from Thursday). The two remaining days in the extended 6 day weekend will be crucial. Films with good word-of-mouth usually tend to pick-up by around 10-15% on Saturday and then put up huge numbers on Sunday.

With 60 crores already in the bank, we expect the total collections to be somewhere around 85-90 crore nett by Sunday.

What are your predictions? Post in the comments section below!

Note: These are the official figures. For those who only trust BoxofficeIndia’s numbers – Jab Tak Hai Jaan collected Rs 44.85 crore in it’s weekend.



  • fact., i don’t know why u not like srk. maybe u r a salman fan and fond of south movies which i never watch . i tried to watch south movies and salman akshay etc when some friends or relatives come home as they watch those. but these movies makes me bored and angry and those r totally unrealistic like people bending steel pipes in hands or throwing someone far away in one hand. i m little realistic. i never watch anything which has no chance of reality.besides i only watched jthj only for srk and anushka. i like both of them and i enjoyed the movie. i never liked kat or never watched any of her movies except this only for srk and anu. in future i m also not watching kat movies except if srk…

  • hello friends, in bollywood i only watch srk movies and maybe sometimes some very low budget and no big actor family comedy movies. other than that i only watch hollywood movies they r moe realistic. from my point

  • @zahid ur right frankly teling i wasted 3 hour of important time watchng ths crap movie with out watchng big boss6 i went 4 ths crap movie of all time

  • Saurav.. .ha ha nice joke. . . Ett was 3300 screens not more than 3400 screens. . Okay. .and at the time of ett u people were considering only boi figures . . Now Wht hppn ah. . . Lol. . And no one had stopped jthj to have shorter running time and more screens. . So stop giving lame excuses. . . Have some self respect . ..

  • After failure from ra one and don 2 al Srk fans said its an experimental movies . . . Srk s is back with his romantic role . . . Srk is king of romance. . His next romantic movie will break al record. . . And it wil crush sos completely if it clash . . Ha ha. . Now Wht hppn Srk fans . . . Sos is crushin jthj collections every where. . Lol. .

  • This figure is not at all bad for a JTHJ, because:
    1) Genre of the film – Romance
    2) Less screen count
    3) Lengthy film
    4) Competition from SOS
    5) Budget of the film

    JTHJ is a quality film. Love it.

  • To all Srk supporters what has print count to do with overall collection? print count only increases the cost of the movie and also if that would have been the case why did 3 idiots with 1500 prints crossed 202 crores. To make a movie hit you need audiences to go and watch the movie which is not in the favour of JTHJ. Secondly SOS has taken all the inferior screens in the country so even that 2000 screens doesnt show the real picture even then its doing well. So in long run SOS will cross JTHJ wait for next friday results will be clear JTHJ will not cross 120 crores

  • hey fact sos is not crushing jthj. jthj is already in profit and sos it hasn’t started earning yet. don 2 was also very good. just some people like u who just watch south style movies , this is not for them. u should never watch srk movies and always criticize them. we just love srk well except ra.one

  • Deepak . . Oh u dnt watch unrealistic action movies ah . . Oh . . . I got it. Okay. . Then it means u will not watch Srk s chennai express Bcoz its also unrealistic action movie. . Rite . . Wht u say. .

  • fact i will check about it and if its not good enough to be watch or unrealistic than i will skip it like ra.one …happy…

  • i dont know why salman khan fans so stupid
    they say sos give tough comperition to j t h j
    in what way?
    jthj budget is just 50 cr while
    sos budget is 90 cr
    jab tak hai jaan is now covered its budget all left is wholesome gain
    where as sos still have more 50 cr to regain then you ajay sall fans talk about giving tight competition
    or whatever you guys are so stupid
    and hoax
    i feel very sorry for you
    and@ niks
    why wait till next friday

    the golden rule in boxoffice india revenues
    is monday
    if the film any film rock steady after the first first show usually fridy but sometimes extended weekend
    this very monday is the judge in the era of multiplexes

    nxt monday will tell us who is the true king
    original film actor shahrukh khan
    or remake actors ajay and his likes salman and crapshy kumar
    wait n see

  • i dnt understand y sum people are increasing the budget of SOS by 10crs, with every article coming on BO collections of JTHJ & SOS


    1- romantic film, & SRK is best at romantic films so movie should have collected more.
    2- Yash chopra’s last film
    3- AR Rehman & GULZAR these are very big names attached to any film
    4- diwali release most favourable time for SRK.

    keeping the above points in mind 1 can easily say that JTHJ underperformed

  • Imran bhai and fact – SRK has lost badly….Raone – flop: Don2 – Average and now JTHJ…..there was so much of noise that it will break 3 idiots record…it will beat Ek tha Tiger….and now it’;s struggling even to collect 100 crores….It won’t even beat the business of Rowdy Rathore, Agneepath or Barfgi…another average collection from a hyped SRK movie…

  • My predictions about jab tak hai jaan…
    till sunday- 80-85crs
    monday- 6cr
    tuesday- 5cr
    wednesday- 5cr(completes 100cr)
    thursday- 6cr
    friday- 8cr
    saturday- 9cr
    sunday- 10cr
    lifetime- 150crs+


  • Hello Friends,

    A doctor is not here,

    My previous post was just a light hearted story just for enjoy

    I am not a Ajay Fan or Shahrukh Fan Or Salman Fan but i like all of them just chill chill just chill

  • If u r a fan of comedy and want to laugh restlessly book ur tickets for SOS now
    for entertainment,entertainment,entertainment

  • Love Srk He will definitely Cross 200cr, No one will beat him in Bollywood He is Real King of Bollywood,Not like that south mixing movie Star salluuuul

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